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Green: What are we doing here again?

Blue: We will spy on them.

Silver: Spying? That's my specialization.

Blue: Of course you are, Silver, I'm so proud of you...

Silver: *blush*

Blue: Green, you should watch them carefully, because we'll date like them later.

Silver: *glare at Green*

Green: *to Silver* What? I haven't called her Pesky Girl today.

Silver: You did just now.

Green: That's n-

Blue: Ssshh… They're coming!

Green, Blue, Silver: *put on their wigs, pretend to be mannequins*

Red & Yellow: *come in*

Red: What should we do in this department store?

Yellow: Umm… shopping?

Red: Great idea. What should we buy with this shopping voucher?

Yellow: I don't know...

Red: How about shopping for clothes? Since we are in the clothes section...

Yellow: Look, Red! *point at Green*

Green: (In his mind: Ugh!)

Red: Hmm… *examine Green's jacket* The jacket is cool but it's not my style.

Yellow: How about this one? *touch Silver's jacket*

Silver: (Don't touch me!)

Red: *examine Silver's jacket closely* Nah, I don't really like the substance … Ah! I'm sure you'll look good on this dress. *point at Blue*

Yellow: *blush* Really, Red?

Red: Why not give it a try?

Red & Yellow: *search for a dress that similar to Blue's*

Yellow: Hmm… Weird, we couldn't find that dress anywhere.

Red: Okay then, we'll just take off that mannequin's dress. *approach Blue*

Blue: (Erp! No way!)

Silver & Green: (Don't come any closer, Red!) *angry but don't know what to do*

Yellow: Red! I think this kimono is better! *point at a kimono*

Blue: (Thank you, Yellow.)

Red: *turn around* Oh yes! It's better than that dress.

Yellow: Let me try it first^^ *enter a changing room*


Yellow: *come out* How do I look?

Red: *blush* C… c-cute.

Yellow: *blush* Really?

Red: Of course! We should buy this kimono. Let's go to the cashier~

Red & Yellow: *go to the cashier*

Silver: Sigh…

Green: I can't believe it! They didn't recognize us!

Blue: See? It's all thanked to my brilliant plan.

Green: Pesky Girl.

Silver: *glare at Green*


Ruby: They are coming!

Sapphire: Let's hide ourselves. *crawl in air vent*

Ruby: No way! I won't want to get dirty!

Sapphire: C'mon! *drag Ruby*

Ruby: Eeep! Help!

Sapphire: Ssshh…

Red & Yellow: *come in*

Red: I wonder why they gave us tickets for horror movie.

Yellow: *gulp* Yeah… Horror is not my favorite genre…

Red: Me too. I prefer action.

Lights are turned off, the movie starts

Ruby: It's too dark here, I can't take their photo…

Red & Yellow: *watch silently*

The Scary Part

Yellow: Kyaaa! *hug Red*

Red: *blush* (Now I knew why they gave us tickets for horror movie. I'm starting to love this genre~)

The movie ends, lights are turned on

Red: The movie is over, Yellow.

Yellow: *still holding his hand* Huft…

Red: It was such a great movie, wasn't it?

Yellow: Umm… s-sure…

Red: Hehe how about we watch another horror movie next week?

Yellow: Wha-? Oh… okay…

Ruby: Wow they are holding hands! I can't believe our seniors can do that… hehehe…

Sapphire: After seeing that, did you remember something? (Something we'd done before!)

Ruby: Ah! I remembered it now!

Sapphire: What is it, Ruby? *full of hope*

Ruby: I remembered that I haven't taken their photo. *take a picture of them *

Sapphire: *upset* RUB-

Ruby: Ssshh…

Red: Yellow, do you hear something from above us?

Ruby & Sapphire: (Oops…)

Yellow: No? *still recovering from all the shocking scenes*

Ruby & Sapphire: (Sigh…)


Crystal: I feel bad about this spying plan. Gold? Wha-

Gold: *still talking to Emerald* No, not that girl, but the girl beside her.

Emerald: The girl with mini skirt?

Gold: Yep! Look at her smooth skin. Whooo…

Emerald: Whoa…

Gold: And look at her bi-

Crystal: *pull Gold's ear* What do you think you're doing? Teaching Emerald how to become a pervert, huh? !

Gold: Ehehe… I… just-

Emerald: Hey! They are coming!

Gold, Crystal, Emerald: *hide among the dolls and the game corner prizes*

Red & Yellow: *come in*

Yellow: Red, do you want to play?

Red: Sure, Let's try this slot machine. *insert the coin*

Yellow: *cheer* Go, Red!

Red: *lose* Aw! Let me try again. *insert the coin*

Yellow: *cheer* You can do it, Red!

Red: *lose* Yah! Let me try again. *insert the coin*

After countless loses

Gold: (This is boring…)

Red: *lose* Grr! This is the last coin. *insert the coin*

Yellow: Don't give up Red… zzz... *sleepy*

Red: *win the jackpot* Wowee! *a lot of coins come out*

Yellow: Huh? What's happened Red?

Red: Yellow, I hit the jackpot!

Yellow: Wow! You are so cool, Red!

Red: *blush* Really? Ah… uh… let's change the coins for the prize.

Crystal: (Oh no!) *bury Gold & Emerald with dolls then bury herself*

Emerald: (I can't breathe… huft… huft…)

Red & Yellow: *go to the prize exchanger*

Red: *pay the coins to the shopkeeper* Yellow, which doll do you like?

Yellow: You meant the prize is for me?

