"Sorry, Nick. Mum says I can't have friends over every single day. And you visited yesterday and Tuesday. You could come on Friday, though."

"Aww… You said your Dad bought you Thunder Force II! I want to try it."

"He did. But something's wrong with the console. Mum said I could try to fix it myself, as long as I understood that it might be broken permanently if I did it wrong."

"But… she'd get you another one if it's broken, right?"

"Maybe. I'm not bothered, really. We always take turns playing it the whole time, and it's a little boring. We could do this together! I bought diagrams, and Mycroft lent me… well, I have Mycroft's tools, and he's gone for three weeks. I have four books about circuitry and one book about gaming systems. I could lend you one today, and then you'd be able to read it before tomorrow! It would be like revising, but more fun! I should invite Harry and George as well—then they won't need as much help revising next year! This is brilliant!"

"But, you will get another one if you can't fix this?"

"Well… yes?… Yes, I suppose so. You'll come on Friday, then?"

"No. Sorry, mate. Call me when the console's fixed. But this week… erm… this week I'm really busy."