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This is Draco POV

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I want to go with Luna to the dance was written in his elegant font. McGonagall couldn't believe her eyes. He had always made fun of her, and he had been quite mean. What had made him change his mind?

She looked at Luna's parchment, worried about what would stand there.

I want to go with Draco to the dance.

"DRACO!" Someone shouted in my ear, and I quickly shot up, yelling what, only to fall out of my bed. Again. I saw that it was Theodore who had shouted.

"Dude, stop DOING THAT!" I yelled at him. He only gave me a smile and a shrug.

"Draco, relax. We didn't want to make you late for your breakfast as yesterday, so we woke you a little earlier. Besides, you have to get down the Great Hall, and start decorating with Luna for tonight," Blaise said.

I nodded, thanked them, and started to put my clothes on.

"What time is it?" Crabbe asked.

Blaise immediately threw himself at him, putting his hand over his mouth. "NO! DON'T DO IT CRABBE! We can't have a repeat of yesterday! Draco didn't ask Luna out as he wanted to, so we will make sure that nothing happens as it did yesterday!"

I gabbed at them. "How did you know?"

Theodore grinned at me. "Well, I woke up in the middle of the night, and I couldn't sleep anymore, so I decided to stay awake for a while. After a couple of minutes, I heard something from you. You started to talk," he said, and smirked at me. I fought hard at not beginning to blush.

"So... how long have you been in love with Luna?" Theodore sweetly asked me.

And then I blushed. Instead of answering them of their question, I asked them another. "You guys don't mind?"

They shrugged as a reply. "I don't really see why we should. Luna is of course really weird, but if she's willing to do stuff," Blaise started to say, but I cut him of with an outburst of some random consonants.

"What I'm wondering about is, why didn't you tell us anything?" Theodore asked.

I shrugged. "Well, the last week, you two has done nothing else but to set traps all over Hogwarts, and to public humiliate me at every chance you got. You casted a spell to make sure that everybody in Hogwarts was singing and dancing. You wrecked Hogwarts by setting traps up all over the place, making sure that there was singing babies, and talking teddy bears," I replied, rather harshly.

"We admit, at first we saw this as an opportunity to make the school laugh, but we've matured!" Blaise said.

I raised one eyebrow at them, obviously not believing them.

"Okay! Maybe we'll still make fun of you, but it's okay with us. It's more your father that you should be worried about," Theodore said, and I gulped.

My father.

The father that I had completely forgotten all about.

The father who had raised (slash beaten) me.

The father who would dis-heir me if he knew what I was feeling.

The father I hated with all my heart.

That father.

"Whatever. I'm going to eat breakfast," I said, as I left our dorm.

"And then you're going to..." McGonagall continued. She had been talking about all the things we were supposed to do for nearly a hour! I had mostly just tuned her out, but had heard a few things, like we were supposed to use a muggle device to play the music on, and that we should make a stage.

"And at last, when we reach the point where the first, second and third years have been put to bed, you will open for the dancing, with a dance! You are allowed to choose what song it shall be, but perhaps you could ask someone if they would like to control the music, since you won't have the time to do it," McGonagall said, and afterwards, she left. No one knew it, but I was dancing conga inside my head, while singing: We're going to be dancing! And repeated it over and over.

And then we started to decorate.

We turned the long tables into smaller ones. We turned to benches into chair. We made a scene. We set up the music-playing-thing. We made pumpkins fly around. We painted the walls to make it look like a giant spider web (in the honor of Weasley of course).

Hours passed with me and Luna joking around.

I didn't even attempt to ask her again, since I already knew that we were going to be dancing together. And I could well always sneak in a dance or two... or five... or keep her to me the whole night... And maybe more...

Once we had finished decorating, we started to work on the muggle-music-player.

We decided that the song we were going to dance to was one called 'Famous Last Words' by 'My Chemical Romance'. It was fast, so we were sure about not going to dance closely together.

Once we had finished with that, it was nearly dinner time, and Luna walked away to get ready.

I instead walked outside, and started to work on a special surprise...

Blaise, Theodore and I were already dressed, and were waiting in the Great Hall. There was a couple of other people in there already, but the fourth to seventh year had to go in first, and then the first to third year. The older students had to see the costumes, so they would know which to vote on.

More people walked in the Great Hall, but none of them were Luna.

Until, then, I finally saw her. She was walking in alone, wearing the most beautiful dress. I was yellow (of course) with gold pearls on the front, and reached just below her knees. Her long yellow her was loose, and hung on her back. She also hadn't changed her earrings, which made people look at her funny.

In my opinion, she couldn't be more perfect.

Suddenly it was seven o'clock, and the dance began. The first to third years began on their entrance, and everybody admired their costumes. A little first year had dressed up as a bee. Another had an unoriginal costume, since she was dressed as a witch, but the award went to a third year Hufflepuff, who had dressed up as a Slytherin student.

And then, the feast began. Everybody was enjoying themselves, and had a good time, but suddenly, Blaise and Theodore wanted to make a toast.

This can't be good...

"We would just like to say, that this is absolutely amazing! Well done Draco and Luna! Well done!" And then they started to clap, and people did the same. And then they sat down again.

I stared at them, trying to figure out what was going on.

"What?" Blaise asked me.

"You didn't say anything funny! You didn't make people laugh at all!" I said, "are you not feeling well?"

"Well, would you like us to make people laugh?" Theodore asked me carefully. I didn't get the chance to answer, since Dumbledore then announced that the little ones should now go to bed.

When they were out of the Great Hall, Dumbledore said, that Luna and I would open for the dancing. I had already asked Blaise and Theodore to control the music, since they didn't have any dates, and there was no way that they were dancing. I wanted to give them a chance, since they said that they had matured.

I walked towards Luna, and offered her my hand, and she gladly took it. I led her on to the dance-floor, and waited for the fast music to start.

It didn't.

Instead, a slow melody started to play. Some kind of a flute. To try to cover over the confusion, I put my hand on Luna's waist, and held her hand in my other hand, and her last free hand went up to my shoulder.

"In a perfect world" some woman started to sing. Luna and I looked confused at each other, since none of us could understand what had happened. I pulled her a little bit closer to me, and she didn't seem to mind it at all.

"But somewhere in, my secret heart, I know, Love Will Find A Way..."

Luna and I both turned around, and glared at Theodore and Blaise, who were standing with the music device, sending us HUGE smiles.

Oh, how they've matured!

I however took this opportunity to pull Luna even closer, so she was now up against my chest.

More people started to go out on the dance floor, and as soon as the song ended, The-Two-Idiots put a new song on: Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

I took Luna's hand, and pulled her outside with me.

"I've got a surprise for you," I said, and waved with my wand. Suddenly, every bush and tree and statue in the courtyard was lightened up with lights. She gasped in surprise at the picture in front of her.

"You did all this?" she asked me, and turn towards me. I shrugged, and smiled at her.

In the background we could hear Elton John begin on the second chorus.

I held my hand out to her. "May I have this dance?" I asked like a gentleman.

She gave me a smile. "Yes you may," and then we were dancing again, except for the fact that both my hands were on her lower back now, and her hands were locked behind my neck.

The last chorus began, and then I did what I had wanted to do the whole week.

I kissed her.


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