A/N: I know this is not a chapter, please don't be angry with me.

For those of you who subscribed to the Story Alerts on this this story, but did not subscribe to the Author Alerts, this is just to let you know that 'A New Reign' now has a Sequel titled, 'Settling In'. For those of you that have asked for a sequel, well, it's there. But it's still a work in progress along with another story that I'm neglecting because I like the plot line of Settling better. So yeah. ^_^ Go see 'Settling In' if you want to see what happens to Harry after he comes back from his year with the Liridon clan.

And also a giant thank you to my mom who helped me come up with several ideas for both stories. You rock for helping out your 22 year old potter-nerd daughter, even though you don't really like the Potterverse that much.