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The next day, the flower shop was all set up for a TV show, the first gardening show on the network someone had told her. She and Audrey were standing behind the counter, watching the talk show announcer talk about Audrey II.

Once her brother had stumbled into the flower shop, after going through a whole crowd of people outside of the flower shop, he took notice of how big the plant was and muttered, "Oh my God."

"And here he is himself, Mr. Seymour Krelborn!" The talk show announcer said. Helen and Audrey both clapped, but Helen did it reluctantly. "Mr. Krelborn, there are many questions the people in our television audience have for you. Come and tell our viewers at home and elsewhere about this particularly amazing cultural phenomenon that's made you one of the most talked about plant scientists in the country-" Suddenly, the plant's pod fell over and Helen noticed Seymour looking at in concern and what looked like fear. "Cut!" The announcer said. "What happened to the goddamned greenery?"

"It just needs to be fed," Seymour replied.

"So, feed it," the announcer said.

"I can't feed it," Seymour said. "Not now."

"Then I'll feed it," the announcer said. "Where's the plant food?"

Helen was about to go and get it, until her brother said, "It doesn't eat plant food. And I can't feed it now."

That made Helen concerned, as she thought, What do you mean it doesn't eat plant food?

"Leave me alone, all of you," Seymour said, before his voice started to become frantic, as he said, "Get out of here. Go away! Leave me alone! Everybody go away!"

"Seymour, what's wrong?" Helen said, as she and Audrey came over to Seymour. In her case, the fact that her brother hadn't been telling her much of anything since the plant came into the shop had been forgotten.

"Leave me alone!" Seymour continued to yell, until Audrey gently slapped him to snap him out of it.

"You're hysterical," Audrey told him.

"I know, I'm sorry," Seymour said, before he opened the door and ran out of the shop.

"Seymour!" Helen called, but he ignored her.

About a moment later, everyone, including the TV people had left the shop, and Audrey had gone out to find Seymour to tell him something important about what the TV people had told her and Audrey. Helen had spotted Audrey running to the shop, before she came in excitedly.

"Helen, Helen, you're never gonna believe this!" Audrey said.

"What, Audrey?" Helen said. "What's wrong? What is it?"

"Seymour proposed to me," Audrey said. "We're getting married tonight at the town hall!"

Helen stared in surprise, before she let out an excited scream and she and Audrey happily danced around.

"Oh, Audrey, this is fantastic!" Helen said. "Congratulations! What's gonna happen?"

"Right after the wedding, we're gonna spend a night in a hotel and we're coming back to do the gardening show tomorrow! Then we're all leaving this place for good!"

"Oh, wonderful!" Helen said. She glanced over at the plant, thinking, Maybe, the nightmares will stop once we leave this place.

"One more thing, Helen," Audrey said. "Would you be my maid of honor?"

"Oh my God, yes!" Helen exclaimed. "I'll go shopping for a dress and get my hair done right now!"

That night, after getting a dress, an elegant lavender evening gown, and getting her hair done by a good friend of hers, Helen was packing the clothes she had at Audrey's place. Then she walked over to the shop to get the rest of her clothes and belongings. Once she came into the shop, the shop was empty and she glanced at the plant, before she quickly sidestepped the vines and walked over to the door which led down to where she and her brother lived. She was about to open the door when she heard a singing voice.

Hey, little lady, hello

"Huh?" Helen said. "Who's there?"

You're lookin' cute as can be

"Is someone here?" Helen asked.

You're looking' mighty sweet

"Seymour?" Helen said, tentatively.

Then she heard the voice directly behind her.

No, it ain't Seymour!
It's me!

Helen looked behind her and gasped in shock. The plant's pod had lifted up and its trap…maw…thing had moved!

"Holy shit!" Helen gasped.

Your friendly Audrey II

This plant is talkin'…

The plant then gestured to her with its vine, saying, "To you."

"I-I don't believe it," Helen said, before she started to have a nagging feeling that this seemed familiar.

"Believe it, baby," Audrey II told her. "It talks!"

"Am-Am I having some kind of weird drug-induced dream?" Helen asked, as she blinked in confusion and then looked around as if somebody other than the plant in front of her could give her a direct answer.

"No," the plant said. "And you ain't in Kansas neither!"

