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B'Elanna was located in one of the many Jeffery tubes doing some diagnoses on a gel pack. As she worked she would occasionally place a hand on her stomach. Her mind would travel back to three months ago, when her wife told her how they could have a child, a child born from both their DNA. She was happy then, but now she was worried over many different reasons. One reason was normal, she fretted over if she would be a good parent, but this particular reason was overridden by another.

On their first attempt to conceive, they merely tried to see if it would work, and work it did it. Of course, why wouldn't it work, with Seven's almost need for perfection. At the time they weren't necessarily thinking about anything else but the joy they would have in having a child. However, there was one major miscalculation that B'Elanna had hit herself over the head for. Her reasoning for being angry with her denseness was she should have known because it was just Seven like. The problem was Seven had forgotten to ask Captain Janeway for permission in conceiving a child. It would seem strange to ask for permission for such an action, but as it was, they were still stuck on Voyager in the Delta Quadrant and had to be concern for resources. Having a child on Voyager would cut into the resources, not to mention the room it would require, (the child, though small, was one more person to look after).

How could have such a big mistake taken place with the ex-Borg behind the wheel? It wasn't a mistake at all; it was just Seven being Seven. When the ex-drone had found a problem to be fixed, she focused all her attention in fixing the problem without regards to anyone else. Like how she would go into engineering and make corrections without consulting B'Elanna first. Knowing how Seven operated, B'Elanna couldn't help but think it was her fault they were in this sticky situation.

For three months, B'Elanna hid her pregnancy secretly. She couldn't help but smile at being pregnant with Seven's child, but it would vanish as she thought about how they would have to explain themselves to the captain. First, there was having to tell her a new member of the crew was on her way and second, to explain how she was conceived. The procedure was highly experimental and hardly Star Fleet approved; however, it was successful so far. Telling the captain would be a huge endeavor, but it was more of the captain's reaction she worried about the most. Would she want me to have an abortion? The thought alone caused the half-Klingon to feel sick. She couldn't do it to their unborn daughter.

For the past three months she had been careful in not showing her slowly forming stomach. She was trying to play it off as her just getting fatter, so far it was working. Unfortunately, someone who is pregnant looks so much different then someone getting fat. The difference was in the distribution of the added weight. A pregnant took most of the added weight in the stomach, and someone who is not, has her weight added almost evenly throughout her body. Due to this, it would mean people would start figuring it out. So far, there have only been these two who knew the truth. When they went to sick bay for checkups, they didn't activate the EMT because of his big problem with gossiping.

The idea of sneaking around was really getting to the chief engineer. As soon as she finished her task, she left the Jeffery tube to return her equipment to engineering for her lunch break. Her destination after leaving her work designation was Astromatrics. She would usually pick up her wife to walk with her to the mess hall and sometimes it would be the other way around. As she walked in her eyes caught hold of Seven's butt. How can I be so lucky to have her as mine? Subconsciously, she placed her hand on her stomach again.

Using her enhanced hearing and smell, Seven knew who had walked through the door. Turning around, half her mouth went into a smile as her eyes looked pleased to see B'Elanna. Going back to her calculations, she worked on completely her task, so she could go with her love. It was normal for either the other to wait for the other as they finished up.

As Seven worked, B'Elanna stood next to the working woman and watched for a moment. It still fascinated her to see how efficiently her wife worked. Trying not to get to wrapped in her love's movements, B'Elanna cleared her voice. "Seven, I think it's time."

The blond turned her head, "It is time for what?"

"I think we have to tell the captain today before it's too late."

"What would be too late?" Many thoughts went through Seven's mind, mostly fear that B'Elanna would want to abort the baby. It still wasn't too late for that, at one point in history it might have been , but with their advanced technology it was possible.

"Seven, I'm three months pregnant. We can't keep hiding it forever. Janeway trusts us to do the right thing. If we let this go any further, she would be upset we didn't consult her first. We need to tell her so it won't be too late for her to trust us."

The ex-Borg was a little relieved that B'Elanna still wanted to the baby, but not relieved enough when thinking about how Captain Katherine Janeway would react to the situation. They getting pregnant and keeping it secret for so long totally broke the trust barrier. Since she was separated from the Collective, Janeway had been like a mother figure to her. She looked up to her and over time gained her trust, now that trust was put on question. I have betrayed the Captain.

