Nisha stood on the mountaintop of the dark forest.  The demon world had many forests but this was the darkest of all of them.  She held her stomach protectively and looked down at the warriors preparing themselves.  She looked at the vial she'd been given.  For the last three demon months she'd had to drink it to stop the labor.  Elsu wanted her to postpone it for as long as possible.  She hated it the child was restless.  She wanted to come out into the world and he wouldn't let her. 

She'd been distant from Bahul for that long now.  She would only speak to him when needed but he craved her affections.  She remembered now how it all happened but she would not accept the human feelings inside of her.

Her daughter kicked a little and she allowed herself to smile.  Her little light, she had a name picked out.  It was significant to her.  This child would be her hope; she would love this child no matter what anyone told her.  It was the only emotion she would allow.  She would give this child the love she had always been denied. 

"You've been here a long time."  Anuradha said softly.  She had recovered from the torture a few weeks ago but her confidence and strength were still very frail.

"You should be resting."  She responded with a command.  Anuradha graved her with a smirk and sat next to her mistress.

"I could say the same to you."  She grinned.  "The master is ready.  He plans to attack on the wedding."

"The boy knows this.  He's dreamed it."  Nisha said rubbing her tummy very slowly.  "I just wish I could give birth to her already.  She's uncomfortable and isn't happy about being stuck in here any more."

"Something disturbs you."  It wasn't a question.  It was a clear statement.  "You didn't tell the master did you?"

"No.  He doesn't need to know.  When she'd brought here the pregnancy will not last that long.  By the time they come to rescue her, if they can, she would have had her son."

"How do you know it's the dragon?"  Anuradha said slowly.  Nisha had always told her of the story of the dragon.  The one who would balance the darkness from the light.

"I just do.  The power I felt from him wasn't white magic.  It was black and very dark aura.  Yet the child is good, it has a soul." 

"Like yours."  After her ordeal she had become more docile and had started searching through her self to find what humanity was left inside of her. 

"Yes."  Nisha said looking down at her stomach.  "Funny isn't it.  I'm a demoness, my child's father is a demon and I produce a child with a soul."

"Maybe it's a sign."  She said softly.  They both watched as the blood red sun clashed with the darkness of the cloudy sky as dusk approached.

"I hope it isn't.  Elsu isn't pleased at all of this.  He would easily rip her out of me and strangle her to death before letting a soul demon run around.  He only keeps me safe because the elders have ordered it."

"It won't last long."  She replied raising an eyebrow.  "You and I both know Elsu too well."

"I know.  That's why he's postponing this as long as possible.  After the cherry blossom is here then maybe he'll forget or maybe he'll decide something else."

"Have you ever wondered what mortals feel like?"  She asked all of a sudden.

"What, being mortal?"

"No, not knowing what tomorrow will bring.  Not knowing that any of this exists.  Having no clue that anything is wrong and just living each day as it comes."

"Isn't that what we do?"  Nisha said getting up and started for the path back down.  "We live every day as we can and hope we survive for the next.  We're warriors in a secret war. It's them against us Anura.  Never forget they are the ones who pushed us away.  Not the other way around."

With that she left her young student to reflect.


He stood at the top of the mountain where his mistress had stood.  His eyes shone brightly as the moon reflected over the water of Hong Kong. 

The card mistress was running around with her friends, playing and enjoying the brilliant night.  He watched as they talked and discussed her upcoming wedding.  His eyes were sorrowful and at the same time envious. 

His mistress had not spoken to him like before.  His child lived inside of her and he dared not touch the swollen stomach of the demon, no WOMAN he adored and worshiped.

He heard his child's heart beat every time she passed him by in the great halls of the palace.  He made sure she was safe from his master's clutches as he watched Elsu plan his attack.  All of a sudden he hated these mortals more than he ever knew he could.  His dreams of his mistress had been broken because of them.

His emotions.  The things that his teacher had so often warned him about were coming through.  The things he had never cared about before were the most important things now.  His mortality was showing and that meant weakness.  He couldn't be weak.  He had a child to consider, he had a mistress to obey and he had a duty to fulfill.  He would not be seen as a weakling.  For her sake, for his own sake.  For the sake of the demon inside of him.

