Our daughter

We miss your smile

That has now, turned to water

Your laughter

And your cleverness

Are no more

Ever after

You will no longer

Brighten our days

Now the time passes, as if in a daze

Our precious daughter

Is no longer with us

For it was the water

That caught her

But too late

For she had already lost her life

And fallen into the hands of cruel fate

We wish you well

Our beautiful child

On the other side

We wish we could see you, one last time, for a spell

But for this, we will bide

Our time

Until it is time

For us, too

Our child

Our beautiful, lost child

And then we will take you in our arms

Do not be alarmed

We will be together again

In time

But until then

Please try to smile

And think not

Of the crime

That took you away from us

Think not, of our lot

We will be fine.