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"Mother?" Annabeth asked softly, bending over the still form. Her mother was dead.

"Thank god," Fredrick Chase, Annabeth's evil step-father said from behind her, "I've been waiting for that old hag to die for years."

Annabeth bristled. The mad was evil, and her mother was not a hag like the vile creature was suggesting. She didn't know why her mother had married him in the first place.

"Miss?" Annabeth's maid, Thalia asked.

"Come on, Thalia," Annabeth said, dragging the older girl out to the gardens.

"All right, Annabeth, what's going on?" Thalia asked, looking at her friend with her hands on her hips, completely dropping the meek act.

"He-Fredrick-he called Mother a hag, and said that he's been waiting for her to die for years and now she's gone and—"

"Oh, Annabeth," Thalia sighed, enveloping her in a hug.

"Excuse me," a voice called, and the two turned to see a knight standing there.

"Are you Princess Annabeth Chase?" the knight asked.

"Yes," Annabeth replied, standing up straight and tall, "And this is my maid, Thalia."

Thalia curtsied low and stepped back, almost hidden by the tall shrubs in that part of the garden.

"Oh thank god," the prince replied, pulling off his helmet to wipe his forehead with the back of his hand, displaying golden hair and blue eyes.

"And who are you?" Annabeth replied, trying to figure out if she knew him.

He bowed low and said, "I am Sir Luke of the fief Castellan, from New York."

Annabeth nodded, her country, Virginia, was at peace with New York at that point. She curtsied slightly in reply.

"And I am here to rescue you," Luke finished.

"Rescue me?" Annabeth asked in shock, involuntarily stepping back in her alarm.

Sir Luke continued, as if he hadn't noticed anything strange, "And once I rescue you, we will be married."

"What do I need to be rescued from?" Annabeth asked in alarm, hoping to get away from the nut job. She saw Thalia laughing in the bushes, and sent a patented death glare her way.

"Come on," Luke said, trying to drag her away.

Annabeth opened her mouth to scream while kicking him anywhere she could reach, but suddenly a huge shadow fell over them.

She felt that she should be screaming, but the beast-a dragon-made her feel oddly calm. The dragon made an expression that oddly reminded Annabeth of a smile, but that was impossible, right?

"Ah, good old Sir Luke again. Mad as a hatter, he is," Annabeth could have sworn that the dragon was speaking, but that was impossible, right?

"She's mine, this time, dragon! You can't have her!"

"Actually," King Fredrick interjected, "She's mine. And I'm planning to marry her to cement my claim to the throne."

Annabeth thought that she heard Thalia gasp, but she was distant, distracted. She didn't stop to think; she just took a running leap and landed on the dragon's back.

"Save me, please," she whispered, not interested in either of the other two propositions.

"Sure," the dragon smiled again.

He put one of his huge feet on Fredrick and the other on Thomas.

"You can go pack a bag if you wish," he informed Annabeth, who carefully slid off of his back, completely trusting the dragon, for some strange reason. As she touched the ground, her mother's death finally hit and she began to weep.

"What's wrong?" the dragon whimpered, staring at the poor sobbing girl.

"M-my m-mother j-just d-died," Annabeth chocked out.

"Oh," the dragon said, shifting anxiously.

Thalia carefully stood and ran back to the palace, getting ready to pack a bag for Annabeth. The dragon carefully knocked out Sir Luke and King Fredrick, making sure that he didn't seriously injure either of them. He then snaked his head around Annabeth, and made it look like he was giving her a hug.

Grinning through her tears, and touched by the gesture, Annabeth hugged the dragon back, and whispered, "Thank you, Mister…"

"I don't remember my name," the dragon sighed.

Annabeth looked at him in shock, "Well, then, Seaweed Brain, we'll have to find one for you."

"What did you just call me?" the dragon asked in confusion.

Annabeth smiled at him, grief for a mother she'd hardly known forgotten for the moment.

"Seaweed Brain," she replied, "since you can't remember your own name."

"Alright then, Wise Girl, are you ready?"

"I haven't packed yet," Annabeth told him.

The dragon gestured towards a neatly packed duffel bag, "Your friend did it for you."

"Thanks, Thalia!" Annabeth shouted, "I'm sorry that I couldn't stay!"

There was no reply, so Seaweed Brain gave Annabeth a little push towards the stables.

"What are you doing?" she asked in confusion.

"If I'm going to get you out without dying, you can't look like Princess Wise Girl," the dragon reminded her.

"Oh, my name's Annabeth," the princess said, "I'm sorry that I forgot to tell you."

"Its fine," the dragon chuckled, reaching his head into the stables and terrifying the horses.

Annabeth sighed and walked past him, grabbing some stable boy's clothing that had been left there. She glared at the dragon, obviously warning him not to look. With that, she walked into an empty stall and began attempting-and mostly succeeding-to get out of the annoying dress on her own. Finally, she succeeded and easily got into the stable boy's clothes, folding up her shift and a few petticoats, and leaving the dress behind, knowing that there was no way she could take it.

When she had finished, she opened the stall, and then realized that she still had her tiara on. She took it off and stuffed it in her duffel bag. The dragon tossed her some white bandages.

"What are these for?" she asked in confusion.

"Um, er, your chest…" the dragon replied, looking very embarrassed to be mentioning that.

Annabeth laughed at his awkwardness and stepped back into the stall to bind her chest. When that was done, she exited the stall and walked over to the strongest stallion, Shadows in the Mist. She hoped she could ride him.

The dragon got a very evil look on his face and proclaimed, "Take more than one, I think your father-"

"Step-father," Annabeth interjected.

"Step-father," the dragon corrected himself, "deserves it."

Annabeth smirked to, and grabbed Shadow's daughter, Shadowed Rose. She then walked around the stable, trying to decide who to take and who to leave.

She ended up with Shadows in the Mist, Shadowed Rose, Matter of Heart, That's the Idea, Glowing Ember and Illusion. She saddled all of them, even though she felt bad about it, and was about to jump onto Heart's back when the dragon interjected.

"You can put a saddle on me," he informed her.

She stared at him in shock until he took the biggest saddle, the one that had been used for Dovecote's Pride until the stallion's untimely death the year before.

Annabeth carefully saddled the dragon and then jumped onto Heart's back, the rest of the horses all in a line behind her.

"Come on, Wise Girl," the dragon said gently, "We have to get going."

AN: Annabeth gave each horse a saddle of their own so that her step-father would have to buy more and all. Plus, I don't think anybody has ever made Fredrick mean, so I just wanted to see what would happen. Sorry if you liked him.