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"Potter! Weasley! I would greatly appreciate it if you stopped disrupting the learning process that I have so adequately established within my classroom." Professor Snape yelled making both Harry and Ron jump.

"Professor, I was merely getting the quill that I dropped under Ron's seat." Harry retorted.

"No speaking back to me. Both you and Mr. Weasley will serve detention with me tomorrow at 6." Snape said decisively. He turned his back and continued to write out the ingredients to a potion that both Ron and Harry had no idea about because they were not paying attention.

"That's not fair, I didn't do anything! That slimey, filthy, greasy git." Ron sneered with a disgusted look on his face.

Hermione exhaled exasperatedly. "I told you so." She replied. "You two are always doing something stupid. Grow up." She said rolling her eyes.

"Easy for you to say, Snape doesn't constantly find something wrong with you... Say, why is that? He used to all the time." Harry noted.

Hermione blushed. "Really, I think he just got tired of that since I never rose to his taunts thereby giving him no reason to continue." She replied slyly. Ron and Harry exchanged glances. They were not convinced, but quite honestly they were not interested in finding out.

"Granger! Quit talking to those two dunderheads and see me after class." Snape called out to Hermione, but he could not disguise the lust in his voice, or at least Hermione heard it. The rest of the class probably did not hear it.

Hermione turned to Harry and Ron. "See I get in trouble too." She said smugly. Her two best friends smiled and went back to their potions, or rather began to add the necessary ingredients. An hour later, the class began to file out.

"Granger, a word." Snape reminded her.

"You two go, I'll catch up." She told Harry and Ron. They nodded and left.

Snape waited until the class left before speaking. "Hermione, I have an idea."

"What do you mean?" She asked curiously.

"Well my little minx... I have another lesson to be taught to certain students." He started.

Hermione smiled seductively. "Oh really, Professor?" She purred.

"Which class might be requiring this lesson?" She asked.

"Well... It seems as though your friends need to grow up and become men. What beter way than to show them what a real woman looks like?" Snape suggested slyly.

Hermione gasped. "What? B-b-but..." Her voice faltered.

"Granger. Might I remind you of our little agreement?" Snape countered.

Hermione gave him a fake smile. "Never would I forget. When do you wish to teach them how to be men?" She asked him in order to prepare herself mentally.

"Tomorrow for their detention." Snape said giving her a suggestive wink. He stared longingly at her breasts. "Although... I wouldn't mind a quick preview... If you know what I mean?"

Hermione was already a step ahead of him, expertly making her way to his already erect manhood.

Snape made his way to his office door, sure that it was Potter and Weasley knocking on his door. "One knock will suffice." He informed the cooly.

"Of course. Sorry." Ron muttered. He and Harry entered the office. Inside an old cauldron simmered beautifully, emitting some lovely scents. Amortentia. Harry recognized.

"Stand over there." Snape commanded. Before they could react they found themselves bound to the wall facing Snape's desk.

"What's going on?" Ron asked not bothering to disguise the panic in his voice. Was Snape going to give them lashes for their 'insolence'? He gave Harry a wild look, who shrugged, looking equally terrified. Snape ignored them. "

Come in." He called out to someone outside the door. In walked Hermione. She was wearing black stilettos and a very revealing outfit. Her torso was covered in a frail and very thin black material. Her underwear was barely there, her pink folds were not well covered by the material. Ron couldn't help but stare.

They were so mesmerized by Hermione's appearance, that they did not notice that Snape had stepped out. Hermione winked at them and began to slowly pull off the top. She pulled it up over her head. Ron watched as her boobs were revealed. He longed to rub her ample breasts, but he was bound.

While Ron was rendered speechless, Harry managed to peel his eyes away from her boobs and asked "Hermione, what are you doing?"

Hermione paid no mind and simply did as Snape had ordered her to do. She removed her thong and climbed onto Snape's desk. She laid back with her legs spread open and began to seductively massage her breasts.

"This, boys, is Hermione Granger, a woman." Snape's voice cut through the silence. Harry and Ron both turned to look in the direction of his voice. He appeared in his full professor garb and continued, "And this... is how you fuck her." He announced, smirking slightly at the sight of the two boys' shocked faces.

