Set in an Alternate Universe.

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Just you and me.

Vanitas stroked her hair, watching her sleep as the sun shone through the window, then he adjusted the earpiece that he had slipped in her ear. He had chosen a set of relaxing classical pieces for her to sleep to, playing them on his iPod for her. It clearly helped to calm her mind and body as she seemed to be having a deep and dreamless sleep.

So caught up in his lust for her the previous night, he had forgotten that she had been sleep-deprived lately and was exhausted. Their play date went on for hours. By the time they finished, she could hardly breathe. He carried her into the bathroom and laid with her in the tub. She fell asleep in his arms with the water caressing them both.

He wrapped her up in a towel afterward, drying her off, and laid her on his bed, where she was still unmoving now. He did not bother to dress her, certain that she wouldn't mind if he spent the rest of the night – or wee hours of the morning – admiring her body. And what a beautiful body it was, every single inch of it, down to that pale little birthmark right over her heart, shaped like a star.

Tracing it with his fingers, he wondered what time he should wake her up. She needed to go back home where their friends might already be looking for her. He wondered if he should go with her.

No. No way. Those idiots would know for sure what they had been up to. Better let Aqua deal with them. Or he could go and rub it in Terra's face. But Aqua wouldn't like that. Yeah, he'll leave it to Aqua. For now.

Her lashes fluttered and he shifted a little bit so that when she opened her eyes, the first thing she would see are his. And she smiled when she did, not knowing that he was practically thinking of feeding her to the wolves.

"Vanitas," she murmured, touching his face.

"Hey there," he replied with a smirk as he took the earphones from her and tossed them – with the iPod attached – onto his bedside table.

She moved closer to him and rested her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. He buried his nose in her hair, breathing in that scent of dawn and dewdrops that was just so Aqua. Then he smirked detecting that tiniest infusion of his scent as well. You're mine...

"Did you have a good night?" she asked him coyly.

In answer, he traced the line of her spine and she trembled, sighing, remembering what they did the previous night and the pleasure that overwhelmed her.

"We should have play dates more often," he said.

"We'll see," she answered and decided it was time to leave. Vanitas watched quietly as she dressed, wondering if she was taking her time, teasing him, on purpose. The way she bent down so temptingly as she slipped on her panties. And then she moved her hips from side to side as she pulled up her shorts. And she was facing him, giving him a grand view of her breasts before slowly hiding them beneath her shirt.

He groaned. He couldn't help it. To appease him at least a little bit, Aqua climbed into bed again and kissed him. "I have to go now, Vanitas," she murmured.

He grabbed her wrist. "One question," he said.


"What you said last night... did you mean it?" He was smirking, eyes narrowed a little, as he spoke.

She blinked, not quite understanding, and wondering if she had said something incriminating. Or embarrassing. "What do you mean? What did I say last night?"

"Forever. If I want."

Aqua felt a blush blossom on her cheeks. Oh, that. Did she really say it like that? "That depends. Did you mean what you said before I said that?"

"I asked first, Aqua."

"I'm not answering you until you answer me, Vanitas."

They stared at each other, waiting. And then at the same time, "Yes."

Vanitas smirked and released her, content with her answer and she smiled, content with his. "Will you come join us for breakfast?" Aqua asked him.

"No, I'm going to sleep," he said.



She nodded, knowing that was probably as good as it was going to get. She kissed him again, longer this time and coupled with a quiet, longing sigh. Then she left, already looking forward to the next time she sees him.

"Guys," Sora said as he came back to the entertainment room with Naminé in tow. "Breakfast will be delayed cause we have a slight problem... Err..."

"Aqua is not in her room," Naminé finished.

Terra stared at them. "What?"

"Maybe she just went to the bathroom," Xion offered.

"Or she went to get a drink in the kitchen," Kairi said.

Naminé shook her head. "We checked the whole house. Didn't we, Sora?"

Sora nodded. "Aqua is officially missing in action."

There was silence for a minute, then, "Maybe she went to check on Vanitas," Riku said with a suggestive smirk.

"Maybe," the others agreed offhandedly.

But Axel caught Riku's drift. He smirked, too. "What did Aqua say exactly last night, Xion?"

"Hm, that she was tired, wanted to sleep, and -"

"And please don't disturb her until morning?" Axel finished with deliberate slowness. Everyone else caught up.

Terra glared at Axel. "Shut up. I know what you're getting at."

"They were cozying up to each other last night, talking in whispers." Axel said.

Riku nodded. "Who knows what they were talking about. They could have been... planning."

"And we're talking about Vanitas here," Axel added. "You know him."

"We're talking about Aqua! She would never..."

Axel chuckled and muttered under his breath, "Just because she didn't with you..."

