Meloetta's Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, it's been a long time since I've written anything, huh? Well, I've been busy catching up on real life, having fun in the sun, lurking /vp/ and /co/, having seen Cars 2 and liking it... going a bit too far there. Anyway, since Meloetta is now connected to icing (no thanks to me and 4Chan), here's a little extra something for you guys who enjoyed reading these wacky fanfics. Now if you excuse me, I must be off. Sqadalah!

Meloetta's stomach growled as usual, prompting Meloetta to grab some vanilla flavored icing from the refrigerator. Opening it up, Meloetta dipped a silver spoon into it as she gulped down the scrumptious icing, with Keldeo watching from the couch.

"Stomach growling?" Keldeo asked as he moved his front left hoof forward.

Meloetta nodded after gulping down a second scoop. "Yeah... I just don't know what to think of myself. On one hand, I should be eating healthier food, but icing is my favorite thing..." She sighed in discomfort as she gulped down another scoop. "I don't know if it's possible for me to try something else..."

Keldeo rubbed his chin as he got an idea. "Well, expand your horizons. I'm sure that will get you to being healthier."

Meloetta smiled as she finished up her vanilla icing, tossing the empty carton in the garbage as she hugged Keldeo. "Oh Kel, I knew you would come through me."

Keldeo smiled as he hugged Meloetta back. "What are friends for?"

The Next Day...

Meloetta sighed after she heard her stomach growl for the fourth time. Splashing some water on her face, Meloetta headed downstairs, towards the kitchen to get some more icing, even after her conversation with Keldeo. Keldeo was still sitting on the couch, knowing when Meloetta would show up.

"So, having some icing again, eh Meloetta?" Keldeo stated as he watched Meloetta shuffling through the cartons of icing. "Oh, you poor girl."

Meloetta closed her eyes briefly, turning around to face Keldeo. "I can't help myself, okay?" She sighed as she shook her head, rubbing her stomach. "If I don't have icing within the next few minutes, I'm going to start turning into a cannibal..."

Keldeo turned over as he shrugged, saying to Meloetta, "Well, why don't you just quit icing for a while? Maybe that'll clear your head-"

Meloetta squeezed Keldeo by the neck, choking the water-fighting horse Pokemon as Keldeo struggled to break free. Meloetta gasped as she realized what she was doing, and she let go, feeling bad about herself.

"I'm sorry, Kel... it's just..." Meloetta sniffled as she rubbed her right arm with her left hand, "I have low self esteem. I can't bring myself to prevent getting injured in some way."

Keldeo coughed a bit as he shook his head, placing his front right hoof on Meloetta's right shoulder. "Don't worry, Meloetta. As long as you have me, Genesect, and Arceus, you'll be fine."

Genesect came out from the basement, coughing as he was covered in dust, holding a red wrench. He glanced at Keldeo and Meloetta, who were staring at him.

"Uhhh... I'm trying to get the cooler to, uh, cool down." Genesect remarked as he chuckled nervously, heading back down the basement as he closed the door, screaming as he tripped and fell down the wooden stairs, a big thud shaking the kitchen.

Meloetta and Keldeo both gawked as Keldeo fell on top of Meloetta, accidentally crushing her. Chuckling nervously, Keldeo helped Meloetta up, who rubbed the dust off of her.

"Anyway, thanks for your help, Kel..." Meloetta stated as she grabbed a green carton of icing, the carton glowing oddly as Meloetta inspected it. "Huh... I don't remember ever trying this kind of icing..."

Keldeo eyed the green carton suspectedly. "I don't know, Meloetta... that doesn't look like ordinary icing..."

Meloetta giggled as she patted Keldeo on the back. "Of course not, silly! It must be one of those special icing they give away at promotions!" She ripped the yellow colored lid off and grabbed her silver spoon, scooping into the glowing green icing as she gulped it, swallowing with pleasure as she sighed. She turned to Keldeo, assuring him, "See, it's all right!"

The next moment, however, was an odd one, as once Meloetta opened her eyes, she started seeing everything in a strange, wavy vision, all the colors altered to green, pink, and blue as objects were disorted. Meloetta gasped as she dropped the carton of strange icing, covering her mouth with her left hand and dropping her spoon as she held her stomach with her right hand, starting to feel dizzy. Keldeo and the entire kitchen started to spin around so fast, it knocked Meloetta out cold, causing anime swirls to appear in place of her normal eyes. Keldeo was horrified, trying to get Meloetta to wake up as the strange icing poured out from the carton, slowly pouring onto the black and white kitchen tiles.