"Severus," her voice moaned in pain.

Severus did nothing as she was levitated over the table. "Draco," her voice tried again to plea to the only other person in the room she knew. Draco turned his head away.

"She believes," Voldemort started "that it is ok for muggles and purebloods to mate. Encourages it even." His voice was disgusted "for this my love," his serpent like voice said "you must die. Avada K-"

"Sectum Sempra!" Green flew from a girl's wand. Voldemort flew back but didn't cry or scream. Severus was instantly at his side healing him from his spell, all cuts and blood vanishing. All eyes turned to the female who had uttered the spell. The girl looked no older than 18 and her long black hair was filled with purple, red, and blue highlights. She walked from the shadows and stepped on the table walking over to the teacher. "You're going to be fine," she whispered. She ran her hand over the woman and she disappeared.

"You stole my hostage," the dark lord said standing up.

Much of the table was confused about what to do. Obviously their lord wasn't supposed to be attacked but this girl carried herself like she was supposed to be here.

"That I did," she said remaining on the table glaring at some of the men who were trying to glance up her tight fitted black skirt. Her gothic style had her in knee high combat boots and a loose fitting black tank top over a long sleeve fishnet shirt.

"What is the meaning of your disrespect child."

"Oh please I'm not a child any longer."

"You attack me and disrespect me?" His eyebrow raised.

"And you never loved me but you don't see me crying about it," the girl paused and locked eyes with him "father."