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After having finishing her shift in the Astrometrics lab, Seven walked into quarters to find her wife eating breakfast. Being filled with love, Seven walked over to her and placed a kissed on her head before taking a seat across from the shorter woman. Bringing up her borg implanted hand on top of the table, she started strumming on the table with her fingers. It was a habit she had picked up and took to immediately. Now every time she used this human act, it was a way to show when her mind seemed to be plagued by thoughts.

Hearing the drumming sound, B'Elanna looked up from her banana maple oatmeal with concern in her eyes. She couldn't help but notice the distance look in Seven's eyes. "Is there something on your mind, love?"

Seven looked at B'Elanna for a moment before speaking, "As I was performing my duties, Naomi entered the Astrometrics lab."

"Wasn't it past her bed time?" asked the half-klingon curiously. For the likes of her, she couldn't figure out why Naomi's presence could have disturbed her wife.

"Indeed; however, she came to me out of concern for her mother."

"Her mother?" questioned B'Elanna, who was more concern now than ever.

Seven's eyes furrowed as she thought back on the conversation she had with Sam. "It would seem Sam was sexually assaulted by Ensign Jack Robin approximately three days ago. Since that time it would seem that she's been, as you would say, 'shakin' up.'"

"Oh poor Sam," said the half-klingon. She looked at Seven and understood why she was upset. Heck, she was upset herself. The very idea that someone would sexually assault someone was unnerving, but to have the victim being a dear friend of hers made things even worse. "Did Naomi tell all of this to you?"

"Negative, she reformed me how she had lacked the ability to fall asleep because she had heard her mother crying. She then requested of me to require after her mother's well being. Seeing as it was late, I sought permission to leave my station to transport Naomi to her quarters. Once in her quarters, she went to bed and I had the opportunity to converse with Sam. She told me what I told you; however, I have neglected to inform you of the fight Harry Kim instigated with Ensign Robin after assessing what Ensign Robin was doing to Sam."

"Ah, Harry," B'Elanna smiled brightly at her friend's actions. "He is such a noble somebody."


The half-klingon sat back in her sit to ponder upon this new information. She knew something this big probably went noticed by the captain and Ensign Robin's punishment was properly allotted already. Although it caused her to wonder how she hadn't heard any of this through the gossip mills; however she came to a surprising conclusion that she hasn't been paying too much attention to the gossip mills lately. Her guess was that it was due to the fact that she was worried over her pregnancy and didn't want to be highlighted in any sort of gossip.

Pushing aside her lack of interest in gossip recently, her mind focused once again on Sam. Jack was punished, but Sam was crying. Surely there must be some way to help brighten the older woman. The woman really needed support and warmth at the moment, she thought. Then she smiled as an idea formed in her head.


"Yes, B'Elanna?" asked Seven as she slid her Borg implanted hand onto her lap.

"I was thinking, what if we asked Sam and her daughter over for dinner."

The ex-Borg went over this suggestion in her mind for a moment before answering, "Your suggestion is acceptable. Shall I extend the invitation or would you like to do it?"

B'Elanna's smiled at Seven as she stood up from her chair and went over to kiss Seven on the head, "Don't worry about a thing."


The half-Klingon brought her lips to Seven's ear. The warmth for her wife's breath sent chills down the ex-Borg's back, "I'll ask Sam and make sure we'll have a nice dinner."

Grabbing hold of her wife, Seven brought the pregnant woman onto her lap and placed a hand to her stomach, "I think it would be unwise to let you handle everything. After all, we have the baby to consider."

B'Elanna wrapped her arms around the blonde's shoulders, "Seven, I am very capable of handling dinner. There's no need for you to treat me as if I'm a piece of glass."

It took a moment for the ex-Borg to reply, "Are you saying that I treat you like you were fragile?"

"Yes, love, although a part of me loves it…"

"It must be your human nature," interrupted Seven.

"Probably, and it's probable that my Klingon nature makes being treated as some breakable object ridiculous and downright annoying. It's been this way between us since the day we conceived."

"Are you saying I should not treat you as if you were breakable? You are with child, our child. I do not want either of you…"

"I understand, Seven, but you have to know: inside this woman is a warrior. We are tough as nails."

"You maybe as you said, but I know you better. I have witnessed you in distress. On the outside, you may be strong, but on the inside…" Seven placed a kissed over B'Elanna's heart through her uniform. "I want to protect you to my top most capacity."

"You do," the woman on her lap said, "Everyday, you do. You have the biggest heart that I know and I love you." Being filled with so much love for the taller woman, B'Elanna let tears spill from her eyes.

Upon witnessing the moisture escaping from her wife's eyes, Seven brushed those tears away, "This must be from some hormonal imbalance caused by the pregnancy," she declared as if she was some sort of doctor.

As for the half-Klingon, she didn't know what to feel at her wife's comment. The only thing that came to mind was to hit Seven in the arm. "I can't believe you would say something like that," she stormed, getting off Seven's lap. "You know, you have one nasty way of ruining someone's moods."

Seven watched as the fiery woman paced angrily in the living area of their quarters. "B'Elanna…"

"No, Seven, you… you… I was feeling all happy and in love, and you make a stupid comment like that. Seriously, you have no…" Again filled with anger, B'Elanna walked back over to Seven and hit her arm again.

Even though, she was getting hurt, the ex-Borg didn't care. She loved seeing her wife like this. Rubbing her arm, Seven said, "I concluded this is also another bout of hormonal imbalance due to being pregnant. As I recall, it's recalled 'mood swings.'"

B'Elanna turned around to rant more at Seven, but once her eyes landed on Seven her rage quieted down simply because she saw a happy teasing gleam in Seven's eyes. "You… infuriating woman."

"Ah, but you love me," the taller woman declared as she took B'Elanna in her arms and kissed her before letting her go so the Chief engineer could go to Engineering.