Ah yes, my stories return! But this time, it's a Draco/Luna xD

This takes place in Luna's sixth year and Draco's seventh, but in this story Draco is NOT a Death Eater, and Luna is just her lovely self xD

This is seen from Draco's point of view, mostly, but there probably also will come some chapters seen from Luna's side.

I hope you'll all enjoy it! :)

I don't HP

I walked with my best friend Blaise up the stairs to the Great Hall. Though I almost hated everybody in this whole bloody school, I was glad to be back. Blaise kept going on about what he had been doing in the summer-break. I didn't really listen to him. I was in my own thoughts; I didn't have time for him also.

That was when someone bumped into me.

"Hey, watch it!" I yelled at the person. When I looked down at him/her/it I saw a pair of dreamy blue eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry; there must have been a Wrackspurt. They fly around and make your brain go fuzzy," she explained with a smile, when she saw my confused expression. Then I remembered who it was. It was Loony Lovegood.

I bent forward to pick up her stupid magazine, The Quibbler, and glared at her, and hissed: "Just make sure it doesn't happen again." I gave her back the magazine, and then I walked past her with Blaise.

"Ah, it was good to see Loony again, right? She's just as smart as she was last year," Blaise laughed. I nodded. "She can look forward to a good year of bullying, right?" he asked me. I nodded again.

It was fun to make fun of Loony; though it wasn't that kind of funny to see her reaction, because she didn't really do anything about it. She just made an explanation that some Nargles had stolen them or something like that.

When we walked into the Great Hall, Crabbe, Goyle and some other dudes who call themselves our 'friends', were laughing, and held a bag.

"Hey, Draco, we stole Loony's bag!" Theodore Nott said to me excited. "She was so interested in that loony magazine of hers, that she didn't even notice it!"

"No, but I did," Severus Snape said. It was like he had just puffed up in the middle of it all. He was like a bat; a bad bat.

"I have to inform you Mr. Malfoy, that stealing is not tolerant here at Hogwarts. I'll see you in detention the next week."

WHAT? For a week? School hadn't even really started yet, and I already had detention. I hadn't even done anything!

"Excuse me sir, but you just said that you had seen it. Then you must have noticed that I weren't there. For crying out loud, I just walked in here a minute ago!"

Snape sighed. "Mr. Malfoy, don't you try to slither out of this. I saw what you did, and you will be punished for it."

Just that moment, the doors to the Great Hall opened, and Luna walked in. She still had her Quibbler, but she wasn't reading it any longer. She walked over to Professor Snape, and asked him, if she could have her bag back.

Snape slowly turned around to face her. "Yes, of course miss Lovegood. And I'll see you tonight."

She stared at him with a confused look on her face.

"What's the matter Loony; did one of your Narspurts run through your head again?" Nott asked her.

She smiled at him. "Either you're talking about a Nargle or a Wrackspurt. They don't get along very well."

Nott sighed. "She's really weird," he mumbled.

"Mr. Malfoy, will you please stop making fun of Miss Lovegood; 10 points from Slytherin. And you, Miss Lovegood, should start taking care of your belongings. You can't expect me to run around and help you; 10 points from Ravenclaw. And I'll see you two at my office at 7:00 pm tonight," Snape said, and turned around and walked away.

Well now, that was just great! Why the HELL did Snape just give ME detention? I hadn't done anything! I had been (kind of) nice to her! I had picked up her Quibbler for her, and that's the 'thank you' I get?

"I'll see you tonight then," Luna said smiling to me; though I had a feeling that she wasn't fully there. She then turned around, and left.

Nott started to chuckle.

"What are you laughing about?" I snared.

"You have to spend a lot of time with Loony Lovegood tonight. You know how Snape is. He likes to punish people as much as possible."

I kind of growled, and then sat angrily down next to Blaise. He smiled as sympathetic as a Slytherin could do.

I looked up at where Snape sat, and saw him smirking in my direction. I turned back to my breakfast.

I knew that he knew that I hadn't done anything. It didn't make any sense! I had known him all my life. He – kind of, sort of – liked me!

For the rest of the day, I wrestled with my brain, trying to find a reason why he would do it to me, but eventually, 7:00 pm arrived, and I had to met Snape and Loony.

Alright, I know it, it's kind of short. Not even kind of, it IS short. But I promise (and I will try to keep it xD) that they will get longer! Just wait and see! So, I hope you liked it, and I would love to hear your thoughts about it :)

But that was this for it, see ya next time :)

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