The half-Klingon watched as Seven stared out to nowhere like she was contemplating what to do. The strong glint, the half bred saw in Seven's eyes was fear. Seeing it, she placed a hand on the taller woman's shoulder. "I know you're afraid, I'm afraid too."

"B'Elanna, being afraid does not define what emotions I am experiencing. I am afraid of her reaction and I am afraid for our child. I was flawed in not consulting the captain. Perhaps I should have gone to her first; however, I felt it was my duty to inform you first."

The half-Klingon couldn't help but smile, "Seven, you were right in coming to me first, but it's not entirely your fault. We were just caught up in the moment. It was the best moment of my life and I wouldn't change it for the Alpha Quadrant."

Seven turned towards B'Elanna and placed her own hand on her wife's stomach looking a little mournful. The chief engineer knew what was on her love's mind. There has been many times where the blonde would touch the mid section of her wife. A sad look would cross the taller woman's face and B'Elanna had grown worried. She had eventaully asked what the ex-Borg was feeling; the ex-drone said it saddened her that she couldn't bear any children and it made her feel as if she wasn't truly woman. B'Elanna at that time only smiled at her wife and told her that she was most definitely a woman. They made love soon afterwards to prove it.

B'Elanna, at the time, couldn't help but be reminded of Seven's favorite anime, Simoun. After the conversation over the ex-Borg's love of manga and anime, B'lanna thought she would take a look into it to see what her be'nal found so intriguing about it. She had started with Simoun, by watching it through their quarter's computers. After watching some of it, she sort of understood the drawl. The premise of the anime highly reflected the question which gender one would choose. There was this spring which initiates the permanent change in gender as everyone was born a girl. The spring would change someone according to the person's will, but if they couldn't decide the spring would make the choice for them. Like how the Borg in all essence made women Borg almost male by taking away their reproduction system. (The decomposition of the reproduction system occurred over a long exposure to nanoprobes at a young age or when a full grown woman showed signs of her first minstrel cycle. Janeway, after being Borg for a short time, was able to keep hers intact because the Doctor was able to remove all of the implants in time. Up until Seven's modifications, nanoprobes acted as the strongest form of birth control.)

As for the show itself, B'Elanna found it a little interesting, because of the engineering aspect of the show. The title of the show Simoun refers to the aircraft which the main characters would use. The ship required two people to fly it. To activate it, one pilot would kiss their flying partner before kissing an orb shaped thing which was connected to something called a helical motor. The ships fire power was drawn from the flight patterns. It was almost magical. Since Simoun proved to be better than Captain Proton and a bit more addicting, the half-Klingon had found some enjoyment in one of her wife's interest.

Speaking up the tall blonde, after sometime, she wrapped her arms around the shorter woman's neck and gave her wife a kiss on the head. "I will comply." A slight relief passed through them as they decided the best time to tell the captain. After much discussion, they agreed to talk with her around dinner where she was half off duty from being captain.

Captain Katherine Janeway was sitting in her ready room going over a security brief from Tuvok. Sometime after lunch Harry Kim became involved in a fight with Ensign Jack Robin. The scuffle began when Harry caught Jack sexually assaulting Sam Wildman in a turbolift. Harry, forgetting to call for security, took it upon himself to defend Ensign Wildman. Fits were used as both men fought their way through the corridors. Eventually, Tuvok came with a team to stop the ruckus. At this moment both Harry and Jack sat in different cells in the brig waiting for punishment. Figuring out Harry's punish was simple, but trying to come up with an appropriate punishment for Jack was harder since she would had to find a way to keep Jack away from Sam for a while. Since the ship was only so big keeping a person away from another person was almost impossible.

As she contemplated on an appropriate punishment, the computer announced someone at her door. "Computer, who is it."

- Lieutenant Torres-Hansen and Seven of Nine - said the cold female voice of the ship.

Strange, thought the captain. Worry sprouted within her as to what they would want to talk to her about. As far as I know there hasn't seem to be any problems in their relationship unless all of their disputes were behind doors. Those two head strong women fighting… "Computer, open doors," commanded Janeway.

The doors swished opened and closed as the Torres-Hansens entered the ready room. Upon seeing both women, Janeway took time to study them. Looking from one woman to the next, the captain saw a certain uneasiness about them, but no anger. "B'Elanna, Seven, how can I help you?"

