Summary: Two Clans live near each other with no idea the other exists. On either side of a powerful river lives OakClan and BloomClan. In OakClan, tom hold all the power and they beat the she-cats they take as mates. In BloomClan, she-cats control what is going on and they take advantage of the toms they keep captive. When two patrols bump into each other, the abused realize that they are strong and they can fight. The bloody civil wars they follow aren't for more territory, they are for the answer of who is stronger: toms or she-cats.

And the Story Begins:

It was a chilly night when the events leading to the end began. Even though the sun burned warm during the day, the wind would bite into a cat's fur after the moon had risen. The stars watched from above, like they knew something was going to happen, that their world was forever going to be changed.

Ancient leaders rose from their rest, a deep, penetrating cold settling in their bones. Warriors with stars in their pelts sharpened their claws, wondering why they had an urge to fight. They had reached peace within themselves, no longer caring about the hatred possessed by their desendents.

Toms paired of with she-cats, not understanding what they were training for. They didn't feel like fighting each other as they had several hundreds of moons ago. The petty squable over dominace seemed like history, washed away like blood in a river.

Only Blomstar and Oakstar sat side by side, a fire burning in their hearts., watching that Clans they had started. Seasons hadn't made them soft, but it made them understand what they had really done; they had destroyed the prosperity of Jade and Storm. Time had only made them more excepting, able to understand the rage that had once coursed though the others veins.

It was below, where that same rage now swept the land. Hatred, that had once began in the legendary leader, was a guiding light. Cats lived in power while other lived in fear. Depending soley on what gender they had been born.

Two kits: one destined for greatness, the other for death. It wasn't what was in their heart that made them stand out to those around them. No one cared if they would lead, if they could love. It only mattered if they were male or female.

An apprentice and a young queen: both abused, but quite differently. The males can defend himself, proving in time that he is strong enough for the responsiblities that he deserves. The female must bare her wounds with dignity, trying not to show how much they sting. She will always be beaten, no matter who she grows up to be.

Two Clans, but One World.


-After much careful decision and thought, I decided on our four mains-

Breezepaw (Redwolf) and Blossomfrost (Mintfrost29) from OakClan

Duskkit and Brightkit (Phantomflower) from BloomClan

Jay (SilverWolf716) as a loner siding with one of the Clans

-Please don't be mad if I didn't choose your cats. I liked what they had to offer.-

Honorable Mentions:

Nightclaw **I made him the mentor because I felt bad** and Blueflower (SilverWolf1499) of OakClan

Leopardheart and Stormclaw (ADHD kid in jail) of BloomClan

-I might do something from these character if I want to spice it up a bit.-

OakClan (favors toms)

Leader:Adderstar- Small silver and brown tabby tom with one ice blue eye. Mate: Nightoak

Deputy:Nightclaw- Huge strong pure black tom with hard cold emerald green eyes. Mate: Blueflower. Apprentice: Breezepaw

Medicine Cat:Spottedfire- Spotted dark brown tom with white paws. Mate: Waterberry

Medicine Cat Apprentice:Thornpaw- Dark brown tom with white spots and yellow eyes. Mate: Gingerfrost


Scorchfoot- Pure white tom with bright orange paws and gleaming amber eyes. Mate: Tawnyleaf

Talonfoot- Sandy brown tom with clear blue eyes. Mate: Snakeleaf. Apprentice: Hawkpaw

Jadeclaw- Huge black tom with dark blue eyes. Mate: None. Apprentice: Pinepaw

Patchwhisker- Black and sandy brown patched tom with blue eyes. Mate: Brookleaf. Apprentice: Freshpaw

Longwhisker- Brown tabby tom with green eyes. Mate: None

Whitestripe- Large white tom with brown eyes. Mate: Serpentleaf

Dunewind- Sandy-colored tom with a white chest and amber eyes. Mate: None. Apprentice: Blackpaw

Mintswip- Brown tom with white stripes and a white belly. Mate: None. Apprentice: Snowpaw

Mouseheart- Light gray tom darker stripes with dark hazel eyes. Mate: dead.


