Tanith stepped out into the night, her sword pressed against her side, concealed by her leather coat. She was gripping it so tightly her hands ached. The stars twinkled at her like a million winking eyes. 'You wish' she thought. It was eerily quiet, and her footsteps echoed around the street. She looked around, searching for him. Where was he? She peered down a dark alleyway, but banished the thought from her mind. No way was she going down there. The amber streetlight flickered on and off, then went out all together. Once the echoes had stopped, she listened intently. Her ears pricked up as they picked up the sound of slow, steady breathing. She looked up, and there he was. He was perched the chimney of an old Victorian house, silhouetted against the moon, jet black with a delicate silver outline...

"Caelan." She yelled. He looked down, and stifled a laugh.

"What's so funny?" she asked, her voice flat and humourless.

"You. You think you can just make me disappear? Well tough luck. I have priorities now." He tutted with a certain cockiness that Tanith had never seen before. She tilted her head sideways, the way Skulduggery always did.

"The priority being Val?" she asked, and drew her sword. He chuckled.

"You don't want to fight me. I haven't got any wolf bane on hand at the moment, I'll change any minute." He leapt down from the roof top, crouching down with all fours on the floor. She stepped forward. He stayed as still as a statue.

"You're bluffing." She assured herself. He shook his head. He gazed up at the moon, and his eyes blazed with wild fire and veins pulsed across his face. Tanith kicked him hard in the chin, and he flinched, just for a second. She was on him. She brought him down to the ground, and slashed his across the face with her sword. He snarled like an animal, and he started to change. She held the sword against his throat, and he stopped.

"You know, I might just let you go. We're on the same side, kind of. They don't like you, they don't like me. Not anymore." She smiled and black veins shot across her body. He smiled.

"A remnant." He whispered, his mouth curling into a deadly smile. She smiled back with her ebony black lips, and then slit his throat. His head fell back, still smiling, and eyes wide open. She kicked his body to the side, and walked off into the misty night. Val would thank her for this.