"Who with the Huh?"



"You're a...a god?" 'He's a who with the huh?' Tutu sputtered. Sarah heard the gears and belts of her mind squeal to a shuttering halt while Tutu's dropping lower jaw smacked the base of her inner skull. Sarah's wide eyes and wider mouth demonstrated her astonishment at Jareth's blunt revelation discovered upon his journey. He had yet to explain the hows of his unearthing this particular truth...at her currant look he thought perhaps to save it for later.

"Well, apparently a former or fallen god...to be exact. I think," he added trying for casual. Difficult enough as he stood naked at the foot of his bed with his love near at hand. They'd awakened a bit earlier after sleeping the sleep of the physically and emotionally exhausted, and after dining on a light breakfast he broke the news of his theological conundrum.

'Better to face the angelic music now than dilly-dally about, old boy.' His voice chimed in.

'Yes, thank you, as you can see the 'ripping off of the band-aid' technique is working so well.'

"Right, because that's a fine distinction, being a fallen god that is." She leaned back upon the pillows of Jareth's bed well aware that his eyes tracked her nude physique draped by his coverlet. Staring at the four-poster canopy she continued, "I...," she swallowed, "I don't have any response for this."


" 'Cause how do you deal with, 'Hello, I'm Jareth, the Goblin King and former god, and you are?" She faced him suddenly, "Oh, crap, you're not the God, are you?"

'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!'

'Tutu, can the sound effects, I need to think!'

"I most certainly hope not!" he said appalled at the very thought. Again...not religious, yet he cared naught to be or challenge any ultimate deity. Who knew what lesser being he might be demoted to if he accidentally insulted him/her/it. Oh, bloody hell, was he actually considering this?

"So what does this mean, Jareth?"

Crawling back into bed, he slipped under the covers but held himself aloof on one elbow, unsure of her. "I don't know," he said shaking his head, his hair fluffy out. "The ramifications..." their eyes met, "I just don't know, Sarah. I suppose it depends greatly on you."

"Me? Why me?" Her body and eyebrows shot upright, the sheet slipping tantalizing low. "What've I got to do with this? You're the...you know!" She waved her hand imperiously at him.

An exasperated puff of air accompanied his facial hand scrub, "You doubted me because of magic, how will you accept our relationship if I am truly a god?" He sat up next to her, his voice rising with his body, "Tell me, Sarah, how can you deal with this when I find myself at wit's end?"

'Smooth, really smooth, you git...don't know how'll she'll resist your charm now,' said Voice.

"I was wrong to doubt you, you know that!" She snapped, "I already apologized!"

"I know..."

"How can you ask me how I'll deal with this?" She tossed her arms up causing the sheet to finally give up and expose her bare breasts. "I don't know how, it's not every day your boyfriend tells you he's a god."

"Former god...maybe..." he mumbled, his fingers creeping over the coverlet towards his eyes' goal.

"Whatever! You know what I mean, sheesh. It's a lot to take in."

"Quite, you've no need to inform me," he said softly as his hand glided up her hip aiming for her enticing breasts winking at him perkily.

"Jareth, what are you doing?"

"Hmm...nothing...please continue your rant."

"Your hand fondling me is not nothing," she said breathlessly but remained in place.

"Would you prefer my tongue instead of my fingers, Precious?" Jareth leaned over to trade them out.

"No," she gulped, "no I w-would not...we...uuhh...need to talk..."

"Indeed," he said between licks, "we must." Sarah's power of speech degenerated and he gently pushed her back into the pillows.

"No fair..." she murmured as exchanged the sheet with his body, covering her fully. Her arms encircled his neck and they kissed slowly.

"You're absolutely right, my love. I'm a terrible cheat," he agreed pressed himself to her until she moaned and writhed. "I also missed you horribly and wish never to be parted like this again."

Nodding, she opened her legs to him.

"Oh...I missed you, too, Jareth...so much," He wiped the tears trickling from the edges of her eyelids. "Don't ever leave again, promise me."

"I swear to you," he kissed her then nuzzled her neck, "I'll never leave you." Their coupling was swift and passionate, few coherent words fell from their lips, but they understood each others' needs as they reconnected their lives. At the end, Sarah shouted out his name in a guttural cry while he shuddered, unshed tears gathered in his own eyes as he felt accepted, once more, by the woman he loved.






