Lights Up 4.5

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Amun Interlude

Of my humanity, I remember little save the reigning pharaoh. His god-name was Sanakht, or Nebka as some insisted later. I don't know how any could forget him. He was powerful beyond reckoning. When he rose, so did the sun itself. Daily, he oversaw the provision of the Kingdom.

Little is known in the history books of today about my human time. I can be forgiven for forgetting it myself.

The only other thing I remember is the hunger. I remember because it stayed with me, with the burn we all have upon awakening to our new plane of existence. Hunger and burning and then – blood. Quenching the fire.

I am an Ancient. My sire said he was something new in the world. Something no one had seen. Something rare and powerful. And he proved it to me, making me his companion as we traveled the desert through the times of the pharaohs. Humans stayed clustered in small groups, then, surrounded by animals. Stinking beasts with odors that assaulted my nose. Senses so sharp, it was torture whenever my sire, who called himself Atum after the sun god (for he claimed to be self-created as the god was himself) insisted it was time for a feast.

But in the end, the feasting was wonderful.

We would always arrive with the sun in the morning. The rays caused our skin to glow, then shine and we would be as brilliant as quartz. Our eyes would be black with thirst, and as we both had beards, we looked as gods. The villagers or travelers in caravans would gasp and bow in adoration –

Oh, the adoration. I see them as if it were yesterday, passed through mists of time. I see the wonder in their eyes, the gaping of their lips, and the sweat that would break out along their hair. I hear the tempting thudding of human hearts, pushing blood through their weak and feeble bodies. Ripe, they were all ripe for the taking. And we took, Atum and I. Freely and even with thanks from those we drank from – they delighted in giving themselves to us.

I missed those days. The epochs of time in which I dwelt before the Law.

The Romanians. The Italians. Aro! Ibn al abha! He thought to dictate to us!


We roamed, certainly, but we did not cause havoc. We were worshiped! I found my Kebi – my mate! – because she was in the act of worshiping me. Pharaoh's daughter. A woman of beauty and power and wealth and she worshiped me!

Because I appeared as a god to her. Yes, I boasted, but I also proved my worth to her. She loved how I was, for her. Strong! Powerful beyond all belief! Kebi worshiped me.

And I worshiped her, even when her father would have bid her marry her cousin. Kebi was worth ten of that spineless creature. I resisted her blood, feeding on others while she watched. She enjoyed that, Kebi did. Enjoyed it with quiet passion.

"I want to be as you are," she whispered to me on the rooftop under the stars.

Her life was powerless. I changed that.

Atum was slain by Aro's brother, Caius. Slain. Because he dared to show himself in the sunlight like any other creature. We are better than the others. We are immortal! Who can keep the sun from us?

So...we lived. Existed. Slinking like snakes in the darkness, daring only to feed with darting hunts that did not "alert" the humans.

Aro – may his Ka wander endlessly – controlled our actions by the threat of his existence. He dared to go to war with us. To war! My coven, by then, had grown large and his was still quite small, but still –

He was wicked. He turned the humans against us. And we lost – lost the beauty of their regard. The rightness of their worship of us.

For over 2600 years, we lived in fear of this happening again. Threats to my growing coven kept us hidden. Once I had changed Benjamin, I did not rile the Italians again. I did not want them to see what I had created.

Aro likes to collect new immortals with special talents.

No longer. Now, thanks to Isabella Cullen, I can roam the sands in the sunlight. I can feel the warmth of the day! I no longer skulk like a lesser creature, no longer flying from shade to shadow. Now, I can walk proudly, as I am meant to do.

Isabella – she is a goddess. An immortal. They may call her a vampire now, but she is a goddess.

I will show this to her. She seeks liberation for our kind, the new Italians have told me. I have shown her how the humans adore us and our race. I will show her the benefits of being out in the daylight – she came with me, surely she values the sun. And she is young, so young. Beautiful, even with strangely gold eyes...

I wonder if she has tasted our natural prey? I wonder if she would try it if it were offered to her by the human itself?

Kebi would not appreciate me trying to enlarge our coven. My mate is possessive and I love her for it. But acquiring a mind-reader and a – a politician as Isabella has shown herself to be would be valuable. The Cullen Coven is large enough to spare one or two, surely.

Perhaps I should persuade my lovely, my Kebi, to speak for us with Isabella. To show her the delights of our way of life, here.

Perhaps Benjamin could work his charm on the coven leader, Carlisle. He is – so neutral. So unwilling to embrace all that we are, is Carlisle. But he wants peace...

And he is not as Aro was. He is not ruthless. He is not surrounded by strength...not while Isabella, Edward, the Warrior and the Seer are here...

I am an immortal. I have lived longer than any vampire extant upon the sands. I will live longer still. And no one will stop me now from living in sun.

No one.

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