"Shut up, Axel!" Terra growled, much to the redhead's amusement.

Ven poked Terra on the arm. "Wait, I don't get it. What are you talking about?

Riku smacked the back of Ven's head. "What the hell, Ven? Do we have to spell it out? Aqua and Vanitas are -"

"Shut up, Riku!" Terra yelled.

"Terra, quit telling everyone to shut up! I want to know! They're what?" Ven said, still confused.

And everyone else laughed. "You don't want to know, Ven," Kairi said. "Trust me."

Axel stretched a little. "Well. Let's all hope they used protection."

"Of course they did," Xion said.

"Yeah," Naminé agreed. "Aqua's not that careless."

"First timers are always careless," Axel said.

"What? Hang on!" Sora suddenly spoke up. They all looked at him questioningly. "Aqua is a v-? Err..?" he asked awkwardly, his eyes flicking towards Terra before he could stop himself. An empty bowl of popcorn hit his head, courtesy of the older brunette.

Roxas chuckled. "Sora, you're almost as bad as Ven over there."

"First timer or not," Terra said, frowning, "Naminé is right. Aqua is not that careless."

"Oh, so now you agree that the two of them-?" Axel said, grinning.

"No!" Terra snarled, clenching his fists, his face turning red. "I'm just saying that Aqua is not careless!"

"But Vanitas is," Roxas pointed out.

Terra frowned. "Look, maybe they didn't even do it."

"Knowing Vanitas? Of course they did," Riku said.

Axel patted Terra's back with mock comfort. "Tough luck, man."

"Shut up!" Terra said, shaking him off, as the other guys – except Ven, who was frowning in confusion – snickered.

They all looked up suddenly as they heard the sound of a door softly opening and closing. "I guess we can go find out for ourselves," Riku said, tossing a conspiratorial look all around. Only Terra did not seem happy about what he was thinking. Axel, Roxas, and Sora were game. Ventus was out of the loop so he just scratched his head and the girls rolled their eyes with obvious disapproval and carefully concealed amusement.

Still, the nine of them stepped out of the entertainment room together just as Aqua walked up.

"Oh, uhm... Hi, guys," she said uneasily, blushing already.

The guys smirked in synchrony.

"Good morning, Aqua."
"Hm. You look tired..."
"For someone who turned in early."
"Did you notice how... hot it got last night?"
"So hot, makes you all sticky and sweaty...?"
"Still, we hope you slept well."
"Oh, and would you know if Vanitas is joining us for breakfast?"
"Or is he still full from last night?"

Aqua stared at them, flustered and unsure how to answer. She should have expected this. She should have insisted that Vanitas come along. And she was halfway through mentally forming a senseless response when Ven decided to ask, "What's for breakfast, Aqua?"

"Oh, thanks a lot, Ven," Sora said sarcastically, scratching the back of his head.

"What?" Ven asked, his brows creased. "I'm hungry."

Riku shook his head and sighed exasperatedly, and everyone had varying degrees of amusement and annoyance showing on their faces. Aqua was the only one thoroughly happy about Ven's apparent obliviousness. She smiled at him. "Well, what would you like? Waffles?"

"Oh yeah, hot waffles stuffed with hotdogs," Axel added quickly, winking, not willing to let the matter drop.

"With eggs on the side," someone added in a whisper.

And Aqua was just getting flustered again, when...

"Yeah, that sounds really good!" Ven said, grinning.

"Damn it, Ven!" Riku said, as Roxas and Axel slapped their palms onto their faces.

"I can't believe we're related," Roxas mumbled.

"What? It does sound good!" Ven argued, pouting, still obviously nowhere near the same page as the rest of the gang.

Aqua laughed, ruffling Ven's hair and smiling gratefully. With innocent Ven around, they just can't mess with her head the way they wanted to.

Wait a minute...

Her smile turned slowly into a smirk. Why should they be the only ones allowed to mess with her head? Why couldn't she mess with theirs?

"You know, Ven," she said, though she was looking towards the other boys, her eyes narrowed and shining. "I used to think it was disgusting. Hotdogs in waffles... Oh, please." She smiled at how the boys hung on to her every word. "But once you've tried it, you'd be surprised just how... good it is..." she murmured, her voice silky.

She started to make her way to the kitchen and everyone followed wordlessly, absorbing what she just said and knowing for sure what she meant, with Terra extremely pale and tense. Then Ven, skipping to walk beside Aqua, said, "Vanitas should definitely come join us, then! He loves your waffles!"

A couple of guys at the back snorted and snickered but Aqua did not let that faze her. In fact, she smirked again and sighed breathlessly with the tiniest – intentional – hint of longing. "He does, doesn't he?" she answered. "And, you know, his hotdogs are simply to die for..."


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