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Chapter Three: Secrets Suck Ass!

Naruto starred at himself in the mirror wearing the all black school uniform. There was nothing he could really do with his spiky blond hair. Deidara was putting his hair up in a way where it hid his ears. And Suigetsu was digging around his room trying to locate his fake human teeth. He was nervous, and that was just barely tipping the iceberg. He had already heard all of the stories about some of the teachers. Kakashi the Health Ed teacher who had managed to turn it into Sex Ed. Then there was Fugaku, Sasuke father who was the crazy science teacher/ paranormal investigator. Jiraiya the crazy algebra teacher who loved to flirt with all the big breasted females; and he was in his 50's. After that he had tuned out Deidara and Suigetsu the rest of the morning. His back pack had at least five water bottles so he didn't get dehydrated, it would be bad if he got dehdrated, very bad. He didn't feel like turning into back into a merman and have to live in the water for a few days before he could revert back to a human.

"Good morning children how are we all today?" Mikoto asked as she climbed out of the limo, Deidara and Suigetsu groaned climbing down the stairs into the limo.

"Good morning Mikoto-San." Naruto greeted nodding his head to her but froze when he saw Sasuke climb out of the limo. He looked like he was going to say something to his mom but he to was rendered silent. Deidara, Suigetsu and another raven haird boy stuck their heads out of the limo door and smirked.

"You're the kid who kicked Kibas' ass last night." Sasuke said pointing at Naruto who only blushed.

"Uh, yea he had it coming with him acting all drunk and mighty." Naruto said looking to his feet and rubbed the back of his neck with his hand.

"Yea you're right...Hey mom Itachi is being an ass again he dumped Jello onto Deidaras' head again." Sasuke explained letting Naruto by into the Limo.

"Well then Itachi is looking at 5 hours working in the garage trying to clean it out! And he gets no food or water until it is done and the 5 hours go buy!" Mikoto scolded climbing into the limo after Sasuke who had seated himself next to Naruto. Naruto was blushing madly starring into his lap, his hand gripping his pant legs tightly.

'Damn Naruto you have Crushing on Sasuke written all over your face dude!' Suigetsu thought helping a depressed Deidara with getting Jello out of his hair without revealing the blonds cat ears. It was bad enough that Deidara had a tail and the only way to hide was to keep a hoodie tied around his waist.

"Don't worry Deidara I will make sure Itachi is thoroughly punished!" Mikoto statted pumping a fist in the hair.

"It's not like I hurt him or anything, maybe he should be more careful from now on." Itachi said dryly and Naruto felt his anger beginning to borl up. The wind outside picked up in speed.

'Uh oh un, maybe Itachi should shut his face! Naruto has a hard time controling his temper by the looks of it.' Deidara though as he and Suigetsu finally go the last of the jello out of his hair.

"And what did Deidara do that he wasn't careful about?" Sasuke retorted crossing his arms.

"He sat next to me." Itachi stated everyone but Deidara and Naruto just gawked at the raven.

"You know what...Thats a real lame excuse to be lame you know that... actually its quite pathetic." Naruto began sitting back resting his hands on his lap trying to keep his face void of any emtotion.

"Who cares if he sat next to you, we are going to school. Just because you think you're all high and mighty doesn't give you a right to be an asshole." Naruto finished, Itachi's hands were clenched into fists by his sides glarring down Naruto who didn't give in to the pressure. Mikoto pretended that nothing was going on.

"Kiba was right you really do have a mouth on you. But you don't look much, hard to believe you kicked his ass." Itachi said letting himself calm down.

"No you friend Kiba is just a pussy." Naruto said, Mikoto had to keep herself from busting out into laughter, she didn't like any of Itachi's friends.

"You're really looking for a pounding right now aren't you?" Itachi hissed beginning to rise from his seat.

"No I'm just stating my own opinion. And I doubt your mom would let you get away with it seeing as she's still in the car. So before you end up embarrasing yourself why don't you shut that mouth of yours and sit back down." Naruto glared back finally, Itachi for now had decided to back down and sat back in his seat. Mikoto let out the breath she was holding before calling Kushina; Deidara and Suigetsu slowly went back to conversing with one another.

"Dude you're really asking for it. You may be protected with in the confines of the car but once my mom is gone...Itachi will kick your ass." Sasuke said, he had pulled a comic book out and was reading it.

"I realize that but, I had to stand up for Deidara...he's my friend." Naruto explained.