Uncharacteristicly, Seven shuffled her feet with her arms behind her back, "Captain, there is an important matter we wish to discuss with you."

Katherine stood up and approached them cautiously. She now knew for certain that something was definitely not right. Normally she would hear things out before bringing up her assumptions, but not this time, "Is there a problem with your relationship?"

Both B'Elanna and Seven looked at each other as if this confused them. B'Elanna pulled her attention back towards Katherine, "Captain, Seven and I could never be happier. She still makes my blood boil, but it a good way. I wouldn't leave her for anything."

This relieved Janeway somewhat, "If there's no problem, then how come you're here?"

Again the married couple looked at each other, trying to figure out the best way to approach the topic and the best to explain things. B'Elanna could ease into it more whereas Seven would be blunt about it. Maybe it would be best to do the band aid method, they mentally conversed with each other.

"Captain, there has been a development in B'Elanna's health," explained the ex-Borg trying to be discreet as possible.

Janeway looked at the half-Klingon with a sort of fear and confusion in her eyes, "Have you contracted some unclassified disease from the last away mission?" The last mission was on a planet where they found a destroyed ship, which distress signal they pick up. B'Elanna along with Chakotay and Tuvok went to investigate. It turned out who ever was on the ship must have been either picked up some time ago or perished. Going on away mission was also a worried for the Torres-Hansens. With B'Elanna's conditions, it would be too dangerous for her to go.

However, what Janeway said somehow miffed off the pregnant woman. The idea of someone calling her child a disease caused a growl to come out of the half-Klingon. Janeway was taken aback from the sudden aggressive behavior as Seven wrapped an arm around her wife's waist to calm her down. Still sensing her wife's aggression, Seven turned towards Janeway, "B'Elanna does not have a disease. Her condition is a bit more complicated. There is no easy way to say this but she is carrying our child."

Above all she could have prepared herself for, this was not one of them. She didn't know how to react. Should I be proud? Upset? Angry? Looking at them trying to figure out what to say, she noticed they seemed to be waiting on bated breath for her to say something. Before she could B'Elanna spoke up, "Captain, I'm sorry we didn't come to you when we decided to have a baby. We were just happy that Seven had figured out a way that we could. Having a baby is something we both wanted."

Janeway held up a hand and walked over to the replicator. "Coffee, black." Taking the piping hot cup, Janeway walked over to her desk to sit down. After taking a sip, she turned her attention back on them, "I'm still trying to gather my thoughts; so, I don't know what to say. Tell me how did this happen."

"By using a number of modified nanoprobes."

This really blew her away, "Nanoprobes?"

Seven went on to explain how it was possible as the captain listened. After hearing everything about the conception and the reason behind it all, Janeway knew she couldn't condone their actions. Her mind went back to the moment Sam Wildman had come to her about seven years ago telling her how she was pregnant. She recalled how scared the woman was about the possibility that Janeway would ask her to abort the child she and her husband had tried so hard to conceive. The captain understood then. Her memory then switch to a conversation she had with Chakotay at the time. They were talking about how the length of the trip home was and how they might want to think about the possibility of other children being born on the ship. She looked at the two women before her and thought about the future of voyager and facing the inevitable.

"I'm happy for you two," she said making the other two women breathe easier, "So, how far along are you?"

"Three months," said B'Elanna.

Whoa thought Janeway, "Three months, I'm surprise I haven't been informed by the Doctor."

Seven spoke up, "Actually Captain, the Doctor has not been informed yet. I have taken upon myself to examine B'Elanna. After we had conceived, we remembered it would have been prudent to ask for your permission beforehand considering the circumstances. It so happens you are the first one who knows."

Somehow this flattered Katherine somehow, "Thank-you, but you really should have come to me before; however, I want you to stop not asking the Doctor for help."

"We will Captain," assured the ex-Borg.

"I know you will," she said as she took a sip of coffee. "If you don't have anything more to say, you are free to go."

"Um, Captain," came B'Elanna.


"We still don't feel like making a big announcement, so we still want to low key about things."

Janeway nodded, "I'll try not to spill the beans, but I'm not so sure about the Doctor."

Seven wasn't paying much attention to everything the captain said. Her mind was focused on the term 'spill the beans.' B'Elanna on the other hand thanked Katherine and pulled her distracted wife with her. Before they left Janeway said, "Oh, before you go, congradulations."