Entwined in each other and the sheet a short time later, Sarah ran her fingers through Jareth's mildly tangled mane. Smiling contentedly, she kissed the crown of his head as he lie resting upon her breast and said:

"You know, maybe you really are a god afterall." He raised his head and quirked a brow, she laughed at his bemused expression.

'Sex god extraordinaire!' Tutu exclaimed, 'whoo-hoo! Someone turn up the air in this castle!'

'Amen to that, girlfirend!'

"Are you complimenting my prowess as a lover?" he asked, teasing.

"Well..." she twisted his hair between her fingers refusing to look him eye-to-eye, "maybe."

"Sarah! Bloody hell, if I'd known in order to gain such an admission from you I only need to discover my personal history; I would've quested years ago." He smirked.

'I second the motion, in fact; I'd return to Samaria and come back again just to hear her repeat that. Quick; turn back time!'

'Focus, you insecure git!' Jareth said with a growl to his inner blabbering.

"Don't get smug, Mr. Ego!" She shoved him off of her. "Or it'll be the last compliment you'll ever hear."

His hands flew up in mock surrender, "I shan't dare taunt your power to bestow flowery prose, my love. I live for the dewdrops from your lips."

"Oh brother." Sarah rolled her eyes, scoffing then pulled him back to her. "You just keep doing what you do best and we'll manage, I suppose." Repositioning himself on her chest, he released a deep sigh of contentment as her arms banded snug around him. Then, after all the excitement, he remembered something she'd neglected to mention yet.

"Have you been informed about the partnership while I was away?"


"Yes, that."

"Well..." she delayed not wanting to talk about it. Her childhood goal seemingly insignificant compared to his news.

"Well, what?" He reluctantly lifted his head from her pillowy warmth. Her eyes skittered over his and she sucked her lower lip into her mouth then answered, grudgingly.

"You're looking at the newest partner of the Montgomery, Lowe, and Scott law firm...so tada."

"Sarah!" He pushed his torso up on his hands, "that's brilliant! Congratulations!"

"Yeah, go me..." Her arms dropped from his body, thudding onto the bed.

'Great...here we go,' Tutu groused, her good mood fleeing with Sarah's. 'You have any idea how much I dislike thinking about this?'

"You're not happy? I don't understand. You've wanted this for years." Jareth rolled to his side and propped up on one elbow again.


"How many arguments have we had due to your work requirements for this goal?" His tone grew sharper.

"I know."

"And now...at the pinnacle of your dreams...you...you're disappointed?" He all but shouted thinking of the long months of frustration caused by her blood-sucking career, how it nearly destroyed them before they truly began.

'Face it, old boy; she's barmy, downright certifiable,' Voice announced.

'Watch your mouth!'

'You think I'm wrong? See what happens next.'

"I don't expect you to understand, Jareth," she said, loudly, irritable, and she sat up flinging back the sheet as she left the bed and strode away, tenseness obvious in every line of her form.

"Don't walk away from this, Sarah!" Leaping from the bed, he followed her and grabbed one shoulder, spinning her around.

"Don't touch me!" But his hands were firm on her bare shoulders, forcing her to face him. Her glorious nudity still distracted him, but his chronic frustration with her ability to play denial games made it easier to ignore these days...but only just.

"I'll not allow you to do this to yourself or us any longer. Whatever is upsetting you, you will resolve it."

'That's telling her!' Voice said.

'Go, Jareth! About time!' Tutu cheered him on.

"Since when do you get to tell me how to run my life?"

"Since I fell in love with you, damn it! Since you choose to intertwine yours with mine," He shook her a bit for emphasis, his fingers digging into her skin. Bruises would remain, but if he reached her it would be worthwhile. "I tire of watching you insistently torture yourself."

"I do not!"

'Liar, liar, pants on fire!'

'God, Tutu, don't you ever shut up?'

'Calling'm like I see'm.'

"What is it, Sarah? Why did you strive so diligently for a goal you care nothing for?"

"Don't!" Her voice cracked, she struggled in his grip, but seemed half-hearted in her attempt to free herself.

"Tell me!"

"Please, don't..." Tears fogged her green eyes and her writhing increased, but Jareth would not allow her to break loose.

"It's your father, isn't it? I listen to how to speak of him, of how you speak to your family," he asked, his voice dropping an octave while his hands tightened and pulled her closer.

