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Annabeth awoke to find herself looking at a cute boy. Her first thought was, he's cute. Her second was, Percy will be so pissed. Wait, where is he?

"Annabeth?" the boy asked. "Oh thank the Gods, Annabeth, you're up!"

"Wha-?" Annabeth asked.

"Annabeth, it's me! Percy! Can you hear me?"

"Percy? Weren't you a dragon?"

"A dragon? What? Annabeth, you were knocked out by a new camper! He threw a… a… something, at you!"

"I had the weirdest dream," Annabeth sat up and rubbed her head. "You were a dragon and I was a princess, and you saved me from an evil prince and my evil step father, but a witch put a curse on me and-"

"Wise Girl, are you okay?" Percy asked, looking into her stormy grey eyes, his sea green ones shining with worry. "That sounds exactly like the story you told those children with cancer."

"A dream?" Annabeth asked. "It was all just a dream?"

"I guess so," Percy replied. He leaned over and touched his lips to her forehead gently.

Aphrodite smiled. Maybe it wasn't all a dream.

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