Maybe that's why he stood on the mountain watching the women and the ones who guarded them.  Most of the men were back at the estate.  The women were all just inside of it.  He growled.  He held in his hand something sacred.  Something that his mistress had held for centuries. 

The hate card. 

Maybe if he'd been thinking, if he hadn't let his emotions consume him.  Been in more control of his mind, his body what little was left of his soul maybe he would have forgotten the anguish of rejection but he couldn't.  She moved away from him, protecting their child on her own.  Being the demoness she was.  Being brave and strong while he was small and weak. 

He knew this went against Elsu's command but for her he'd face the essence of evil itself.

So holding his sword close to the card he looked for a host.  It couldn't be the card mistress and her warrior directly.  Their love would kill the card too fast.  It had to be someone who was already weak in emotion.  Who was so consumed by it that the card could feed and then attack the card captors.

He stared down at the laughing girls.  No, none of them would do.  Yes they were filled with emotions and love and happiness that the hate card could thrive off but it wasn't' enough.  They were all happy; the effects of the card would take too long to break the person down.  It had to be someone who was already hurting.  Who was already in pain?

Maybe he'd made a mistake in taking the card.  He should have chosen another one but this was seemed like the right one.  He was about to give up when he saw one of the guards.  He was none other than Touya Kinomoto.  The elder brother of the card mistress.

He looked neutral with his friend Yukito next to him but in reality he was hurting.  He would loose his sister forever because of Xiao Lang and he hurt because he would no longer be her protector.

His emotions were hidden but for a demon with the senses Bahul held it was easy to see.  The man really hated the male card captor and in some way he had good reason but not justified.


He held his sword in the air and let the hate card go.  The wind picked it up and in a very fast and brutal act he punctured the card with the tip of his sword but the card did not shred to pieces.  Instead it began to glow a very dark purple and then it turned black glowing with life and vividness.

Bahul focused on the aura of the young man.  His eyes closed in concentration.  Not only on his target but keeping the powerful sorcerers and sorceress that resided inside the Li clan estate away from the disturbance in the air. 

Hopefully if he did this right they would barely feel it.  As if it was nothing at all.  Just a passing of a foolish young sorcerer or child playing with his abilities.

If not it would take them seconds to track him and he would have to disappear quickly.  Loosing his chance to take some vengeance on the obsessions of his master.  The ones that cost him his devotion and goddess.

The card took on the form of a shadowed figure with hollow eyes.  It was nor female or male.  It was more a combination of darkness and snakes.  It then floated invisibly towards Touya.  He had walked away from everyone with a scowl. 

Touya didn't feel anything come towards him as he followed the path back to the house.  He couldn't be around his little sister right now.  He did want her to be happy but it was as if she had forgotten him completely and that hurt him.  It killed him.

In his deep thinking he barely felt the hate increase inside of him.  He was so consumed by his own envy and the shame for feeling that envy, he took the hate cards influence with gratitude.  Because hate listens to your thoughts and it pretends to understand and that's the thing about hate.  It does understand and it does let you feel because it feeds of that hate and it grows and all it wants you to do is hate more.


"Did you feel that?"  Syaoran asked as he walked down the hall with Eriol and Bo. 

"Feel what?"  Bo asked looking at his friend. 

"Nothing.  Must be loosing it." 

"That's not uncommon for you little descendant but what did you feel?"  Eriol asked.

"It's nothing really. Probably just paranoid."  Then he started walking again but stopped and looked back at Eriol.  "Don't call me that."

"It's just pre wedding jitters. Everyone gets them."  Bo said helpfully as they walked up to the main hall where the reception would be held.  Tables were being placed all over the hall.  The decorations all in red even the tables.  Syaoran sighed.  His was a big thing.

"With all the commotion their making I wouldn't blame him."  Eriol said smiling as always.  "Most people would be overwhelmed by so much attention and fussing."

"I am not overwhelmed."  Syaoran said defensively.

