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"Ok-so I have two dresses to choose from and I can't decide which!" Grace whined to Lisbon, who over the years had become more of a sister than the boss she had been before

"Tell me about them" Lisbon said to her, pulling a chair up to the desk

"Well, the one is a deep red, knee length and has buttons up the back and strapless,"

"Uh-huh. And the other?"

"It's light blue, a bit longer and kinda floaty and it's a zip up"

"The zip up one" came a voice from the doorway. The two women looked up to see Jane stood in the doorway

"What?" Lisbon asked

"I said," Jane continued "Go with the zips- they're far easier to undo" he replied with a wink at Lisbon

"Eugh!" Grace cringed "Do I really wanna know?"

Lisbon chuckled, "Probably not"

"But, I'll tell you any way" Jane put in

"Aw, really? D'ya have to?" Lisbon whined at him

"Yep!" He said cheerfully "but I won't embarrass you with extreme details..."

"By that he means sexual!" Rigsby yelled from across the room

"Thanks for your helpful comments, Rigsby" Jane yelled back, before directing his attention back to Grace. "All I was gonna say, was that at certain events where Lisbon is required to wear a dress, not that she does that often enough, I find that for any, er... certain events that follow such an evening, zips make the process easier" he finished with a smirk in Lisbon's direction

"gross, that's all I can say" Grace replied

"Well yeah, but it makes sense" Rigsby said "I'd be easier for me"

"Whoa! I am not liking sitting in the middle of you guys!" Cho yelled

"Sorry Cho!" Jane chuckled

Most of the team went back to work and Lisbon was stood by the window, looking over some work. Jane went to where she was stood, turned her around to face him and, un-zipping her jacket, rested his hands on her hips.

"See" he said "zips make everything easier"

"Yeah" She replied, putting her arms around his neck "I guess that means you'll like what I'm wearing tonight then"

"Put it like that and you won't be wearing it long" he whispered huskily

She sighed and kissed his cheek "I love you Patrick Jane"

"Good" he replied "Because I love you, Teresa Lisbon"

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