The falling rain reminds me of my tears

Of all of those years

That have passed, and fallen after me

Heading for a destination that was never meant to be

My life chose another path

And now we're both left, to cry or laugh

The falling rain can't hurt me now

Cannot force my hand, nor make me bow

I was not felled by the blow you inflicted to my heart, to all that I believed in

Guess what? I still believe, I will still search for yang's yin

For that elusive happiness, contentment

This time, not another argument:

I am here

You are there

I don't care, what you're doing, or where

Because I'm doing my own thing, I'm not there

I'll walk my own path, I'll go on alone

Inside me, every cell, cries with joy, every bone

I am free

I am me

Once and for all