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Steven Ireland stood up against the mirror of the interrogation room with his forehead pressed against the glass. He knew that there would be someone behind it, and he knew that he was staring straight at them.

Meanwhile on the other side of the two sided glass, Gibbs and Vance were standing, holding Stevens gaze.

"So this is the crazy bastard responsible for this mess?"

"Yep" Gibbs answered simply.

"How are David and DiNozzo holding up?"

"They'll be fine"

"...and what about Amelia and Lillian"

"There fine"

"Well do you want to get this show on the road?" Vance asked and without answering, Gibbs left the room and a few seconds later, entered into the interrogation room.

"Sit down" Gibbs ordered, throwing a Manilla folder down onto the table.

Steven turned slowly from his place against the glass, his black eyes were wide and wild. He smiled slightly and moved slowly, sitting down in the chair. Gibbs sat down on the other side and laid down photos from his folder of a what was left of a mangled and rotting body.

"Do you know who this is?" Gibbs asked harshly.

"No" Steven answered definitely and cold

"This is what's left of Andrew Parker"

Steven shrugged, not replying

"You two fought, What were those fights about?" Gibbs asked.

"Nothing… Sir."

"Did it ever bother you that you two looked similar? Is that what the fights were about? Did it bother you that you got confused for each other?" Gibbs pushed forward one of the more graphic photos of the rotting corpse. "This Man, Andrew Parker, the man you set up, the man you murdered. He is your brother."

"That's a lie, My brother is Richard Ireland, he is not the man in that picture"

"Your adopted" Gibbs spat, disgusted at the man who sat in front of him. "Your parents died in a car crash when you were one, you were adopted out, Richard Ireland isn't your brother, this man here is, and YOU KILLED HIM!" Gibbs yelled, slamming his fist down on the table. Steven didn't even bat an eyelid. Gibbs stood up and started pacing. "your real name is Steven Parker. You shared each others looks, you shared a history, a history of mental illness, and it made you this. You murdered your own brother."

"Prove it." Steven said without emotion.

"DNA analysis confirms it, but you know what, I don't think you even give a damn. You ruined the life of the man you thought was your brother, the man who took you in, you murdered his daughter in cold blood without any provocation"

"Prove it" he said again

"You saw Andrew Parker kidnap 'your niece', you tracked him down and murdered him for it, and then you decided to use his hostages for your own sick revenge." Gibbs said in disgust, again, Steven did not react. Gibbs leant back in his chair, crossed his arms and stared into the cold, black eyes of Steven Parker. Neither broke the gaze, they just stared at each other for seconds, minutes even. Just staring at each other. Meanwhile in the other side of the Glass, DiNozzo had Joined Vance is the observation room.

"How are you DiNozzo?" Vance asked. Out of habit, or instinct, Tony raised his hand to his head to answer

"I'm fine Director." He smiled

"And David?"

Tony laughed, "Ziva's absolutely fine"

"You say that like it's a joke, DiNozzo"

"Ah, you and I both know how much Ziva hates pity." DiNozzo stoped talking and turned to watch the scene unfolding in the interrogation room, or lack of it depending on which way you looked at it. "How long has this been going on?" Tony asked, referring to the staring contest between Steven Parker and Gibbs.

"Not long. By the way, I'd like to congratulate your team on a job well done."

"My Team?" Tony chuckled

"You know what I mean, DiNozzo" Vance finished, nodding his head slightly and walking out of the room. In the other room, Steven stood up from his chair, still refusing to break eye contact.

"Sit down" Gibbs ordered, still in his seat.

Steven ignored him, breaking away his gaze and walking over to the mirror, returning to the position he had been in before Gibbs entered with his head up against the glass. Gibbs gave up, collecting the photos and swiftly exiting the room, leaving Steven behind to stare into the mirror.

Desk duty, the root of evil itself; the only thing Ziva hated more than desk duty was the duty of informing families of their loss, that was rough, but desk duty? Desk duty was long, boring and damn unexciting, it was absolutely nothing compared to the thrill of the chase, nothing compared to field work. Yes, desk duty was damn near unbearable, especially, when she had to spend the whole next week on desk duty, with Tony DiNozzo.

Yes, for some inconceivable reason the medical staff had decided that the risk was to great for the pair of them to do practical work, what with their serious concussions caused by the but of Steven Ireland's gun. Yes, Ziva had been put on desk duty with Tony because of a stupid hit on the head. She almost agreed with them for putting her out of the line of fire, her vision was still a little hazy at times and she had a few more days until she could finally take off the annoying brace on her hand, a precautionary measure. But to sideline Tony too? That was over the top, and was going to make the next week of Ziva's life a living hell.

"Well 'aint this going to be fun Zee-vah" Tony said cheerfully entering the sqaudroom with his childish grin. "A whole week! A whole week of desk duty and only each other to keep us company"

"Thankyou Tony" Ziva replied strained, unsure what she was thanking him for but hopping it would shut him up.

