"One step at a time cue ball. If you try to stride out like that when you first start, you're going to fall." Jack said, already on the iced over lake.

How Jack managed to be so graceful on slippery ice while a klutz everywhere else was a mystery to Omi. Though fully aware that Jack had figure skating lessons, the reality of it still boggled his mind time to time. So maybe that was why Omi didn't take Jack's advice as seriously as he should have.

And he really should have. Striding as best as he could onto the ice, Omi immediately slipped and fell.

"Told you." Jack said, gliding over to help Omi up.

"Yes, so you have. But do not worry Jack Spicer. I shall master this ice skating." Omi declared once he was sure he had his balance back.

"Won't be surprised when you do." Jack said.

The fact that Jack gave his best version of a compliment out loud made Omi smile.