"Something's very wrong here," Helen muttered, while thinking to herself, This all seems a little familiar, but I don't know why…

"Relax and go with it, sweetheart," the plant said. "Do me a favor, would you, puddin' pie?"

"Uh…sure?" Helen said.

"I need me some water in the worst way," Audrey II said. "Look at my branches. I'm dryin' up. I'm a goner, honey!" Then he started to sing again.

Come on and give me a drink!

The feeling that this was familiar started to grow stronger, as Helen said, "Well, I don't know if I should."

Hey, little lady, be nice

The plant's vines snaked into her dress, lifting it up a little, and Helen quickly pushed it down, saying, "If that's all you need? Do you usually talk to my brother this way?"

Sure do, I'll drink it straight

Helen quickly glanced at the vines wrapped around her waist, before she said, "Your leaves are drying up, you poor thing."

Don't need no glass or no ice

Getting a little uneasy, Helen thought to herself, I'll just give him the watering can, then I'll go down and pack the rest of my stuff.

"I'll-I'll go get the can," Helen said, pushing the vines off of her waist. Then she went behind the counter to search for the watering can.

Don't need no twist of lime

Finally, Helen found the watering can and said, "Here it is and here we go!"

And then the plant said the four words that had been haunting her nightmares and gave her a hint why this was seeming familiar: "AND NOW IT'S SUPPERTIME!"

Before Helen could drop the can and run away, the plant's vines wrapped around the hand holding the can, making her drop it, and her wrist, along with her shoulder and waist.

"Hey!" Helen yelled in horror, as the plant laughed evilly.

Helen started screaming and panicking, as the plant said, "Oh, relax, doll face, and it'll be easier! Come join Audrey's dentist friend and Mushnik!"

At this, Helen screamed, "WHAT?"

The plant added, sinisterly, "They're right inside."

Helen could only scream, as the laughing plant pulled her towards its maw just like in her nightmares. Once she'd landed inside of its maw and it started chewing on her, Helen began struggling to get out. As she did, she didn't hear the door to the flower shop open.

"Helen, no! Get offa' her! Get off!"

She heard her brother run over and try to open the pod's maw, but Helen felt the pod lift and she started to stop struggling, as her brother grabbed her ankles and pulled the pod down. She felt the pressure on her body suddenly ease, as she felt her brother forcing the pod's trap open. But she was too weak to sit up, so all her brother could do was grab her hand and pull her out of the plant. He quickly helped her run towards the side exit, as the plant's laughter sounded ominously behind them.

Once they had gotten out of the shop, Seymour asked his sister, "Are you okay, Helen?"

"Yes," Helen said, nodding. "Yes, I'm…" But then, she stopped when she felt something warm and sticky coming out of her side and they both simultaneously glanced down. On the right side of her dress, there was a hole in it, along with a blood spot that was starting to grow bigger. Then Helen looked at her brother and shook her head, saying, "No, I'm not." before she promptly fell over.

"Helen!" Seymour yelled in concern, picking his sister up as she whimpered in pain.

Then he thought of Audrey. Oh no, had she gone to the flower shop? Quickly, he ran to the front, carrying his sister. When he didn't see her in the flower shop near the plant, he sighed in relief and quickly ran to Audrey's apartment, while trying to stanch the bleeding wound on Helen's side.

He quickly knocked on the door, yelling, "Audrey! Audrey!"

Audrey opened the door, saying, "Seymour, what's…" Then she noticed Helen in his arms. "Oh my God, what happened to her?"

"Audrey II got at her," Seymour said. Before Audrey could ask, he said, "I'll explain later. Meet me at the hospital."

"Alright, I'll be right there," Audrey said.

Then Seymour ran out of her apartment and began running through Skid Row to get his sister to the hospital. He knew he should've called for an ambulance, but he hadn't. As far as he was concerned, it was his fault for not telling Helen about what had really been happening ever since the plant had arrived in the shop, so he was going to set it right by taking her there himself.

As the hospital came into view, Helen whimpered, "Seymour, it hurts."

"We're almost there, Helen," Seymour said. "Just stay with me for a little while longer, okay?"

Once he ran into the hospital, he shouted, "Help, help! My sister needs help!"

Helen was immediately taken out of his arms and put on a stretcher and wheeled into the ER, while he watched helplessly, praying that his sister would be okay. If she wasn't, he'd never forgive himself for this for as long as he lived.