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Laurel sighed as she walked to David's car, who was still waiting there, worried.

Well, that was weird.

Tamani POV

As Tamani walked into the airplane, as he remembered it being called, Dawn and Sal were whispering in their seats, the faerie female grasping a letter. She had tears in her eyes while Sal comforted her.

"What's wrong?" Tamani asked, concerned. He hadn't known Dawn or Sal for very long, but knew they were both cheerful people who rarely showed sadness.

"N-nothing." Dawn choked out, burying her face into Sal's shirt. "Just my stupid old mission punching me in the face."

Tamani raised an eyebrow. "Okay?" He responded, confused. What the Avalon is she saying? Tamani wondered, not understanding the girl's way of talking.

Sal sighed. "She was on a mission a few years back in Canada where she meet...people. Now...someone has decided to send her a letter." He rolled his eyes. "And she picked up some 'slang' from there that can be hard to understand."

"She went on a mission to work alongside humans?" Tamani said, shocked. He thought no other fae, especially a Fall faerie other than Laurel could be allowed to exit Avalon.

Sal nodded. "I went with her as well. The Queen wanted the mission to be secret, so very few people knew about it. Apparently some humans were sheltering a faerie, and she wasn't from Avalon." Sal saw Tamani's agape mouth and shrugged. "That was the first sign of danger. Dawn and I posed as grade seven students in order to gain the trust of the fae. Dawn was put into her class and, well, we sort of ran into trouble." Dawn threw the letter on the ground. Sal shook his head and continued. "Well, I fell off the tree first. I met a human girl by the name of Jane and before I knew it, I was 'dating' her, which is like being entwined with her. Then," Sal said, frustrated, "Dawn became friends with a human boy named Mark and they also acted like they were entwined as well. We failed our mission because of something the humans called 'lust' and the faerie got away."

"Now," Dawn started, seeing that Sal had a unreadable face on, "my 'ex-boyfriend' as they call it, is mailing letters and I don't know what to do. I mean," Dawn hiccuped, wiping away her tears, "I'm also entwined with Sal, and he's a human! A human costed me a mission that could have perhaps prevented this mission! I'm even lucky I was chosen for the mission! I was thinking of exile waiting for me!" She finished, returning to Sal's shirt.

"I'm sorry." Tamani whispered, in a daze at the fact that the two fae, seeming so happy, could have such a unexpected past. He wondered if this might happen to Laurel, and he found that he wouldn't like it. Tamani wanted Laurel to be happy, and if David was what made her happy, then he can't do anything about it.

"Hi Tamani." A voice said, shaking Tamani out of his thoughts. He turned and smiled weakly at Allissa.

"Hey Allissa. How do you like the human world?" Tamani replied, trying to make conversation.

She shrugged, her light blue eyes shining with happiness. "It's different from Avalon, I can tell you that." She responsed, laughing. Her laugh was like tinkling bells, and it made Tamani smile. "I was wondering if you would like to sit with me, seeing that Dawn and Sal are a bit...preoccupied right now." Allissa said, slightly concerned for the entwined faeries.

Tamani looked over at Sal to see him nod his head at him, mouthing a 'I can handle her' before tickling Dawn.

Tamani chuckled at the young fae and turned his attention back to Allissa.

"I would love to."

Laurel POV

"So, are you and David done?" Chelsea asked Laurel yet again, not believing it. She and Laurel were supposed to be studying together but Chelsea was drilling her best friend with questions while Laurel was trying to understand her own thoughts.

"Yes! Would you quit asking me that?" Laurel said, gritting her teeth at her best friend. She was too busy wondering what the Dawn girl meant when she said she 'was stuck in one of those for a while.' What did she mean? Laurel wondered.

"Sorry; I just wanted to make sure. You and him keep breaking up and getting together, so I have to be sure." Chelsea replied, slightly frightened at Laurel's outburst.

Laurel sighed. After all, it wasn't her fault. She shouldn't be taking her anger out on her best friend. "Sorry Chels, but I'm just...lost. Boy, I've missed out on a lot of stuff." Laurel said, still upset that they had taken all the memories of her faerie childhood.

"I-" Chelsea began, but was interrupted by a loud knock on Laurel's window. Laurel sighed as she opened the window, revealing a slightly pleased Shar.

"Yes Shar?" Laurel said, upset that no one would leave her alone with her thoughts. She still needed to think about her and Tamani, and the girl who just walked up to her, saying that they were friends.

"I just wanted to let you know that they have boarded the a-what is it called?" Shar asked, trying to remember. "The machine with the butterfly-like structure..."

"Airplane?" Laurel suggested, groaning.

"Yes, airplane." Shar confirmed. "They have boarded the airplane and are on their way to Canada." Shar paused and had a unreadable mask on as he delivered the next piece of 'information'. "I knew Tamani would like to work with Allissa."

Laurel dropped her pencil, narrowing her eyes at Shar. "Who's Allissa?" Laurel asked, slightly jealous.

'A Fall faeire sent to help him on his mission." Shar replied, not giving too much information away. He smiled slightly at a peeved Laurel before jumping out of the window.

"Get back here Shar!" She shouted after him, wanting more answers, but Shar was long gone.

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