My plot bunnies for my other stories ran away, but this one remained, and nagged me to death. I had to write this lemon or else. Well since then, my other plot bunnies returned. I am now going to publish this one shot, it has no real plot, only sex. I hope you enjoy it :)

Warning: Lemon, smut, exhibitionism, etc.

"Granger, my sweet, you are absolutely gorgeous." A man with a sexy deep voice purred as he ruthlessly pounded into a younger woman who was moaning softly.

He threw his head back as he released his seed into her and pulled out. Hermione Granger gave out one last moan and took several deep breaths as she recouperated from her orgasm. She looked over at the man who was just inside her. He was lying down next to her with his eyes closed. The Potions Master. Her Potions Master. Hermione did not particularly like Professor Snape, but only fucked him whenever he wanted because she wanted to remain on his good list.

Ever since she started fucking him, he has stopped mocking her, and taking points off from Gryffindor. When asked why Snape had stopped doing so, she merely replied "maybe he has changed." And that he had.

"My sweet, what are you thinking of?" Snape asked, opening his eyes after realizing that she was extremely quiet. "You." Hermione answered truthfully. Although not quite what he had interpreted that she had meant.

"And I you." He said, exhibiting that rare show of compassion, however little.

Hermione merely smiled and nodded. She knew that what she was doing was wrong both morally and ethically, but she needed to pass his class with the best grade possible lest her opportunity to become a healer diminishes. In order to become a healer she needed top grades in potions, something she knew she would not achieve under normal circumstances.

That was when she approached Snape asking him to please help her and she would do anything for him. He interpreted her statement as literally anything, including becoming his whore, she had no choice but to agree. Should she have refused he would have been worse towards her and he would have told Dumbledore of her request.

Of course she had not minded, because although she did not like his demeanor, his voice was absolutely seductive. The way he purred her name while they were having a quick fuck made her reach her peak really fast.

"Granger, off you go." Snape said returning to his professor mode. Hermione sighed. She got up off of his bed and grabbed her clothes. Snape stared hungrily as she pulled on her clothing. He did not want her to leave, but he had a class to teach, and as such could not keep her much longer.

Hermione felt herself becoming wet as he stared at her. She seductively pulled her robes low in order to expose her cleavage to him.

Snape growled. "My sexy evil Temptress." Hermione smirked. She walked away, taking care to sway her hips suggestively.

"Granger? Are you walking out looking like that? You exhibitionist." Snape commented.

"Does that bother you?" Hermione asked in reply.

"Well if you like exhibitionism so much, why did you never tell me? We could have given the class a lesson or two." He winked at her uncharacteristically.

Hermione paused midstep. "Excuse me?" She asked, her voice reverting to its original pitch and tone. Snape grimaced at the sound of her voice. She normally took care to make her voice sound less annoying.

"Why Miss Granger, are you forgetting our deal?" Snape asked her.

Hermione gave him a blank stare. "I'm not quite sure what you mean professor..."

"Silly girl, you promised me anything for good grades. Anything." Snape reminded her.

"You want to fuck in front of your students?" She asked in disbelief.

"As you so bluntly put it, yes I want to fuck in front of my students. Don't you want to show everyone how well you succeed in every endeavor you encounter?" Snape asked her knowingly.

She frowned as she thought of this. Never has she ever backed down from a challenge, and this most certainly was a challenge. "I hate you right now." She replied, before smiling.

"I thought so my little Temptress." Snape smirked.

"What class do you have next? My 6th years are a group of dunderheads, perhaps you could teach them a thing or two." Snape asked.

"I haven't got class, I have a study period." Hermione replied.

"Will you fuck me in front of the 6th years?" Snape asked politely. One would have thought by the sound of his voice that he was asking for her hand in marriage.

"Why professor, I would love to." Hermione replied. Snape smiled before scoping her up in his arms and carrying her to the classroom, where students were already seated. It was clear to Hermione that this 6th year class was comprised of Hufflepuffs and Slytherins.

"Settle down." Professor Snape said to the class in a voice that made Hermione nearly moan as she was greatly turned on by it.

The class was quiet and attentive. They were curious as to why Hermione Granger, Head Girl, was in their classroom looking as though she had either finished a great session of wild sex, or she had not bothered to brush her hair in a while. It was probably the latter, as the former seemed to far-fetched, or so the class thought.

"Class today we are going to be doing something extremely different. So pay attention." Snape told the class. A few students sat up straight and pulled out quills and parchment, and began to write notes.

"Miss Granger will be my lovely assistant today. I can tell you this from experience, what she and I are about to show you, she is extremely adept at it." Hermione blushed.

"Granger, pull the robes off." Snape directed. The class looked at Snape curiously. A few thoughts ran through he students' mind. What sort of lesson required a nude girl? Was this some sort of a potion that created clothing?

Hermione took her robes off, but made sure to leave her lacy black bra and thong on. At this, a few of the rowdy males began to whistle and gape at her.

"Never knew that was underneath the robes." One Slytherin called out. Snape then proceeded to remove his own robes. He had on a pair of black boxers on.

