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Notes: Take Me Out is a reality show of which the theme is love. In this fanfiction, boys stand behind podiums for choosing girls that will be introduced one by one. Each boy can turn off their own podium light if he isn't interested at the girl. After 3 rounds of introduction, boys can't turn off their lights. Now it's time for the girl to choose 3 boys of the boys whose lights are still on. The girl will ask questions for the 3 boys, and she will turn off 2 of their lights. The last boy whose light is still on will pair with the girl and go to Romantic Room together. At the end, all the couples will compete at Chemistry Challenge for choosing the winner. The winner couple will be prized, a date will be set for them. The hosts of this reality show are Wallace and Winona.

Before the Show, at Boys Room

Gold: *sparkling eyes* I'm so excited! I can't wait to see all the hot gals! Woohoo!

Silver: *glare at Gold* Can you be quiet? This show is really dumb and embarrassing indeed.

Green: You're right. Ugh, why must I be in this show anyway?

Red: Because our fans want to see us in TV show^^

Fans: Kyaaa!

Ruby: Yea! I can show them my new beautiful outfit.

Pearl: But I prefer double act show.

Diamond: *munch* I prefer double cheese burger.

Everyone: We know that… *sweat drop*

Emerald: By the way guys, what type of girls do you like?

Gold: Oh! Good question! I like the hot ones, sexy body with a beautiful face, sweet, cute, elegant, girly, friendly, smart, and cool, and she must be pretty, and…

Everyone: Enough, Gold!

Diamond: *munch* I like rich girl with lots of honey. *munch*

Pearl: Do you mean money?

Diamond: *munch* No, it's really honey. Honey is my favorite food, not money. Yum….

Everyone: *laugh* Hahahaha

Ruby: I like a beautiful lady that full of grace… What about you, Red?

Red: Umm… I… *blush*

Green: What's the matter, Red?

Red: I… I… I l-like… *blush*

Everyone: … (in their minds: Who is he thinking about?)

Red: *still blushing* … Green, how about you?

Green: Any type is fine, but I hate girl that talk too much.

Silver: *glare at Green*

Emerald: So, Silver, what's your type?

Silver: *blush* … it's none of your business.

Pearl: Looks like it my turn to answer. I don't really have a type, but I don't like bossy girl.

Emerald: And now my turn! My type is…

Gold: Ssshhhh! Kid shouldn't think about girl!

Emerald: You! I'm not kid! *punch Gold*

Gold: Nyahaha! Owowow I'm tickled hahaha… You sure look like 5 years old.

Emerald: Here! Take this for teasing me! *throw Diamond's creamy cake to Gold*

Diamond: No! My cake!

Gold: Aargh! My hairdo! My face! My tuxedo! They are totally ruined!

Everyone: Bwahahaha

Before the Show, at Girls Room

Sapphire: I hate dresses… But now I must wear this?

Yellow: You look so pretty in that dress. I wish I could as pretty as you…

Yellow's Fans: Don't worry Yellow! You are the cutest ever!

Platina: *walk in* How do I look?

Crystal: Wow! You look so elegant. I wonder where did you buy that dress?

Platina: I did not buy it. My personal designers designed it for me. They are all world class designers.

Blue: Wow! You're so rich! I hope I can get rich boyfriend in this reality show… *giggle and start imagining wealth*


Blue: What? Is it wrong to have a boy type?

Yellow: No?

Blue: Tee-hee you're right, Yellow. And how about you? What's your type?

Yellow: *blush* I like heroic one just like… um… *speechless*

Everyone: Red. We knew it.

Yellow: *blush more* How did you know?

Blue: It's so clear. Too bad, there's only Red too clueless to know this.

Sapphire: How about you, Crys?

Crystal: Hmm… I've never thought about this before… Maybe I like a serious type?

Blue: What? A pair of serious boy and serious girl? How boring…

Crystal: Hehe… I don't have any idea…

Platina: That's okay, Crys. Each girl has her own type.

Yellow: What's yours, Platina?

Platina: *blush* I don't have a type.

Crystal: Really? But why are you blushing?

Platina: No, I was not.

Everyone: You were.

Platina: No, I most definitely was not. Well, how about you, Sapphire?

Sapphire: Eehhh? Me? I… um… I like brave boy with strong power. But, the most important is… I HATE FORGETFUL PERSON! Grrr…


On the Stage

Wallace: Ladies and gentlemen! This is the reality show we've been waiting for, Take Me Out! With me, Wallace, and my gorgeous partner, Winona, we'll host you in this reality show of love.

Winona: Speaking of love, it's so full of mystery. Will the boys and girls find their precious ones here? We'll find out later. Do you know that tonight is very special?

Wallace: Yes, of course. It's because… all the contestants are the PoKédex holders!

Audience: Kyaaa!

Winona: Looks like the audience are getting enthusiasm^^

Wallace: Winona, would you call the PoKédex holders now?

Winona: Sure. Here comes the first, Red the Fighter!

Red: Hi!

Winona: And here is Green the Trainer!

Green: … *sleepy face*

Winona: Gold the… *giggle* Breeder *giggle*

Gold: Is something wrong with my title? *put on handsome face and look at audience* Hello, ladies…

Winona: Next is Silver the Exchanger

Silver: … *cool expression*

Winona: A coordinator who has got all Contest Ribbons from Hoenn's PoKéMoN Contest, Ruby!

Ruby: *lift his top hat and smile* Good evening!

Winona: A trainer who has got all Frontier Symbols from Hoenn's Battle Frontier, Emerald!

Emerald: *waved his hands* Hi everybody!

Winona: Diamond the Funny Man from Comedy Duo!

Diamond: Zzz...

Pearl: *slap Diamond*

Diamond: Ouch! Uh? Hm? Hehe… hello…

Winona: And the last but not least, Pearl the Straight Man from Comedy Duo!

Pearl: Hahaha that's me… *waved his hands*

Wallace: These are 8 handsome PoKédex holders. Boys, please stand behind your own podiums now.

Audience: Kyaaa!

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