"You can't come with me Sean! Erik is obviously very dangerous right now and ff something happened to you, I couldn't forgive myself!" They had been arguing in his office for some time now. Sean was not seeming to budge. "What would happen to Moira? Theresa? They would be devastated! Who would run the institute?"

"Yer' one to talk ol' Charley! Of the four of us, I was the one to continue in special forces, and yer' in a wheelchair! Besides, neither Theresa or Moira would be completely alone. If something were to happen to you, those twins would lose the only family they have left! Do you want Wanda to have another episode like when her powers manifested?"

"Of course not! But Pietro, as much as he loves me still holds out hope his father will return one day! I ruined that boys life and Wanda's as well. This is something that needs doing, and I promised Magda to keep them safe. And if Erik doesn't know I'm coming my powers are strong enough to destroy his violent tendencies to the point where he might be able to join us here! And the twins could have their actual father back!"

At this point Moira piped up "Charles, you are a smart man, so you know as well as I do that Erik could have picked any place in the country or any other place in the world for that matter, he chose upstate because he knew you would come. he wants to finish what he started 12 years ago."

Charles reflected on the argument he had with the two of them this morning as he rode in a chauffered towncar. He didn't make a habit out of ignoring the council of his associates their opinions were usually very sound. But today he knew it wasn't in the cards. He was relieved that he had managed to talk them out of anything foolish without resorting to his powers. Unfortunately he thought that was unlikely to be possible with Magneto. He decided to use the moniker, as ridiculous as he found it because the Erik he once knew was gone, and it was his fault. He couldn't focus on that, for fear of breaking down. All he knew was Magneto was his responsibility and his alone. He already destroyed two families, he hoped the destruction that he caused then and in the gulf would be the last he ever had to be responsible for.

"Dr. Xavier? We're here."

"Thank you, Mr. Corsi. I'll call your service again when my business is done here." Mr. Corsi helped him out of the specialized towncar about three blocks from the base. Charles "talked" his way through several check points, until he could see Erik in the distance. Barring a psychic link with someone, the only people he could influence had to be directly within eyesight. He closed his eyes and put his right index fingers to his temple, and reached out for Erik and found... nothing.

It was as if the space that should be occupied by his mind was nowhere to be found. Chalres wasn't sure whether his powers were malfunctioning or something more sinister was going on, but it didn't matter. His purpose here was the same. He went to talk to the officer in charge and had him remove news cameras from the area and approached Erik in his wheelchair. He had always looked up at Erik but this felt more to him like a David and Goliath scenario, if David had no slingshot, and had stolen Goliaths wife. So, not really all that similar.

"Ah, Charles, how nice to see you. I'd hoped you would come for front row seats to the revolution. After all, I couldn't very well bring the revolution to you, could I?"

"No, Erik, you couldn't. but you need to stop this. You've already set back mutant human relations ten years. I hear on the news all the time of petty thieves with powers, but terrorism?" As he started talking he was trying very hard to compel him, but to no avail yet again.

"Do you like my trick, Charles? I've seen you do that temple thing hundreds of times. I've spent the last years training myself. My power is enourmous, but I was never able to shake off the one time you ever gave me a command, regardless how many times I tried. So when this plan to draw you out was first being developed, I thought to myself, what's to stop him from using the same childish fear ridden tactic again? Well I did my research, and your brains signals are electronic, did you know that? Of course you did, your Dr. Charles Xavier. Anyway, I got to thinking as your power is mental, it must have something to do with electricity. Certain metals disrupt specific electrical waves, so i found this metal called vibranium. its so strong, it has to do the trick, and what do you know? I was right. now you are at my mercy. You know at the very least you should have found a plastic wheel chair."

"Erik there's no need for this! Just go home!"

"HOME, Charles? I assume your talking about Magneto's home, because Erik no longer has one, you saw to that! He's all but dead. No matter. I'm going to eliminate threats to the mutant race wherever I see them, so we can rise to our rightful place, above humans. And as for you Charles, Your going to watch me destroy this place. You'll have a front row seat. One might even say a little to close to the fireworks. but first I've been training my powers' dexterity lately do you think this dead soldiers knife can carve the names of the lives you've destroyed onto your chest? Let's see, i can think of four people off the top of my head, let's see how many more we can think of together...

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