"Of course your not."  He said with a smirk then walked over to Syaoran's mother.  The leader of the Li clan sighed in frustration.  Bo just smirked and they continued to walk through the halls.  They had no choice in what was happening.  Their families were making sure everything was perfect.  Well everyone but Touya.  He'd just follow Sakura around and make sure that Syaoran didn't even come a millimeter in distance to her.

He hadn't seen Sakura in all that time.  Only glanced at her at breakfast from the other end of the table or walking down one of the halls.  Other than that they were relying on their link.  It grew stronger as time went by and the more they used it but still it was very difficult for them to cope.

'You've been without her that long before.'  His mind teased.  He shook his head.  No it wasn't Touya that bothered him, it wasn't even the fact that being away from sakura was killing him.  He could handle being without her a few more days knowing that he'd have her as his wife forever.  It was his dream.  The first dream he had.  He feared it.  What if it was to come true, they knew now that Elsu the master of the demon world wanted his cherry blossom.  He had made it clear to the elders that the temple had to be secured magically as well as security guards.

"She is gone.  You have let it be for too long."

The words echoed in his mind.  The fear he'd felt that night.  The anguish of those words as he remembered the dream.  NO he would not let it be too late.  He would protect her till he died and the darkness would not consume her.

"Hey Xiao Lang you alright?"  Bo asked.  He looked at his friend in concern.

"Yeah.  I'm fine."  He whispered looking at the decorations.  "Just fine."

At that moment they heard someone come through the doors.  Touya.  He looked pale as he always did now days.  Ever since the announcement he'd been getting a little thinner.  It couldn't be affecting him that much could it?

Today though he was awfully pale.  His eyes held bags under them and his hair was not combed properly. 

"Hey Touya where's Sakura."  Bo asked curiously.  The older Kinomoto didn't answer.  Just glared at them and walked by.  "What's wrong with him?"

"I don't know."  Syaoran said in honesty.  He could feel the change in Touya's aura.  It was darker than normal but that wasn't' too surprising.  He knew the older man hated him and there was nothing that could change that. 

"So two more days and she's going to be your wife."  His friend said with a grin.  "I would think you'd show a bit more emotion than you are."

"Only for her."  He said looking out into the night.  "Only for her."


Walk the waters path.

Follow the golden road.

See the eyes through your foes.

Know what they all know.

Sakura listened to the words expecting to see the lady who came to her in her sleep but she never came.  Only the words of a small child came to her.  A small girl was in a playground sitting on the swings with a young boy behind her pushing her as she sang.

See beyond the givers grave.

Run across the desert plains.

The dragon roars,

The phoenix soars.

The boy turned to her staring at her with beautiful green eyes.  His hair was a dark brown and it was as if she was looking at Syaoran. 

He stood up leaving the little girl on the swings and walked to sakura with no fear.  Sakura stared at his serious face and was awed.  This child seemed to have the strength and maturity of any adult.

"You can't stop it."  He said to her. 

"Stop what?"  She asked confused staring at his intense green eyes.

"The coming."  He said.  "You'll try to stop it but you can't.  They're coming for us."

"Who is?"  She asked curiously looking at the child more closely.

"The destroyers."  He whispered.  "Their coming and you can't stop it."

"I can.  We know who they are.  We can, we can stop them."  She said reassuringly.  He shook his head and pointed to the little girl.

"We know."  He said softly his intensity faltering ever so slightly.  "We see, we hear but it has to happen.  Though you won't be alone."

The little boy graced her with a brilliant smile.  He held out his hand and reached for Sakura.

"Father worries."  He continued.  "He thinks it will be dangerous but it will be ok.  Either way, will you try?"

"Yes."  She answered softly hugging the child.  He hugged her back just as fierily and looked at her again.

"It's time to go back mother."

"I don't want to."  She whispered seeing the small child who claimed to be her son.

"You have to go back.  I will be there soon mother but the dark lord is coming. Be prepared."  He looked at her one last time and ran back to the little girl who was laughing joyously.  He hopped back on the swings and resumed playing as if sakura had never been there.


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