"I was just explaining it to you not that it wasn't cool or anything, because it was. I have never seen anyone go against Itachi and not back down from his ice prince glare." Sasuke continued giving Naruto a side glance.

"Someone has to, if you don't then you're just asking to be walked all over. I don't like seeing that and I feel like its my mission to save that person." Naruto explained leaning his had back against the limo seat closing his eyes.

"Good luck...you can't save everyone." Sasuke retorted as the limo came to a stop and he was the first one out. Naruto made sure he was last one out so Itachi wouldn't hit him from behind, but he doubted he would seeing as the older Uchiha was already caught up to Sasuke.

"So what crawled up his ass and died?" Naruto asked once he reached Deidara and Suigetsu.

"We're still wandering that ourselves...Deidara thinks it was a rat, I think it was a toad." Suigetsu exclaimed pointing to himself with his thumb.

"Maybe it was a crab and probably right before it died it had pinched onto his prostate." Naruto muttered and began his way up to the school. Both Deidara and Suigetsu busted out laughing and followed their blond friend.

"Naruto, over here!" Ino waved from the open gym doors running over to him and grabbing onto his wrist.

"Hey whats wrong you look upset?" Ino asked tilting her head to the side.

"I had a head on collision with Sasukes brother Itachi." Naruto explained letting Ino drag him, Deidara had caught up to them and Suigetsu had ran off to another group.

"Damn, that fucking sucks. What did you do that got him riled up?" Sakura asked coming up from behind the three.

"He stuck up for me after the damned Uchiha dumped jello into my hair un." Deidara answered spraying water into his hair.

"Well that is Itachi for you, Ice Prince of the Assholes." Sakura said her eyes becoming sad.

"Let me guess you know personally." Naruto asked standing next to Sakura who had gone quiet.

"You could say that...I dated him for a while. I later found out he was using me and decided to let me know it in the most humiliating way." Sakura explained, Naruto wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"Just think of this he's a pathetic asshole who's never going to have a happy life." Naruto explained getting a smile from Sakura.

"You know what? Your right! Come on guys lets go get our schedules!" Sakura cheered running off.

"Thanks Naruto see ya later!" Ino yelled running to her line. Naruto was a bit nervous seeing as he was about to be standing in the U line and he didn't see Itachi anywhere, so he hoped he had already gotten his schedule. He was halfway through the line he was suddenly shoved to the ground. And before he knew he was blocking punches.

"You think its funny don't you piece of shit!" He heard the loud of Kiba's voice laugh while Itachi was trying to beat his ass.

"Stop it, leave him alone Itachi!" He heard Sakura screaming from somewhere, even though it was probably a few seconds to a minute long it felt like forever until Itachi was shoved off of him.

"Stop it Itachi! You fucking knew you deserved what he said to you in the car un!" Deidara shouted as he kept shoving Itachi, Suigestu and Sakura helped Naruto up. He was lucky to only have bruised forearms.

"Back off blondy or you'll end up with a broken nose to." Itachi shouted back at Deidara getting into the blonds face.

"Oh shut the fuck up you fake! You try and beat us outcasts down because you think you are so bad! But your just one big pussy!" Suigetsu yelled letting Ino take over for him.

"Oh really so you want to help your little blond friend take on all of us now right freak?" Itachi asked shoving Suigetsu back.

"STOP IT!" Sakura screamed getting in the middle of Deidara and Itachi. "Go over there Deidara!" She screamed at the blond.

"But..." Deidara began to protest.

"NOW! YOU I want to talk to you!" She yelled the last part at Itachi and began to walk away, when Itachi didn't budge she turned back around.

"That wasn't a fucking request Uchiha!" Sakura yelled and eventually Itachi followed the pinkette as Ino ran off to go get some teachers. Sakura and Itachi stood out in the hallway starring at each other.

"I want you to leave Naruto alone okay? He's new and so he doesn't know that you guys run this place." Sakura began to explain looking at her feet not able to meet the Uchihas eyes. Itachi smirked before walking forward and pinned Sakura against the wal.

"Under one circumstance." Itachi said leaning his mouth by her ear smirking. Sakuras breathing became harsh as she thought about what she knew he was about to ask. He had been asking her for a while now, to try again with him.

"Fine...I'll go back out with you." She said fighting back tears.

"Good girl, I knew you'd eventually see it my way...See you at lunch my little pet." Itachi whispered kissing Sakuras cheek and walked away. Sakura stood there finally letting the tears fall from her eyes sliding to the floor.