Twanyleaf- Dark brown she cat with lighter brown stripes and silvery eyes.(Rainkit) Mate: Scorchfoot

Snakeleaf- Pretty silver she-cat with a sinister smile and mischievous blue eyes. Mate: Talonfoot

Serpentleaf- Pretty silver she-cat with a sinister smile and mischievous blue eyes. Mate: Whitestripe

Nightoak- Beautiful night black she-cat with dazzling amber eyes. (Nightkit) Mate: Adderstar

Blueflower- Dark gray she-cat with black and white spots.(Dawnkit, Lilackit, Icekit, Rosekit) Mate: Nightclaw

Waterberry- Beautiful silver tabby she-cat with stunning blue eyes. Mate: Spottedfire

Brookleaf- Golden tabby she-cat with minty-green eyes. Mate: Patchwhisker


Pinepaw- Striped brown tabby tom with bright green eyes. Mate: Moonfrost. Mentor: Jadeclaw

Snowpaw- Short-furred white tom with dark blue eyes. Mate: Skyfrost. Mentor: Mintswip

Hawkpaw- Large dark brown tabby tom with ice blue eyes. Mate: None. Mentor: Talonfoot

Blackpaw- Black tom with white a fluffy white tail. Mate: None. Mentor: Dunewind

Freshpaw- White tom with brown splashes and pale green eyes. Mate: Ivyfrost. Mentor: Patchwhisker

Breezepaw- Light brown tom with darker brown spots. Mate: Blossomfrost. Mentor: Nightclaw

Young Queens:

Ivyfrost- Gorgeous white she-cat with golden patches and green eyes. (Ashkit) Mate: Freshpaw

Blossomfrost- Pretty white she-cat dappled with chocolate brown fur. Mate: Breezepaw

Moonfrost- Beautiful silvery blue she-cat with soft white paws. Mate: Pinepaw

Skyfrost- Pretty silver she-cat with darker bluish gray and silver flecks. Mate: Snowpaw

Gingerfrost- Small light ginger she-cat with dark brown tabby stripes. Mate: Thornpaw

She- Kits:

Rainkit- Cream-colored she-cat with brown patches. Mate: Dawnkit. (parents: Twanyleaf and Scorchfoot )

Lilackit- Silver tabby with small white spots all over her body and has dark blue eyes. Mate: Nightkit (parents: Blueflower and Nightclaw)

Rosekit- A light gray tabby with light blue eyes. Mate: Ashkit (parents: Blueflower and Nightclaw)


Nightkit- Black tom with small white freckles near his eyes. Mate: Lilackit. (parents: Nightoak and Adderstar)

Dawnkit- Black tom with gray stripes and light green eyes. Mate: Rainkit (parents: Blueflower and Nightclaw)

Icekit- Smallish white tom with dark green eyes. (parents: Blueflower and Nightclaw)

Ashkit- White tom with auburn and light brown stripes and dark green eyes. Mate: Rosekit. (parents: Ivyfrost and Freshpaw)


Weaseltooth- Light brown tom with white stripes, and dark green eyes. Mate: Snowleaf

Snowleaf- Small, fluffy white she-cat with light amber eyes. Mate: Weaseltooth

Venomleap- Large, dusty brown tom with dark amber eyes. Mate: dead

BloomClan (favors she-cats)

Leader: Petalstar- Black she-cat with ginger spots and blue eyes. Mate: Secretthorn Apprentice: Firepaw

Deputy: Leopardheart- Dapppled golden she-cat with green eyes. Mate: Stormclaw

Medicine Cat :Cloudblossom- Long furred lithe white she-cat with blind blue eyes and ginger patches. Mate: Flamewhisper

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Lynxpaw- Cream-light brown she-cat with gray spots, deep brown eyes, an a tuft of fur on her ears.


Lilystrike- Gray she-cat with sky blue eyes. Apprentice: Icepaw

Duskfern- Sleek, dark gray she-cat with leafy green eyes. Apprentice: Everpaw

Spiritclaw- Gorgeous ginger she-cat with white nose and underbelly. Mate: Adderblaze

Smokefrost- White she-cat with black stripes across her back and blue eyes. Apprentice: Cloudpaw

Fallowheart- Delicate brown tabby with dark blue eyes and dainty little white paws. Mate: dead

Forestbreeze- Brown she-cat with ginger tabby stripes and green eyes. Mate: None

Ivysky- Silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Mate: dead

Rainsong- Blue gray she-cat with stormy gray eyes. Mate: None

Dawnlight- Pretty blue-gray and white she-cat with frosty blue eyes. Mate: Abandoned