"What's going on?" One particularly shrill Hufflepuff girl asked. Many of the girls were openly admiring their professor's toned chest and well defined abs. No one would have ever guessed that he was so sexy, minus his facial features.

"Many of you don't know this, but Miss Granger is a whore. She's my whore." Snape explained to the class. It turned Hermione to hear him claiming her like that. Hermione simply smiled.

"She does whatever it is I ask of her." He continued.

"Are you gonna fuck her?" A Slytherin asked him. Hermione blushed.

"No need for such language." Snape snapped at him.

"Now where was I?" Snape asked losing his train of thought.

"Oh that's right. Granger take off the rest of the clothing." Hermione had the sudden urge to deny him that, but her grades depended on it. She sensually pulled her bra off and threw it aside. Her pink nipples hardened instantly. She then reached down and pulled her thong off slowly, taking care to rub her long legs during the process. All of the boys were watching attentively, while the girls scoffed and whispered to themselves. Her freshly shaved womanhood secreted warm juices, and her aroma filled the room. Snape was greatly turned on. His penis was very swollen. He couldn't wait to pound into her in front of his students.

He walked towards her and guided her towards his desk. He pushed her on the desk and she spread her legs wide open for the class to see her pink wet folds. Snape knelt down before her, pulling her closer to his face. She moaned with anticipation.

"That class is the sound whores make. Granger is a true whore. Aren't you Granger?" Snape asked, his hot breath teasing her pussy.

"Mmmm." Hermione answered and she bucked her hips forward trying to create friction on her swollen clit. Snape expertly kissed her swollen bud making her let out another moan. He carefully positioned his teeth on her clit and inserted a finger inside her vagina. She moaned louder, as that was unexpected. He flicked her clit with his tongue and quickened his pace as he finger fucked her.

"That's not enough for a whore, she requires more to pleasure her." Snape explained to the class, but not removing his finger. He inserted not one, but two more fingers. Hermione threw her head back and let out a deep groan. He fingerfucked her faster, but removed his fingers just as she was approaching her peak. She moaned in protest.

"Beg for it filthy whore. Beg for it. Tell me what you want. What do you want?" Snape commanded, forgetting that he had a class present.

"I- I..." Hermione managed to say in between gasps.

"I can't give you what you want, until you tell me." Snape said beginning to get up.

"You." Hermione said.


"GODDAMMIT FUCK ME ALREADY!" Hermione shrieked. Snape sneered.

"You want my cock, Whore?" Hermione nodded. She got off the desk and knelt down before him. She took his hard throbbing cock into her hands. She skillfully put her mouth over the head, which was glistening with precum.

"I have her well trained." Snape told the class, as he guided her along his length. The boys watched in awe. One boy looked particularly envious. His hand was beneath the desk, but no one noticed as he jerked off.

"This is better than a porno." A Hufflepuff boy exclaimed. The other boys agreed with him. They turned back to watch Snape and Hermione's progress. Snape's face was contorted with what seemed like an expression of extreme pleasure. He pulled out of her mouth before he could have a chance to cum.

"Turn around whore, put your hands on the desk and bend over, legs apart." Snape commanded hastily. Losing no time, she quickly go into his preferred position. Snape rammed his penis hard and quickly inside her tight vagina. He grabbed onto her hips for support. Hermione gave out a loud gutteral moan, causing the class to stir and mumble. The boys watched excitedly. One girl got up and left the classroom. Snape continued to pound into her.

"What do you want whore?" He asked Hermione, who was trying to say something.

"H-h-harder.". She muttered.

"What?" Snape asked.

"HARDER!" Hermione screamed. Snape responded by pounding into her harder. Her legs trembled and she knew she had to use the desk evenmoreso for support. Hermione felt a familiar sensation in the middle of her body. She knew she was close to an orgasm. She let out a moan reminiscent to a meow. The feeling of her walls clenching and rippling on Snape's manhood almost made him release automatically. But he held on and waited for her to orgasm first.

Luckily Hermione let out a shriek letting him know that she was at her peak. She shuddered violently. Snape then let out a groan, and pulled out. He released his seed into her awaiting mouth.

"Swallow it, like the filthy whore that you are." Snape commanded. Hermione eagerly swallowed his hot sticky seed. He released some more onto her face and breasts. She milked the rest of his seed with her boobs onto her chest. The class (which at this point was comprised of males, the females had all left since they were not interested in watching the Head Girl get fucked by her Professor) all muttered excitedly.

One boy raised his hand and addressed Hermione. "Head Girl Granger?"

Hermione acknowledged him with a nod and a curious look on her face (along with slight embarassment at what she had just done.

"Can I fuck you next?" He had the audacity to ask. Hermione's cheeks went violent red as the rest of the class began to laugh and whistle.

"She's my whore. Find your own." Snape replied for Hermione.

Hermione looked at Snape who was still in his naked glory. She herself was covered in his seed and fully naked as well. She did not know why she did what she did, why she decided to fuck Snape in front of people, but she did not regret it. In fact she was already considering the next place to have sex in public. Maybe by the lake or Quidditch pitch, she mused.

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