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'It's all because you wouldn't kiss me.'

Amu trudged angrily down the street, tears of confusion and frustration streaking her face. She had bolted out of his classroom right after the words had left his lips and, to her surprise, he hadn't tried to stop her. He had just stood there. Still, the phrase played over and over in her head. Like a record player. Like a 'repeat' button being pressed. The words bothered her. Distracted her.

It had been only the first day back to school since freshman year, and she already had a guy crushing on her and causing her problems. Even worse, the guy was actually an older man, legally an adult, possibly 6-10 years older - whether he appeared to be three or four years apart from her didn't matter. The age difference was a major factor, definitely. And to further accompany and worsen the situation, he was her teacher, an authoritative figure, who was violating his rights as such and should have been respectful towards her instead of flirtatious or controlling.

And to her further dismay, she could do virtually nothing to prevent him from what he was doing. He was a teacher. She was a student. And even if she did report him, even if she did tell someone, who would believe her? Anything she claimed him of doing would be looked over and ignored. She had no evidence or witnesses to support her testimony, while Mr. Tsukiyomi's account would be predominant solely because he was a respectable adult and seemed to have a good citizenship record. It was unjust, but the way her community worked, and as such, she was stuck with this problem. And would have to deal with it herself.

She sighed, finally coming to the door of her house as she wiped away stained tears with her hand. She then thought of her parents, how she knew she could tell them anything. How they, for the most part, understood things and was on her side. She considered telling them about her obsessive teacher and what she knew he probably had in store for her. But, standing there for a few moments, she found herself smiling a little at the happy noise coming from the inside. She could hear Ami singing karaoke, and imagined her mother and father cheering and idolizing her sibling as they often did. Amu peered through a near window, and saw her prediction had been correct. Her parents' over-enthusiastic encouragement and applause followed, along with Ami bowing and smiling and taking it all in. She saw how happy her parents were – how worry-free and relieved they seemed. She couldn't take that away from them. If she told them about her worries, they would surely focus all their energy into helping her, but simultaneously would be worried and unhappy themselves. And she couldn't wish that on them. She would never wish that all them.

No, she defiantly decided, shaking her head, I can't tell them either.

She sighed again, briefly, before rolling her head up to the early stars in the twilight sky. She closed her eyes and prayed silently – wishing for patience and a resolution to her troubling matters. Then, after a moment had passed, she opened the door and slipped into the living room of her home. Of course, her parents were gathered around Ami, who was standing on a soap box and holding a toy microphone in front of the television.

Her mother was the first to glance at Amu and grin her way. "Did you have a good day, sweetie?"

Amu grinned weakly, hoping her mother wouldn't notice. "The first day back is always the best!" She remarked optimistically. But not this first day.

Her father seemed to notice her undetermined secrecy. He raised an eyebrow as he eyed her in skepticism. "You didn't kiss any boys, did you ?"

Amu was surprised by this, pink flowering her cheeks a bit at the mention of a 'kiss' and remembering back to what Mr. Tsukiyomi had said all over again. But, as always, she played it off as miffed. "No! What would make you think something like that?"

"You said your day was 'the best'!"

"That's not what I meant!"

"You're denying it!"

"Stop it, Papa! . . . Please?" Amu placed her hands on her hips and gave him a pleading look, begging him to believe her even though her cheeks were still rosy.

Her mother merely giggled at their bicker, while her father faltered for a moment, but quickly opened his mouth to counter her, still suspicious. Thankfully, Ami started singing again, wanting all the attention on her once more. In the weird idolizing way he did, Amu's 'papa' suddenly turned all of his attention to Ami and began to sway to her song in adoration and pride, forgetting about the quarrel he had just had with his elder daughter.

Amu didn't mind though. In fact, she welcomed it and took the opportunity to escape to her room. There, while unpacking her school stuff and preparing for bed, she pondered over why she seemed flushed over the imagining of a simple kiss – which had happened countless times that day. She meditated on why Mr. Tsukiyomi's words kept playing over and over in her head. Why did they bother her?

Was it because he was a male? Yes, definitely, but not entirely the reason.

Was it truly because the words disturbed her? Yes, but that wasn't the whole truth either. There was something else. Something hidden.

Was it because she was surprised he would have a crush on her? Sort of. Sure, people knew her as 'Cool-and-Spicy', but that didn't mean boys particularly chased after her all the time. Her facade-attitude towards everyone had somewhat of a neutral effect, she thought.

Or, was it because, in a deep, dark, mysterious part of her, she had secretly wanted to kiss him, and wondered why he seemed obsessed with her?

She climbed into her bed, and clung her pillow close to her, letting all her worries and thoughts sneak away into something dream-like. All I need to do is focus on reality, she told herself. Just here and now. I can't worry about what happened or what will happen. It will all work itself out. It has to . . .

And that's when the fuchsia girl fully gave herself to sleep and dreams unremembered.

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