He disrobed himself and became fully naked. While Harry and Ron considered themselves straight, they couldn't help but to admire Snape's size.

"What's going on?" Ron asked, finding his voice.

"Why, you are serving your detention." Hermione answered, looking down at Snape's member. She closed her legs and hopped off of the desk, in order to get down on her knees.

"No, this isn't a blowjob lesson. I'm going to demonstrate the proper way to shag a woman who is as fuckable as you are." Snape said pulling her up to her feet. Hermione smiled. She loved when he took command and bossed her around in front of people, even if those in attendance are her friends. She knew she would have to explain why she was doing this, but that would come later. Or if luck was on her side, they would not question her motives later on.

He sat her on his desk once more and spread open her legs. He was greeted by a sweet scent eminating from her arousal.

"Potter, Weasley! How many witches have you two shagged?" Snape barked.

Harry blushed he had never gone that far with anyone. He had only made out with Ginny on various occasions, but she always told him that she wishes to wait until she is married. Ron on the other hand had gone down on a girl, before she shrieked that he was too 'rough' and kicked him out of her room promptly. He had lost all desire for sex after that.

"Er none sir." Harry replied truthfully. Ron remained quiet, which Snape interpreted as an agreement.

"Pay attention then." Snape said. He covered his cock with a lubricating potion, that he picked up from his desk. His manhood now glistened in the light. He positioned his length at Hermione's entrance. He noted her arousal and wetness. He might not have needed the lubricant after all.

He looked over at the two boys who were watching intently before thrusting deep inside her. Hermione let out a moan of pleasure, completely forgetting that she was in the presence of Harry and Ron. As Ron watched Snape pound mercilessly into Hermione, he felt his cock harden. He drooled with the desire that he had once lost.

He attempted to reach down into his pants but his hands and legs were bound, as were Harry's.

Hermione let out a guttural moan after Snape hit her g-spot.

"You like that witch?" He asked her, not stopping his pace. She gasped as he hit the spot over and over.

"Yes!" She shrieked. "Yes! Fuck me! Harder!"

"Hermione?" Harry asked astonished at her choice of wording. She continued moaning as though Harry hadn't spoken.

"Potter! Are you paying attention?" Snape asked as though he wasn't currently fucking the Head Girl.

"Sir, why you?" Ron asked him boldly. Snape frustratingly pounded into Hermione harder and faster, eliciting moan after moan from her.

"Tell them. Tell them why you willingly allow yourself to be fucked." Snape commanded.

Hermione gasped, but was unable to answer. Snape reached over and rubbed her clit quickly. Hermione's breath hitched and she found herself letting out high pitched mews.

"I'm a wh-wh-whore!" She yelled as she approached her climax. Her breathing quickened and Snape groaned loudly as her walls clamped down on his cock. She shrieked loudly as she reached her peak, and shivered violently as Snape continued to pound into her. He, himself, felt a climax approaching.

A while after she recovered from her intense orgasm, he pulled out his throbbing manhood and released his sperm on Hermione's torso, taking care to cover her breasts completely with his seed.

Harry and Ron watched mesmerized. They had just witness their best friend get the shagging of a lifetime from their potions master.

"I had to." Hermione explained softly, watching Harry and Ron's mixed reactions. Snape released them from their bounds but they were too shocked by what they had just seen to move.

"I needed to in order to get a good grade in Snape's class." She continued. More silence followed her confession.

"However, you two won't be remembering any of this. I can't have you spilling my secrets. Obliviate!" Hermione grabbed her wand from Snape's desk and waved it wildly at them. They walked out of the office with a blank expression.

"Miss Granger, what was the point of the lesson if you made them forget it?" Snape asked scrowling.

"Well professor," Hermione began. She walked towards him, droplets of cum falling off of her body and onto the floor. There's something quite erotic about fucking in front of others, and not getting caught." She winked at him suggestively before planting a kiss near his lips.

"You little minx." Snape purred. He grabbed her and began an intense make out session, that might spiral into another round of sex.

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