Meloetta was lucky to find Auder, the female Audino with the green backpack, who was sitting by a campfire. Meloetta ran towards Auder, but tripped, landing right on her face on the smooth green grass. Auder glanced to her right, to see Meloetta groan as she shrugged, turning back to the campfire. Meloetta rubbed the back of her head, shaking her head as she got up, surrounded by three pesky Purrlion.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here, girls?" The first Purrlion said, being lighter colored than the other two Purrlion as she eyed Meloetta curiously.

The second Purrlion, which had the perfect shading of the dark-type cat Pokemon, sniffed Meloetta all around, telling the other two, "She smells sweet. Too sweet."

The third Purrlion, being darker colored, licked her lips as she purred, "Mmm... how do I love sweets. Sweets make me feel... sweet."

Meloetta gulped as she raised her hands, somewhat frightened by the intimidating Purrlion. "You're... not gonna eat me, are you?"

The three Purrlion stopped circling Meloetta, looking at each other as they grinned, turning towards Meloetta.

"That's not a bad idea," The three Purrlion agreed on as they all pounced on Meloetta, scratching her in an attempt to weaken her.