So this has sort of been in my head for a while, even since rewatching BTFever so I decided to just quickly type it out at two o' clock in the morning. It's short and all and somewhat smutty, so I'm hoping you guys will like it, because if there's one thing I know about BTR fans, it's that we're all closet perverts, who are dying for the dirtiest, smuttiest thing we can get. Hopefully, this helps fuel some of your addictions.

There are no double meanings or significant feelings or feely-touchy bull shit behind it. No "Ah, I suddenly love you!" or "I can't live without you!" soap opera moments. There's no hidden intentions. Really. Kendall just wants to help his friend. And he's already tried everything else.

Chasing James around water guns in hand and a sac of water slung across his back didn't help; and the brunette was so stubborn, just telling him hey, you're orange and you look like a freak had no effect except having James spray himself even more with that stupid Cuda shit.

So Kendall really had no choice but to run James in a secluded corner with no one else around. There was simply no other way. The blonde has that belief firmly set in his mind as he drops his pants and boxers in one push, quickly stroking himself to his full potential.

And James is basically shivering and trembling in the corner, moans of "No" and "Don't" and "This Cuda spray is expensive, Kendall!" leaving his mouth, holding up his arms in an X shape across his chest as if that'll help him.

It won't.

But it brings an amused grin to Kendall's lips, because, wow, James is just so cute sometimes. Especially, when he's not, you know, orange or, Kendall scoffs, mangerine.

"Sorry, James," Kendall says very unapologetically because he's not. At all. In fact, he's practically shaking with excitement as he continues to roughly stoke himself from base to very tippy tip with a callused hand. "But if this is the only way to help you, then I have to do it. As your best friend, man."

So Kendall keeps up his motions until he can feel the tight coil of bliss in his abdomen, and then he aims his cock at the pretty boy's scrunched up face. Logan said that shit will come off with water and since the human body is eighty percent water, Kendall figures that cum has got to be, like, fifty percent H2O, right?

The blonde never did give a rat's ass about health class.

Like it matters, anyway.

Kendall watches with a sort of sick satisfaction as his seed slashes across all of James' features, from the curve of his high cheek bones to the adorable furrowed lines of his brow down to that pretty mouth of his. He makes sure to jiggle his thing a little, trying to get the white liquid everywhere he can to wash off all that junk.

And as he looks at his handiwork, Kendall thinks this is the best plan he's ever had.

"Ah, Kendall," James whines like a bitch, using his fingers to wipe away the blonde's fluid, only managing to spread it around more. Then again, he is taking Kendall's semen and that facial like one, so maybe he has the right. "Ugh. It's all over me!"

Kendall rolls his eyes. "No, it's not," he says because, really, James is just exaggerating. It's only on his face, duh. But then he frowns, watching his cum slowly drip down the brunette's face. For some reason, the orange wasn't washing away… Maybe Kendall didn't really think this all the way through.

But then he decides Nah, must be a fluke.

So he starts pumping his dick again, feeling it harden once more beneath his familiar touch. "Don't worry, Jamie," he promises. "I'm going to help you out, buddy. Even if it takes all night."

Kendall Knight's just a good friend like that.

You can blame this on Kendall for being too damn sexy when he said "You got the fever and I got the cure." Yeah, he sure does… Hope you all enjoyed ;)