"You didn't have to do that for me Sakura." Naruto said kneeling in front of her.

"Naruto, I'm fine its ok. You stood up for Deidara and you were about to take a will beating for his sake as well! All I have ever done is stand by and watch. There's something about you Naruto and I think you can change things." Sakura said standing up and walked off wipping tears from her eyes. Itachi was waiting at the end of the hall for her, the Uchiha just smirked at the blond. The entire day for Naruto was actually boring even though he had Sasuke in every single one of his classes, even gym. When he go there he eyed the swimming gear they had, not because of how small they were but, what the coach expected them to do.

"Um coach...can I talk to you?" Naruto asked as all the others were leaving the locker room, him being the only one not changed.

"Sure Naruto whats up?" The man asked, the blond looked around and double checked that there was no one there to hear him.

"...I can't swim." Naruto whispered looking down at his feet.

"I'll need to comfirm it with your mother first...Just have a seat there." The coach said and Naruto took a seat while the coach called his mother.

"Good afternoon Uzumaki-San, this is Coach Ibiki. I was just calling to comfirm that Naruto can't swim." Ibiki began and you could here chattering on the other line from his mother. "Oh I see okay thank you. Sorry for bothering you at work. Yes good bye." He said and hung the phone up.

"Alright Naruto you're excused from the swimming but you better be working on homework once school gets further in the year. We do a lot of swimming at this school." Ibiki explained motion Naruto to head to the gym. Doing what he was told Naruto bolted for the bleachers and sat at the top since that was the area with the less water. He ignored all the whispers he could clearly hear.

"Alright kids thats enough get in lines of 10. I don't care if its mixed with girls...Lets go!" Ibiki barked out orders. He watched curiously as everyone was swimming laps. He mainly watched Sasuke though wishing he could be in the same pool as him. He noticed Sakura and Itachi at the back of one of the lines, Itachi was hugging onto Sakura whispering stuff in her ear. He could tell she wasn't at all comfortable with him. But in a weird way he could tell she was just happy to be with someone.

"Okay kids, free swim for the rest of class if you need me I'll be in my office!" Ibiki yelled when it was about 20 minutes left of class. Suigetsu ran up the bleachers and sat on the bleacher seat in front of him.

"It must suck that you can't swim with us! I'd hate to see you go fishy!" Suigetsu teased the both of them began laughing.

"This does suck though our groups are combined again! I really hate Itachi and all of them, minus Sasuke. He used to be one of us until Itachi became a supposedly over protective asshole." Suigetsu explained laying back on the bleacher.

"Why, what happened?" Naruto asked making sure Suigetsu didn't get him wet.

"He nearly drowned in the ocean when we all entered high school last year." Suigetsu explain sadly. "He was out with all of us and I remember Ino telling fisherman tails. The one that made Sasuke go weird was a tail about mermaids. I remember Sasuke going all blank and while we were all being crazy I guess...He just walked right into the ocean... Itachi was there to, back when he was cool. He saw and chased after Sasuke. When he was trying to save Sasuke, Sasuke was just screaming saying he needed to meet with his friend so his friend wouldn't think he had abandoned him." Suigetsu finished explaining standing up.

"I guess he doesn't remember even after that huh?" Naruto asked resting his elbows onto his knees.

"Nope he woke up in the hospital with no memory of walking out into the ocean. Naruto, you're that friend! He's not crazy and you need to proze that to him!" Suigetsu pleaded and then stood there quietly waiting. Naruto glanced towards the floor, Sasuke was standing by Itachi and Sakura starring up at him. He noticed Itachi would occansionally glance up at him as well.

"I can't, all I can do is stand by and protect him. If I get involved then Sasuke could die. Remember I'm a blood thirsty vampire to." Naruto said standing from his seat and walked down the steps as the bell rang. He could feel Suigetsu glarring at his back and he could care less.

"Hey Naruto, why weren't you swimming?" Sakura and Ino called running after him after the changed into normal clothes.

"Can't swim...hey I'm avoiding Suigetsu cause he's pissed at me, wanna walk me home?" Naruto asked turning to face them.

"SURE!" Ino asked and then they looked to Sakura who looked hesitant.

