Hey people I had this random idea for this one-shot about James Potter 1 and James Potter 2.

Please give it a chance. This is set during James Sirius Potter 1st year middle of 1st term

Disclamier: I don't own Harry Potter (I wish)

"Come in Mr. Potter" McGonagall called her voice breaking the silence outside her office.

James gulped and walked into the headmistress office.

"Sit down" she told him. James sat down. He pulled at his messy jet black hair as a failed attempt to make it look neat.

"Some of the staff have been worried about you" McGonagall told him.

"They have?" James asked, his voice full of surprise. He looked up at McGonagall and stopped trying to flatten his hair.

"Yes." McGonagall told him "It seems for the first few weeks, you were rebellious and now you seem to have turned in to a star student. Why?"

"It seems your detention have changed me." James joked as he flashed his smile.

"Potter, don't try to lie, I taught your grandfather I'm prepared for anything" McGonagall told him.

James looked at her in confusing. Not knowing what she meant he told her "You'll think I'm stupid if I told you"

"Try me" McGonagall grinned

James toke a deep breath. "I named after James Potter and he was head boy I feel like I have to make him proud"

To James complete surprise McGonagall laughed "James Potter was one of the most out of control students I have ever taught, he and his friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Always pulling pranks, making fun of Snape. It took us until their sixth year when they settled down. Even then they were still out of control. They drove us insane and nothing we could ever do would stop them. We even made Lupin a prefect so he could make his friends behave. That didn't work through."

James couldn't believe his grandfather was just like him!

"If you want to make your grandfather proud be yourself" McGonagall told him "You may go now."

James got up and left the office he could help but think, maybe he and the first James are more alike then he first thought.

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