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- Chapter Start -

Telling Severus what the ravens had instructed him to do to control his rebellious magic was both embarrassing and erotic for Harry; a heady, confusing mixture. It was one thing to wake up in the man's arms and let himself be swept away in the heat of the moment, it was quite another to tell Severus to his face that he had to get aroused - frequently - to learn how to control his magic.

If this revelation had occurred before today, Harry was sure he would have passed out halfway through his explanation, red faced and twitching on the floor with nothing but his juvenile and untested expectations to help or hinder him. This morning's activity had given him a clearer picture of what to expect, but Severus' rapt and undivided attention wasn't helping one bit, looming over him like that with that dangerous gleam in his eyes.

Harry had long since reconciled himself to a life where he either had no choice, like competing in the Triwizard Tournament, or had to make tough ones, like marrying his Potions Professor to avoid Fudge's clutches. This last one had turned out far better than he could have ever imagined, but he still hadn't expected this newest task, on which so much depended, to sound so... pleasant; it seemed more like a treat than a chore!

Explaining it to Severus was agonising though. Harry found himself reaching for him once he finished, his gaze centered on those thin lips issuing that resigned sigh. There was no definite reason to explain his urge to grab the man's chin, if only for the fact that the slight scruffiness there was more tempting than he had previously thought. He kissed Severus with something akin to desperation, trying to purge his body of all the tingling embarrassment and anticipation after that excruciating conversation with him.

Despite initiating the kiss, Harry couldn't focus enough to enjoy it, his mind busy with all the things he should have said to make their dialog go smoothly, until awareness intruded once more in the shape of Severus firmly lodged between his spread thighs. Harry squeezed his eyes shut and captured a thin lower lip between his own, sucking on it, his hands clutching at broad shoulders.

A deep groan vibrated against his mouth, the ticklish sensation halting his thoughts instantly as in a spell – oh mmm... Harry squirmed again on the couch, the insides of his thighs chafing Severus' waist and sending warm tingles up and inward to his groin. Distracted now by his growing arousal and the hot tongue that had just entered his mouth, he almost didn't feel the two hands moving down his back until long fingers slid between his buttocks and the couch and splayed wide. They cupped and lifted him with ease, pressing him against a bulge that mirrored his own in hardness.

"Oh..." Harry broke the kiss on a gasp, head going back and knees going up to hug Severus around the waist. He tried to press even closer to that hard, inviting heat. The feeling was so similar to this morning's adventure, yet different. They were properly dressed now, heavy layers of fabric between them. It all felt so sinful, like they weren't supposed to do this.

"Your arms, around my neck," was whispered into his ear before warm, wet lips trailed back to his mouth and continued ravishing it.

Harry complied without thinking, curling his arms around Severus' neck. When he was lifted up from the couch a moment later, he tightened his hold and wrapped his legs around Severus' hips for good measure, anchoring himself to that hard, muscled body as the world tilted sideways. His buttocks were squeezed and released, one guilty hand sliding up his back again to press between his shoulder blades, supporting his weight as he was lowered onto the floor. All the while, that hot mouth remained fused to his, drawing the very air from his lungs.

When the kiss ended at last and the heavy weight left his chest, Harry sucked in a few much needed breaths. Dazed green eyes blinked open to see Severus, propped up on two straightened arms and looking down at him, lower body still cradled between Harry's thighs.

Already flushed with desire, Harry blushed even deeper, both at the welcome feel of hard flesh pressing against his own and the sight of that small, expectant smile on those red lips. After what happened this morning, he couldn't deny that he was enjoying his new found closeness with Severus, and thanks to their current and compromising position, was even looking forward to a repeat of the same.

Harry knew that Severus wouldn't mind indulging him in this, judging from his equally aroused state and the rich promises in that sultry gaze, but he was nowhere near to voicing out what he wanted. Squirming a bit, he settled for returning that small smile and giving a tiny nod, his heart leaping inside his chest when Severus' smile widened in response, those black eyes gleaming brighter still.

Harry's heart pounded with anticipation when Severus lowered himself and kissed him again. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth, breaking the kiss on a small gasp when Severus started rocking against him. When he opened his eyes, it was to a sight that was almost surreal, the man's face right above his own, moving up and down in a slow, soft cadence, long black hair swishing with just the barest of movements.