"...Yea...why not!" Sakura smiled and the three left heading down the side walk. Ino was blabbering, well bashing, the fact that even though Sakura was trying to help Naruto out the pinkette should have stayed strong and NOT go back out with Itachi. Sakura nearly rolled her eyes and made sure she got her own voice into the argument, well bashing of Itachi. Naruto was the quiet one starring up at the sky as dark clouds began to roll in. He prayed they would manage to get to his house before any rain drops fell.

"Hey Naruto, I know this rude of me but...could we come inside?" Ino begged hugging onto Naruto's arm.

"I don't see why not. You'll just have to stay out of peoples rooms, mom has a thing about that." Naruto explained as they turned up the long pathway that led up to the house. He had seen the limo already pull out so he guessed Sasuke and Itachi were now going home. And he guessed right because Sakura was already getting text messages from Itachi.

"Damn! I guess he saw me!" Sakura whinned, turning her phone off. The three of them were waiting for the gate to open when the first drop of rain landed on the top of Narutos head.

"Shit...we need to get inside like now!" Naruto instinctively panicked, Ino and Sakura looked to each other in confusion then back at Naruto right as the small sprinkle became a down pour.

"Naruto...its just...rain?" Sakura said, but fell silent when Naruto's legs glowed a redish orange and he collapsed to the ground.

"Naruto?" They both shouted going to reach for him.

"DON'T LOOK AT ME!" He shourted as his pants wripped and a redish orange fin appeared. Both girls stood there in shock not knowing what to do. They were all silent as Naruto hugged himself hoping that this was not happening. It was only his second day in Sapporo and already was his secret out.

"Ino help me...We need to get him inside...If we don't more people will see him!" Sakura said in panic running to behind Naruto and grabbed him from under the arms. Ino nodded her head and grabbed Naruto from the middle of the fin. As they reached the steps to the front door, Kushina and Mikoto ran out to help the two girls. Naruto stayed very quiet as the laid him on the couch. Mikoto got a fire started before running off to get Naruto another pair of clothes and some towels for him and the rest of them.

"Oh wow...well this is seriously akward." Kushina said scratching the back of her head.

"Kushina, we're out of tuna!" Deidara whinned coming into the living room but froze when he saw Ino and Sakura he froze. His hair was already down and revealing his ears, plus his cat tail was out as well. "Oh...Fuck un." He said and just stood there.

"Okay...this is geting weirder and weirder if you ask me." Ino said, Kushina erupted into laughter before motioning the girls to sit on the other couch in there.

"Okay girls I guess it is time for some explanations...This house is a sanctuary for super natural beings. I am a vampire, who married Naruto's father who is a merman, he is only allowed out of the sea as a human every full moon. Thus Naruto is half merman half vampire. Deidara here is a neko, Suigetsu would be considered a shark boy, but he has false human teeth to hide his shark teeth. There other creatures here as well." Kushina explained slowly.

"Neato." Ino said giving Kushina a thumbs up.

"So thats why Naruto can't swim in class!" Sakura said holding her finger up.

"Yea...You know we have to kill you girls now right un?" Deidara joked dryly but everyone turned and glarred at him. "I'm just kidding un!" He said and walked out, as Mikoto walked in.

"So, are you the fish boy Sasuke was always talking about in his dreams?" Sakura asked, Naruto looked away.

"I thought so...Naruto...You have to tell Sasuke." Ino said standing from her seat.

"Why? Its not like he will ever remember me? Yea he dreams about me, but...but He won't ever remember WHO i am! How can you all just tell me to just come forward to him when he will just reject me and probably think I am crazy!" Naruto ranted covering his face with his hands.

"Because Naruto, you like him don't you?" Sakura asked jumping to her feet next.

"He doesn't just like him...he loves him." Suigestu stated walking into the living room now, no one noticed Naruto had changed back and dressed into black gym shorts and a white mucsle shirt.

"Yea, but what don't you guys get when I say that he will think I am crazy?" Naruto nearly screeched.

"Thats why you show him who you are!" Ino yelled at Naruto.

"Are you fucking nuts? What if he doesn't remember and then spreads my secret?" Naruto panicked his face going red.

"Thats why you try first! Come on Naruto get closer to him and work up to it! Stop being such a pussy! You can stand up to Itachi un but you can fucking say a dam word you Sasuke." Deidara snapped walking back into the living room with a can of tuna. Naruto sighed knowing that they were all right.

"Fine...lets give it a shot. You guys are all helping me!" Naruto said pointing to everyone.

"Alright un! Wait...what?" Deidara cheered then his excitement fell.


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