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Just Blackness. Amelia was curled up in a corner, probably of a room, she couldn't tell, she couldn't see. There wasn't even a flicker of light to help illuminate the room, just complete and utter darkness. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard footsteps gradually getting louder. A door creaked open loudly, groaning in protest. A light flickered on, Amelia was almost blinded by how bright it was. She couldn't make out much, just blurs of black, grey and lighter grey, but of what she could, she could see them. She was not alone.

DiNozzo looked at his phone, as if trying to scare it so it would stop ringing, he wasn't even late yet, he just wasn't quite on time, but he never was and McGee knew that. He ignored it, collapsing down onto a chair and flicking the TV on. His phone buzzed again and Tony chucked it across the room with a groan, it bounced on his sofa before landing on the floor. The neighbourhood dog had barked all night, and all he wanted was one more minute, just one more minute before he had to face the gridlock on the morning commute to work. He closed his eyes and ran his hands through his messy hair as a familiar news story popped up on the News, and as he heard it, Tony realised why McGee was trying to contact him.

"You may have heard of three high profile disappearances in the last three days. Young women, stolen from their homes in the dead of night. Lillian Cox, Anna Newman and Brianna Ireland, gone without a trace" The newsreader said "We can now reveal to you a new development in the case. Metro police have handed control of the investigation to NCIS after a fourth woman, Amelia Sampson, disappeared this morning at 1am in the same circumstances. If you have any information on any of the women, we ask you please call the hotline bellow."

DiNozzo groaned, hauling himself up from his chair and quickly turning off the TV, grabbing his phone off the floor, his gun and badge of the table and he headed out the door.

The elevator door open and DiNozzo walked quickly out and over to his desk, throwing his bag down and sitting quickly at his desk.

"Tony" Ziva chuckled leaning back in her own chair grinning widely.

"Your late, DiNozzo" Gibbs told DiNozzo, walking into the squad room with a coffee in hand.

" I know boss. Long night… but you don't want to hear about that. I saw the news report, what did I miss?"

"The women were kidnapped by the same person and it was just a Metro case until they found this…" McGee said bringing up pictures of the women on the plasma.

"Newman, Cox, Ireland, Sampson. NCIS" Ziva told him.

"Who figured that one out?"

"Just a junior officer."

"Coincidence?" Tony asked

"Metro thought so, until… they got sent this" McGee replied, bringing up another photo, this time of a note on the plasma. "No return address, No postage, which suggests someone who has connections at the Postal office and the note was partly written in blood. Now there's no signature but finger print analysis suggests Andrew Parker, 38 year old, not married, no family or kids. Former marine, dishonourable in '05 for the sexual assault and rape of a female co-worker. He held quite the grudge against NCIS for a long time, among other things he sent a couple of death threats to the case agent's. So he has motive, he's our prime suspect."

"And we think that this guy has kidnapped 4 young women?" Tony asked

"Yep. Metro also did most of the legwork on the first three women but there wasn't anything that really stood out, but we already have a head start in the case"

"Get to work" Gibbs called.

McGee and Ziva made their way to Abby's lab to see if she had anything else on the note. They knew if she did have anything she would have called but doing this they felt like they were actually doing something productive rather than sitting at a desk chasing worthless trails of endless paperwork. One of the problems about the case was that there was no ransom, no demands and no leads on the safety of any of the women, Oswald Parker, if the kidnapper was indeed him, hadn't asked for anything, apart for eternal damnation for all of NCIS, so they had almost nothing to go on. When they finally got to the lab, Abby was her cheerful self.

"Before you ask I don't have anything, well nothing good, well nothing great. But Gibbs isn't going to like it" Abby smiled, stoping to take a breath. "Okay, there isn't anything particularly interesting about the note, it's a random mixture of blood and red biro and the words are really hinky, there so grammatically incorrect that I would expect this standard from a third grader." Abby said walking over to her computer and bringing up basic profiles of the four women on the plasma screen "And I'm absolutely sure that the blood is from all four girls."

"Even the one kidnapped last night?"

Yeah, but that's not the most important thing, I was running a black light over it and found this, what do you think? Abby asked the pair, tilting her head to look at them.

Ziva read the fluorescent words slowly, " 'They will die, NCIS will fall, I will win' Win what? What does it mean?" she asked

"Gibbs needs to see this" McGee said, quickly grabbing a printout off the printer and walking out soon followed out by Ziva

"I've emailed it to you!" Abby called after them.