Title: Denial
Genre: Romance/Angst
Paring: D18. Slight one-sided 6918.
Status: One shot
Summary: Hibari Kyouya really wanted to think that seeing Dino leaving him doesn't hurt. It doesn't work.
Warnings: Slash. Worksafe.
Disclaimer: Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn belongs to Amano Akira, I do not own any of the characters in this fanfiction.


It didn't hurt him, or so he liked to think. He knew that he should have expected it – after all, family is the most important thing for a Boss. So, he wasn't sad, he wasn't hurting. Not at all.

"Hey, Kyouya... I..."

'Family comes first'. The baby already told him that. Even the infuriating pineapple herbivore had warned him about it, though at the same time he hit on him and offered a shoulder to cry on when it happened. Hibari Kyouya thought that he was ready for it when it happened.

Turns out, he wasn't.

"What is it? Spill it, Bucking Horse."

He didn't cry nor feel sad. Hibari Kyouya wasn't one to feel sad nor cry. Hibari Kyouya can't cry. The things called tears never ran down his cheeks. He doesn't cry. He'll never cry. At least nor for somebody like Dino Cavallone.

It was just the rain.

It was because of the fact that he just came out of the shower.

It was because he was training outside and the dust got into his eye.

"Uh... Kyouya... I... We... We can't be... Uh... You know... Be toget-"

Dino wasn't important to him. Dino Cavallone wasn't his lover, his friend, his most important person. Dino wasn't someone he love.

Dino was just there.

And Hibari Kyouya didn't wish for Dino to be still there. For Dino to hold his hand. For Dino to shower him with presents, gifts, affection and love.

He isn't lying – maybe.

"Save your breath, Cavallone. I know that. You're not getting any younger."

People had been talking about how it was inappropriate that the Cavallone Tenth did not have a girl in mind to continue on with his linage. Besides, Hibari Kyouya wasn't the type to care about the rumours and the whispers that surround his and Dino's little fling.

In any case, he knew that Dino was going to leave him. Even though the Bucking Horse wasn't his friend, his lover, his most important person. Hibari Kyouya didn't want Dino to choose in the end and this little move will save him the trouble in the long run.

In actual fact, it was for himself. Hibari Kyouya knew that for a Boss – especially for – Dino Cavallone, family came first.

"You do? That's great! We can still meet though, even if our rela-"

Hibari was surprised at Dino. Nobody could have the best of both worlds. And to a guy like Hibari Kyouya, once something is over, its over.

He was certainly having a hard time lying to himself.

"Relationship? There was never one in the first place."

From that very day onwards, Hibari Kyouya had disappeared from Dino Cavallone's world.


However, once a year on the 18th of December, the day when Dino Cavallone goes to buy a anniversary gift for his wife, he always wishes that this day would never end.

Once a year, Dino Cavallone finds a beautiful skylark that lets him wrap his wings around it.

Once a year, he can truly say the words 'I love you'.

And each time this day is over, he has 364 more days to go.