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Shar's whipered oath was Tamani's fevent prayer.

"Goddess help us all."

Tamani POV

Tamani stared at Yuki, all possible dangers running through his mind. A Winter faerie not binded by their Seelie ways is not good. This could be the start of a lot of problems, even another war if Yuki was the enemy.

"Tamani!" Tamani turned around, and saw Laurel run in, David behind her. She stopped, her eyes frozen at the sight of the white poinsettia flower on Yuki's back. "So it's true?" She whispered. "Another Winter faerie?" He nodded, and forced himself to not run over to Laurel. Tamani wanted to throw his arms around her, and tell her that everything's going to be alright, but he couldn't. He still had to pretend to be 'in love' with Yuki, and there was David to think about.

As if hearing his thoughts, Yuki focused her wide eyes at Tamani, her eyes filled with uncertainty and betrayal. "You lied." Tamani glaced at Shar quickly and he nodded his head slightly. He sighed and put on a mask of betrayal as well. "Yes, I did lie, but didn't you? I really did like you Yuki." Half truth, but it pained him as he saw Laurel look at him with sad eyes. "And I thought you liked me too, but I was wrong. You only did this to help Klea." Tamani paused, waiting for the right time, and adding just the right amount of pain. "Why?"

Yuki gasped in pain as she struggled again. "I-I had to." She looked at him with longing and sadness, and he hated himself for lying to her.

Shar rolled his eyes. "Enough of this." He turned to Chelsea, hesitate before handing her a sleeping potion. "Would you mind giving her this? It won't kill her." He added hastily.

"Leave it to the human girl to do everything." Chelsea mumbled under her breath before walking into the circle.

"Chelsea! Don't!" David shouted. Chelsea turned around, and sighed. "What David?"

"Chelsea, she's only a girl! She hasn't done anything to any of us! It's not right." David said, anger in his voice. "She hasn't done anything to harm Laurel!"

Shar glared at David. "Yes, I agree with you. She hasn't done anything to harm us or Laurel, but how long do you think that's going to last? How do you know that she doens't have back-up right now that she'll go to if we released her?" Shar's voice grew louder with every word. "She may seem innocent right now, but she knows about all of us now, and she knows how we lied to her. If we don't do something about it now, we'll all be dead. Yo-"

"Okay, all of you shut up!" Chelsea interrupted. "I'm giving it to her whether you like it or not David." She looked at Yuki, whose mouth is set in a straight line. "Open your mouth Yuki." Chelsea said tiredly.

Yuki shook her head, glaring at Chelsea. Chelsea sighed and stood there, deep in thought. Then she muttered a "sorry" before pulling at Yuki's blossom, causing her to scream. Chelsea quickly shoved the potion in Yuki's mouth and clamped it shut. "Don't spit it out." She warned. Yuki shot them one last glare before her eyes drooped and she fell asleep.

Shar nodded at Chelsea. "Thank you. Now can you all leave so we can transport Yuki back to Avalon for Jamison to question." Tamani nodded and opened the door for the two humans and Laurel. Chelsea walked out of the apartment in a daze. "That was...interesting." She said, uncertain. Tamani nodded his head before gesturing to her car. She wave a quick good-bye, and jumped into her car, speeding away.

He sighed as he looked back at David and Laurel. David was hugging Laurel protectively, and glared at Tamani. "Leave her alone." He spat out, anger seeping in his words.

Tamani nodded and turned away, but stopped when he heard Laurel's soft voice. "Wait." Tamani spun around and looked hopefully at Laurel. "What?"

Laurel POV

"What?" Tamani asked hopefully. Laurel dettached myself from David's embrace. David looked at her sadly. "Don't leave me."

She shook my head. "No. Please leave." Laurel begged, ignoring the pain in his eyes. David gave her a small smile before walking slowly down the path. Laurel waited until he was out of sight before turning to Tamani.

"Laurel..." Tamani began, but Laurel shook her head. "So you didn't lie about everything, huh?" She questioned him, not wanting to know the answer but knew she had to know.

Tamani held onto her hand. "Laurel, you know I didn't mean it. I said all that to protect you!"

It sounded like the truth like before, but Laurel tried again to pull her hand away, but was unsuccessful. Her mind was confused again, and she didn't know why she wanted to talk to him. "Forget it Tamani. I'm leaving." She turned around and tried pulling her hand from his grasp, but he pulled her towards him, his light green eyes which could always make her feel safe, were staring deeply into her light blue ones.

Tamani kissed the corner of her mouth, his breathing heavy on her face, and it felt kind of like deja vu. "Laurel, please, look at me and tell me that you don't love me. That you don't need me. That you would rather die than look at me." Tamani locked his eyes with hers, and she found herself not wanting to go, but she shook her head.

He looked into her eyes again, determination written all over his face. "Tell me Laurel, all that, and I will never bother you again."

Laurel tried to leave him, but he gripped her tighter. "You know I can't say that Tamani."

"Then just acccept it! Just love me! Because you're fooling nobody right now." His eyes, the eyes that she always sees before she sleeps, are filled with a fire that she so rarely has seen.

"I can't..." She couldn't bear to look at him, and see the defeat in his eyes. He released her, turning his back on her. "Then go." Laurel looked at him, the boy who never gave up on her, before she touched the faerie ring on her neck and ran to her car, driving away before she could change her mind.

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