Hey, everybody! More Eva/Kade goodness!

It was another day when Eva and Kade sat on Eva's bed, watching a lame TV show.

"We now return to Captain Green and the Eco Teens." The screen showed some people cutting down trees in a forest.

"Once all these trees are gone, this'll be the perfect place to build our new garbage dump!"

Just then, Captain Green and the Eco Teens appeared. "Not so fast!"


"That's right, so you better surrender before we teach you a lesson!"

"Oh yeah? And what are YOU gonna do?"

"THIS!" he exclaimed as they drew out some guns.

"Oh s$%t." With that, the Eco Teens began blasting away at the villains, spilling lots of blood. The lead villain came up to Captain Green and kicked the gun out of his hands, but Captain Green slipped behind him and broke his neck.

"Remember kids: saving the forest is good for our ecosystem! It's also good if you wanna live longer! And not just because they breathe oxygen! It's because if you don't, I'll come to your house and shoot your f#%king head off!" With that, he shot the camera.

"How is this show child friendly?" Eva asked.

"Harvey and Wally really like it." Kade replied. "Heck, Virginia, too."

"Go figure. Hey, I'm gonna go get some Kool-aid. You want some?"

"Sure!" With that, Eva left the room for the kitchen. During which time, the show went into a commercial, leaving Kade bored. He then looked over to a small, green rectangular prism box on the dresser. Feeling curious, he got up and opened the box to find a pair of glasses.

"Well, here's your Kool-aid-Huh?" Eva said, coming back in with Kool-aid and noticing him holding the glasses.

"Eva, whose glasses are these?"

She sighed. "They're mine."

"Yours? Wait, since when do you wear glasses?"

"Since about six months ago. I went to the doctor for a check-up one day and he said my eyesight was poor and I needed these glasses."

"Why haven't I seen you wearing them?"

She sighed again. "Because…they make me look dorky!"

"What? Come on!"

"No, really! They make me look like a total loser!"

"That can't be true! Put 'em on! Let me see!"

"I don't want to. They're dorky."

"Eva, I don't believe you, now try 'em on."

"No. You'll laugh."

"Eva, no I won't. And if I'm lying, I'll stop telling jokes for the rest of our friendship."

She sighed again. "Okay." With that, she took the glasses and slipped them on her face. Kade was silent for a few moments as he stared at her. "Well, go on. Say it. I look like a total nerd."

"Eva…you're beautiful."

"No, I'm not! You're just saying that!"

"No, Eva, I mean it! Those glasses make you look pretty!"


"Yeah! And besides," he began, putting a hand on her shoulder, "even if they didn't, you're still pretty on the inside! It doesn't matter how you look!"

She smiled. "Thanks, Kade. But still, I'm not sure if I wanna go around school like this."

"Well, you could always wear contacts!"

"Yeah…I guess I could!"

"Yep! So, you got my Kool-aid?"

"OH YEAH!" the Kool-aid Guy exclaimed, breaking through the wall. Eva and Kade glared frightfully at him, making him back up and run away.

The two exchanged smirks as they drew out 2x4 weapons. "Those Eco Teens may be onto something after all!" Eva said, and with that, they chased after the Kool-aid Guy.

Ah, what better way for two secret lovers to bond than chasing a giant glass filled with life-sustaining liquid? Don't worry. Eva and Kade will get together pretty soon! Now, let's get back to working on DUTCHMAN and the Nightmare series! Later!