Red: Yep^^

Yellow: *blush*

Red: How about… *want to pull out a doll, but grab Gold's hair*

Gold: (Ouch!) *break free from Red*

Red: *this time grab Emerald's shoe* Huh? What's a dirty tiny shoe doing here?

Yellow: Maybe it's a prize? But who would want that?

Emerald: (Grr! You stole my shoe and insulted it at the same time!)

Crystal: *throw a Pikachu doll*

Yellow: Ah… This doll just looks like Chuchu.*hug*

Red: No, it looks like Pika.

Gold, Crystal, Emerald: *sweat drop* (What's the different?)

Yellow: *examine the doll* Oh, right! It looks like Pika. I want this.

Gold, Crystal, Emerald: *collapse*

Red: Well, okay. Do you like it, Yellow?

Yellow: I love it. Thank you, Red.


Platina : *in a waitress outfit* Diamond, Pearl, are you ready?

Diamond: *in a chef outfit* Ay ay, Missy! I'm ready to eat~

Pearl: *in a waiter outfit* Dia… No, I mean Diamond! We're here for spying on our seniors' date.

Platina: Looks like they're coming, let's go greet them, Pearl.

Diamond: T.T

Pearl: What? Are you crazy? They will recognize us easily!

Platina: No, they won't. Here, put on this. *give Diamond and Pearl a wig each*

Diamond: Eh? Me too? Yay!^^

Diamond, Pearl, Platina: *put on their wigs*

Red & Yellow: *come*

Platina: Bonsoir (good evening).

Pearl : Could I show you the menus and perhaps take an order? *show the menus*

Yellow: What is this restaurant's specialty?

Diamond: *whisper to Pearl* Carre d'Agneau.

Pearl: Our specialty isCar- Agent? (What is it again?)

Platina: *giggle* (Did they practice their double act again?)

Diamond: Ahem, he meantCarre d'Agneau. Would you like a try?

Yellow: Red, do you know what is it?

Red: I think it's a dish that…


Red: … I don't know. *sweat drop*

Everyone: *collapse*

Red: What is it?

Platina: Carre d'Agneau isroasted rack of lamb served over roasted garlic rosemary demi-glace garnished with flageolet beans.

Red: Alright, we'll try it.

Diamond, Pearl, Platina: *go to the kitchen*

Pearl: That was almost. Thank you, Dia.

Diamond: No problem. *tell the real chef about their order*

Chef: Here you go! *give the dishes to Diamond*

Diamond: Yummy~ *ready to eat*

Pearl: *grab the dishes* No, Dia!

Platina: Let's serve the dishes to them.

Pearl & Platina: *go to their table, serve the dishes*

Red & Yellow: Thank you.

Diamond: Bon appétit (enjoy your meals) *go to the kitchen*

Red: *munch* Mmm… so delicious!


Red: Yellow? What's wrong?

Yellow: Huh? Ah nothing. It just after this dinner we'll go home… I wished we can go out like this another time. *blush*

Red: Don't worry, Yellow. We'll go out like this for sure, because I really enjoyed it today too.

Yellow: Really, Red?

Red: Of course. Ah, right. We should invite our friends too. The more the merrier.

Yellow: *collapse*


Yellow: *in front of her house* Red, thank you for everything. Today was so much fun^^

Red: Yeah, I had a lot of fun too. I'm glad you like it

Other dexholders: *hide behind the fence, peep*

Yellow: Red…

Red: What's up, Yellow?

Yellow: Um… nothing…

Red: I'm going back home then. Have a nice dream, Yellow. *walk away*

Gold: (Huh… They didn't do anything, just as I expected.)

Yellow: Red! Wait… *approach Red*

Sapphire: (Yay! Yay!)

Red: What's up, Yellow?

Yellow: Umm…

Emerald: (Go! Go, Yellow!)

Yellow: Red, w-would you please close your eyes for a moment?

Red: Huh? …Okay. *close his eyes*

Blue: (Aww… Yellow, my little sister, you've grown up!)

Yellow: *stand in tiptoes, but still can't reach Red's face*

Diamond: (Whoa…)

Ruby: (Senior Red, you should bow a bit!)

Yellow: *still attempting to kiss Red*

Crystal: (A little more, Yellow!)

Platina: *dazed*

Green, Silver, Pearl: *stay cool, but still curious*

Wilton: *suddenly appear behind the spies* Huh? What are all of you doing here?

Green: (Ugh! Yellow's uncle!)

Wilton: Hohoho… You must want to visit Yellow.

Pearl: (No!)

Wilton: Let me call her for you.

Blue: *wink to Silver and Sapphire*

Silver & Sapphire: *ambush Wilton*

Wilton: Mph! Mph! HELP!

Red & Yellow: *jump* Huh? *run to the fence*

Gold: Hey! We were just getting to the good part!

Yellow: Uncle?

Red: Everyone? What are you doing here?

Crystal: Well, we're just…

Emerald: Senior! Pretend we aren't here and just continue your kiss!

Red & Yellow: *blush* What? !

Wilton: Kiss?

Red: *blush* We… I… um…

Yellow: *blush* You see, Uncle… we are not… um…

Wilton: Haha! Young love! Sorry for disturbing then. I'll just go inside. *enter the house*

Red: Hey, hey, what's going on here?

Yellow: *still blushing* I… I… I'm sleepy. See you later all… *enter the house, upset*

Red: Good night, Yellow… *upset, but don't know why*

Diamond: Senior, are you okay?

Red: …Of course, I'm perfectly healthy.

Other dexholders: *collapse* (As clueless as always…)

Red: I'm going home then, bye all. *walk away*

Other dexholders:

Platina: That was so close.

Ruby: I feel sorry for them...

Everyone: Sigh…

The End

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