"No, no..." she shook her head frantically, "You don't understand..." she mumbled her head drooping until her chin touched her chest, her will to fight wavering. Why couldn't he leave it alone? He had to push, had to force her, make her face things. She didn't want to talk about this! She hated this! It made her weak, made her...

"Then explain it to me," one of his hands cupped her chin and raised it upwards, "I beg of you, share it with me," he whispered and pain exploded in her eyes as she cried, tears streaming.

"I'm afraid!" She said, wailing. Her answers coming rapid-fire between hitching sobs, "What if it isn't enough? What if he still doesn't see me after everything I've achieved? What if I'm still just another random person with a law degree who happens to be related to him?" Sarah collapsed in his arms, her voice barely audible, "What if I'm really nobody, Jareth?"

"Oh, my love," he said, kissing her head, running his hands through her hair and over her body, "You'll never be nobody as long as you live and ever after." Her body trembled with the weeping of her soul, her hands clawed at the skin of his chest as she released her most secret shame and pain.

"But he's never really cared about me; my own mother left me. I must be nobody if my own parents think I'm nothing, if they never loved me!"

'Oh crap...' Tutu said quietly, 'I knew it was bad...but damn, Sarah...'

"Sarah..." He yanked her from his chest, roughly pulling her chin up again in order to meet her eyes and spoke firmly, "Now you listen to me, and listen well. That is utter rubbish! Do you hear me? It's nonsense. Your parents, I'm sorry to say, are bloody fools if they can't see how brilliantly wonderful and beautiful and lovable you are. And you're better off tossing the pair of them into the Bog if that's the best they're ever to treat you." He got a watery snort from her which he took for a laugh. "I love you, you daft woman, for who you are. And kings...no, gods," he smirked, "don't love nobodies."

"Oh...," she sniffed and wiped her eyes, "I hadn't thought of it that way."

"You'll do well to start," he said then kissed her, tears and all.

'Hell yeah!' Tutu shouted. 'Have I mentioned how much I like him?'

"So, um..." Subject one tackled for now, Sarah felt lighter and wanted, very much, to move on to subject two, "when we get married...does that mean I'll become a goddess and not just a queen?"

"Married?" Jareth's face betrayed his astonishment. Did she just say married?

'I think she just said married,' Jareth asked himself with a mental pinch.

'She did!'

'Didn't she?'

'When did this happen?'

"Yeah, you know, Holy Matrimony? Here come's the bride? All dressed in white? Although I suppose I'll have to forgo the white and go with ivory."

"Sarah, don't toy with me."

"Who says I'm toying with you?" A sharp inhalation answered her. "Seriously, Jareth, I did a lot of thinking while you were away and I think... no... I know I'm ready to take the next step with you."

"You...y-you want to get m-married? Become my q-queen?" Devil take it, his heard pounded a rapid staccato and his mouth suddenly dried out.

"Don't sound so nervous. I thought this was your grand plan, Goblin King. Drop unexpectedly into girl's life, pursue girl, drive girl insane, frustrate girl, court girl, drive girl further insane with lust, make girl fall in love with you, worm your way into girl's life until girl realizes she has to marry you because she can't spend a week apart from you without drinking herself into stupor." As Sarah ticked off his scheme highlights using her fingers, her tears dried and her voice perked up. Gulping, Jareth's tentative smile became an obnoxious smirk as her speech wound down and her eyes sparkled.

"So," he said haughtily. That enticing head tilt of his accompanying his silky smooth tone and hooded eyes, "I guess this means I win."

"Guess so." She shrugged.

"That's it?"

"That's what?"

"You're not going to argue or demand respect or personal space? Complain how I trick or trapped you?" He said sputtering in disbelief.

"Would you prefer if I did?"

"No! But I...I...what do I do with you now?" Completely bewildered and taken off guard, he had no plan in place for dealing with this version of Sarah.

A devious grin bloomed over her lips, "I've heard..." she ran a finger down his bare chest and abdomen until he shivered, "that it's customary to give one's fiancée an engagement ring..." her finger drifted lower still brushing over his prominent protrusion, "a very, large, ostentatious engagement ring..." With a fierce growl, Jareth captured her lips then turned her and tossed her upon the bed; she giggled sinfully.

"Oh, Precious, I'll give something very large and ostentatious, but it's not bloody ring!"

'Well, it's about damn time!' Voice said.

'No shit!' Tutu agreed.



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