This idea came to me just before the finale of Primeval *cries* and I thought they all deserved a break after what happened in that episode :D So much happened, my mind is STILL trying to process it all. This title is only a working title, I'll probably end up changing it once my muse has finished bawling their eyes out. *Slight spoiler for ep 6* Don't own anything except the plot

Enjoy :D

The ARC was peaceful. Quiet. After their big ordeal with the anomoly and nearly losing Matt, everyone was glad to have them back to normal and under control. The team finally had the chance to relax and to carry on with their usual day to day activities.

Jess worked quietly in front of the ADD, occasionally switching one of the monitors into a tv or using another to check her email.

Abby was occupying herself with the creatures in the menegerie, keeping Sid, Nancy and Rex company while they played.

Becker sat down in the armory, fixing the EMDs Connor had managed to break when he decided to go skateboarding through the corridors.

Matt and Emily chatted lightly in Matt's lab, discussing the various things Emily wanted to do and see.

And Connor... he sat in his lab playing around with various tools he found around the room, seeing if he could invent something that solved the worlds 'Missing Sock' issue.

Lester glanced down at the six plane ticket in his hand, debating whether or not to go through with his plans. They all deserve the time off... and maybe we'll be able to replace all the broken technical equipment while Temple's gone Lester thought to himself as he leaned casually against the back of his chair.

When he looked over towards the ADD, Lester saw Jess lounging with her feet up against the desk, laughing at the show she was currently watching. I'm not going to be the one giving them the tickets though he thought as an idea came to mind.

Lester got up from his chair and casually strolled over to the ADD with the six tickets sealed in a small brown envelope resting in his hand. Jess' eyes widened when she noticed him approaching her and her feet instantly dropped from their position, her fingers drumming against the keys to minimise the show she was watching.

"Lester, what can I do for you?" she asked innocently, swirling around in her chair to looked at him.

"I need you to give these out to everyone" He replied simply, holding out the envelope towards her.

She took it, staring down at the brown envelope in confusion. "There's only one though..." she said quietly.

"Inside should be six tickets for you guys to use however you wish. All expenses paid for. Everything you need should be in that envelope. See to it that Connor goes... I don't need him waving his dirty socks around the ARC while others are trying to work."

"Um... Sure. But Lester what exactly-" Jess looked up only to see the back of Lester's head as he made his way back into his office. Very strange man, he is Jess thought as she opened up the envelope.

She glanced inside and her heart begun to beat faster than a future predator's. A wide grin spread across her face as she read and reread what the tickets said. Her hand raise to her earpiece, creating a link with the others. "Guys, meeting at the Hub. Now!"

Jess? What's wrong? Did something happen? Jess wasn't sure if the flutter in her heart was caused by what Lester had just given her or the fact that Becker seemed so concerned about her lately. She was just about to reply when other voices joined in.

Did Connor break something again? Matt asked accusingly.

Hey! Connor's voice boomed over the comlink. I haven't broken anything today Matt! Why does everyone instantly assume I broke something when Jess calls in a meeting?

"Guys just stop japping like a bunch of prepubesent teens and get your asses here now! Lester just gave me something that I think you'll all enjoy!" Jess exclaimed happily.

We're on our way now Matt replied.

I'll try not to break anything on my way there... Connor replied sarcastically.

Connor Abby's voice came in through the comms and the tone she used sent shivers down Jess' spine.

Yeah Abs, what's up? Connor replied sweetly. He was definitely trying to suck up to her now.

Do you ever shut up? She sighed.

He laughed Only when you want me to babe... hey look there you are, right in front of me- The comms went quiet for a moment, only the sound of quiet murmurs could be heard. That was until a loud 'ow' echoed through the comms, clearly coming from Connor as Abby hit him.

Jess let out a quiet yelp as cold hands came down on her shoulders. She turned and saw Becker standing there smirking at her. "Did I scare you?"

She glared at him, her cheeks beginning to burn. "No." He raised an eyebrow, his smirk still visible. She sighed, her glare disappearing almost instantly. "Okay fine. There's a next to nothing chance that you may have, quite possibly, given me a tiny, extremely microscopic, barely even visible fright..." his smirk grew deeper and Jess frowned. "You're hands were flippin cold! Stop looking at me like that!"

He laughed lightly. "What's going on Jess? You said Lester gave you something."

"Now that, involves patience Becker. We have to wait for the others." Jess beamed.

Becker glanced around the desk for the key reason for this meeting and found it resting on Jess' lap, her dainty fingers tapping away against it. "It wouldn't have anything to do with what's in there, would it?" he asked, gesturing towards the already opened envelope.

Jess' fingers stopped tapping and she gripped it gently in her hand, standing up so she didn't feel so small next to him. "It might be."

"Can I see it?" He asked sweetly.

Jess eyes narrowed. "Not until the others get here." She glanced over at the elevators and saw no activity near them what-so-ever. "What's taking them so long anyway?"

"Elevator is out of order." Becker replied, following her gaze. He looked back at her and found her staring at him with narrowed eyes.

"Still... you managed to get here pretty fast. Now that I think of it, the armory is pretty far away from this room Becker. How did you get here before the others?" she asked suspiciously. Please say you were coming to see me. Please say you were coming to see me!

"I had to give Lester some paperwork." he grinned. "So I was already on my way here."

Damn. Jess looked away.

Becker's grin widened when he saw a tad bit of disappointment cross over Jess' face. He reached behind him and pulled out a chocolate bar from his back pocket, placing it on the desk before wandering over to one of the technicians tables.

Jess' eyes widened as her cheeks begun to burn again.

God I love it when she blushes like that Becker thought just as the others begun to pile into the main ops room.

"Okay Jess. Explain why you've called us all here." Matt sighed as he wrapped his arms around Emily's shoulders.

Jess' eyes drifted over to Lester who was watching them with a hint of a smile on his lips. "Okay..." Jess grinned. "Lester just gave me these." she held up the envelope and the others all frowned.

"It's an envelope... You're getting excited over an envelope?" Connor asked. He quickly shut up as Abby elbowed him.

Jess rolled her eyes. "Yes Connor, this is an envelope, I'm glad you noticed. But it's what's inside this envelope that you'll all love!" She opened up the envelope and pulled out the tickets, fanning herself with them. "Guys... We're going to the Bahamas!"

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