"A whole week" He smiled again "a whole week, can our believe it?"

"No Tony, I can not" She replied again, dry and uninterested.

"I hate paperwork, desk duty, the epitome of boredom but hey! Look on the bright side, I get to spend it with you" He grinned and threw a paper ball at her.

Batting the flying object away, Ziva stood up and walked over to Tony's desk. "You need to remember that this brace has a metal rod in it" she smiled menacingly. "so if I do this" She said as she pressed her injured hand down on his, he yelped and flinched away, holding his hand close to his body "It's going to hurt a lot" She smiled, hit him playfully over the head, turned around and trotted back to her desk.

"Why did you do that?" Tony whined, rubbing his hand.

"Because, Tony" She smiled "You and I will be spending a lot of time together the next week" she grinned widely "And if you are going to make my life difficult, I'm going to make yours very… uncomfortable"

"Right, got it Ziva" Tony frowned, wincing mentally.

"So, you two on desk duty together" McGee walked in gloating.

"That's enough McGee" Tony groaned, smiling then throwing another paper ball at Ziva and then yet another at McGee.

Ziva's phone rung and she picked it up "yes, yes, of course" She smiled and put down the receiver

"You have a new boyfriend Ziva?" Tony asked "That's the only reason I can think of that you would smile that much"

She picked up one of his paper balls and pitched it back at him with lightning speed, he flailed and tried to bat it away. "That, was the front desk, Amelia and Lily are on there way up to give there statements. They also want to thank us, for helping them."

"Sound's like you got attached" McGee suggested.

"They are two very nice, very brave girls, I took a liking to them"

The elevator dinged and Amelia and Lily walked out, soon followed by Gibbs who came out of the corridor behind the lift. They turned around to greet him before walking into the bullpen together. Amelia and Lily stopped as they entered, unsure, but Gibbs continued to his desk, putting his fresh cup of coffee down on his desk.

"How are you two going?" DiNozzo asked, standing up and chucking one final paper ball over the women at Ziva.

"We're fine" Amelia said cheerfully "Thank you so much for everything you did for us"

"Yeah, seriously, thank you so much"

"We're glad your both okay" Gibbs replied

Amelia and Lily smiled at each other. Both were immensely grateful for everything that NCIS had done for them, they were thankful that they had got out alive, and not been killed so… well killed like Anna and Brianna. But they had no idea how to express their feeling is words, and hoped that the team would understand.

"Thanks" Lily said again

"You better not tell them it was a fluke" McGee joked

"I hope you're both okay" Amelia said to Tony and Ziva

"We'd better be going" Lily suggested, tugging lightly at Amelia's arm.

"Are you to close now?" Tony asked

"We found out we're related" Amelia smiled "And I think we'll defiantly be seeing more of each other now."

"Thank you so much, again" Lily said

"Yeah, Thanks" And with that the pair left and started towards the interview room.

"Well aren't they nice" McGee grinned, everyone was in a good mood, the case was solved, the madman caught and young lives spared.

"Related? How can they be related?" DiNozzo asked confused.

"So" McGee started. "Andrew Parker tries to clear his name by making NCIS reopen his case by kidnapping the four women somehow related to the case. But he didn't know that Steven Ireland, a former co-worker was living with the family at the time. Steven saw Parker and confronted him, killing him and hiding his body here, in this river. Steven wanted revenge on NCIS for not helping him and so he used the hostages for his own plan. So now, it turns out that the reason Andrew wanted the case reopened is because he didn't actually rape Leah Williams, it was Steven, they often got confused for each other and somehow the mistake was made. Now, it turns out that the reason they looked alike and have the same mental illness is because they were brothers. So, does this all make any sense to anyone else? Cause for me it's all kind of…" he motioned his hand round and round in a circle. "Have I got everything?" he asked

"I think so…"

"Well, I'm off." Tony said, grabbing his pack and standing up to leave.

"Tony, it is only 6:30" Ziva complained.

"The case is over, I'm tired, my head hurts and that bloody dog still won't shut up. I'm crashing early tonight." And with that he walked out.

McGee also grabbed his bag and began to walk out "We'll have a new case by tomorrow, I need a rest. I bet you can't wait for the whole next week of Desk duty with Tony, ay?" he asked, walking out and just catching the elevator doors before they closed.

Ziva picked up her bag, sighing, saying a quick goodbye to Gibbs and walking away. And while Gibbs sat at his desk, alone in the room he couldn't help but regret the two young lives lost, innocent bystanders to a stupid dispute which could have been solved any other way, but has instead cost their lives. But this regret meant nothing, as the past was the past, and no matter what he could try there is nothing he can do to change it. Yes, two young women lost their lives meaninglessly. But he saved two others, two other women who would have died if not for his teams work. Yes, two young lives were lost, but two young lives were saved. And that made him smile.