AN Appology

Ok sorry guys this story is a colab between a friend and I and she's not the best with time management so that's why it's taking forever. I'm really trying to push her to write it but it isn't working out that great so if she doesn't have it written soon then I'm going to write it myself but to keep you interested I have a sneak peak of some stuff I have written.

"It's freezing down here," Tanya shivered clutching her green blankets closer to her. Her eyes were still wide open and they hadn't been closed all night. Tanya reluctantly got out of her bed and wandered up the stairs.

"I'm so done with freezing," Tanya said and went up to the potions room where she figured Severus's room may be. Tanya knocked at first then she unlocked the door with a spell. She walked inside and was pleased to find it somewhat humid inside. She smiled and laid her blanket down and fell asleep soundly.

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