Ashblaze- Brown tom with green eyes,short fur,and oval eyes. Mate: Stormbreeze

Flamewhisper- Small ginger tom with deep green eyes. Mate: Cloudblossom

Jaggedblaze- Brown tom with messy brown fur and icy blue eyes. Mate: Larkspirit

Secretthorn- Small black tom with emerald green eyes. Mate: Petalstar

Adderblaze- Handsome dark brown tom with one amber eye and one green eye. Mate: Spiritclaw

Tigerblaze- Large, golden ginger tom with dark gray eyes. Mate: Lightcloud

Stormclaw- Light brown tom with strange purple eyes. Mate: Leopardheart


Everpaw- A silver coated she cat with white paws, muzzle, and tail tip. Mate: Beartalon. Mentor: Duskfern

Cloudpaw- Pure white she-cat with long and fluffy fur. Mate: Spacetalon. Mentor: Smokefrost

Firepaw- Thick-furred long-legged ginger and white she-cat with blind blue eyes. Mate: Wolftalon. Mentor: Petalstar

Icepaw- Small long-furred white she-cat with pale blue eyes. Mate: Hawktalon(dead). Mentor: Lilystrike

Young Toms:

Beartalon- A pure black tom with crystal blue eyes. Mate: Everpaw

Spacetalon- He is a pure black tom that has hazel/amber eyes. Mate: Cloudpaw

Wolftalon- Large dark gray tom with pale amber eyes. Mate: Firepaw


Stormbreeze- Dark gray she-cat with blue eyes,long fur,and large ears. (Breezekit, Aspenkit) Mate: Ashblaze

Larkspirit- Beautiful tawny she-cat with ice blue eyes and dark brown paws (Amberkit) Mate: Jaggedblaze

Lightcloud- Small golden tabby she-cat with warm brown eyes.(Fernkit, Pantherkit. Duskkit) Mate: Tigerblaze

Moonstripe- Light silver tabby she-cat with light blue eyes. (Brightkit) Mate: dead


Aspenkit- Brown oval shaped blue eyes and long fur. Mate: Pantherkit (parents: Stormbreeze and Ashblaze)

Amberkit- Light brown she-cat with pale blue eyes. Mate: Breezekit. (parents: Larkspirit and Jaggedblaze)

Fernkit- Dusty gray she-cat with white flecks and blue eyes. (parents: Lightcould and Tigerblaze)

Brightkit- White she-cat with light green eyes and gray tabby patches. Mate: Duskkit. (parents: Moonstripe)


Breezekit- Gray with green eyes large ears and short fur. Mate: Amberkit. (parents: Stormbreeze and Ashblaze)

Pantherkit- Pure black tom with dark amber eyes. Mate: Aspenkit. (parents: Lightcould and Tigerblaze)

Duskkit- Tiny black tom with icy blue eyes. Mate: Brightkit. (parents: Lightcould and Tigerblaze)


Dapplemist- Dappled tortoiseshell and white she-cat with misty blue eyes. Mate: Silverwhisper

Silverwhisper- Light silver-gray and white tom with bright blue eyes. Mate: Dapplemist

Ferretclaw- Dark brown tabby she-cat with snowy white paws and blue eyes. Mate: dead

Quickstreak- Dark gray she-cat with black streak down forehead, and bright blue eyes. Mate: dead


Jay- Beautiful silver she-cat with a black muzzle, underbelly, legs, ears and paws.


Danger- Light ginger she-cat with hazel and amber eyes.

Rose- Dark ginger she-cat with emerald green eyes.

Piper- Dark brown she-cat with ginger, white and black stripes.

Splash- Light silver tom with black spots and brown eyes.

Moon- Dark gray tom with light gray circles around his eyes.

Marshmallow- Fluffy white she-cat with delicate pink paws and amber eyes.

Moss- Light brown she-cat with pale moss green eyes.

Freeze- Silvery blue tom with light gray paws and blue eyes.

Fang- Black tom with white zebra stripes and dark green eyes. Sister: Flight

Flight- White she-cat with black stripes. Brother: Fang

Wolf- Dark gray tom with light gray paws and green eyes.

Breeze- Lithe peach she-cat with white and gray stripes.

Thunder- Large black tom with stormy gray eye.

Note to Reviewers:

I created a rogue based on each of you. I hope you can guess which one you are.

Thanks to:


-Stormbreeze of WindClan






-Lakespirit of ForestClan

-Talonfoot and Ripplestream


-Moonstar of the Clans




-ADHD kid in jail











-Newlife of ThunderClan

-Sliced Pie Baked Fresh