Fragments of the conversation they had just had flitted through Harry's mind, but he couldn't make any sense of the disjointed words right now nor remember what they meant. A dull ache was just starting up at the base of his spine thanks to the hard floor beneath the rug he was lying on, but in the wake of other, more delicious sensations washing through him, was dismissed as unimportant. Harry wanted to focus only on Severus, on those intense eyes devouring him, the solid weight pressing down on him and those lean hips rocking against his own, sending his pulse racing through the roof and blood to pool thickly in his groin.

Without warning, Severus ceased his intoxicating movements and sat up, dark, heavy lidded eyes still watching Harry. Harry stared back, his body throbbing and his breath coming quickly past his lips. A well-shaped hand entered his line of vision, catching his attention as it moved down that black clad chest, tiny black buttons making the faintest popping sounds and revealing a black waistcoat and a white shirt with wide sleeves. That same hand then moved to Harry's chest, long fingers flicking open his robe buttons with the same ease to reveal his t-shirt before going past his navel and lower still, making a last second detour to trace invisible lines down one trembling thigh, both of which were resting over Severus' own.

Hips jerking once in a mix of relief and regret, Harry saw those lips smile knowingly before Severus leaned forward again. A hot mouth covered his, but then Severus started moving against him again at a pace that made kissing impossible. Their attempts at it ended up as short, wet brushes of their lips and heavy breathing in their faces.

Forgoing this one pleasure for now, Harry threw his arms around Severus' neck and buried his face there, nosing aside the collar to breathe in the enticing scent of cinnamon, finding it adequate compensation. He was breathing in hitching gasps, hips undulating against Severus' and feet planted on the floor for purchase, urged on by the intoxicating rub of their erections. A part of him wanted to hold back, to make this session last longer than the one this morning; the other part didn't.

Harry's body succumbed to the rather mindless carnal urges, reveling in each one of Serverus' urgent thrusts and pulsing with increasing frequency. It didn't take long before he peaked, chest arching against Severus' as his body erupted in a series of blissful convulsions. He heard himself cry out and heard Severus' grunt of triumph as those hips pressed hard onto his, sending his orgasm soaring.

Panting, Harry collapsed on the floor, lying sprawled beneath Severus, arms loosening their hold around the man's neck and falling limply to his sides. He huffed, trying to catch his breath, each heavy inhalation making his chest brush the one above his. He smiled with his eyes still closed, pretty sure it was a very silly smile.

A kiss was pressed to his lower lip, the weight above his disappearing for a moment just to make a comeback in the shape of hands moving his body like a rag doll so that he lay on his side, pressed close to the scorching heat of his bond mate. From the warm arm cushioning his head to the mischievous hand brushing his thigh and grabbing his knee to pull him even closer, it was all good. Severus' nose then nudged his own, inviting him to open his eyes and look up, not giving him a warning before their lips locked once more.

Harry's eyes drifted shut again, his attention shifting between the kiss, Severus' still hard length and the feel of his own magic, reluctant to return to his core as long as the man was embracing him like this and stroking their tongues together. He could also feel the addicting sensation of Severus' magic caressing his skin and the vague thought that it felt the same way his did made him want to smile again. Not even the sticky warmth in his trousers could induce him to move from where he was right now, feeling replete and even a little giddy at what just happened - twice now, and in the same day! – but much less mortified than he had this morning.

When the languid, thorough kiss ended, Harry opened his eyes without any prompting. The sight of the tender smile on those reddened lips brought the expected rush of heat up into his face, but it didn't render him mute this time.


Not completely anyway.

Severus chuckled.

"Such eloquence," he teased, his smile accompanied by a raised eyebrow.

An answering laugh bubbled out of Harry's mouth before he could stop it by biting on his lower lip, only half aware of its tender feel. Severus' teasing had dispelled any lingering awkwardness he felt, prompting him to press a palm against Severus' heart.

"Well, what did you expect me to say?" he asked.

Severus' face came closer until Harry had to blink, his vision of tender, amused dark eyes blurring.

"That you want more..." the enticing words were whispered against his lips, "and that you want to do this," a slow, rolling movement of his hips pulled a gasp from Harry, "to me."

The kiss that followed prevented Harry from answering, not that he could form any coherent reply to Severus' suggestion. Two strong hands clamping his waist and a sharp inhalation that sucked the air from his lungs were all the warning he got before Severus rolled onto his back and brought him along.

Breaking the kiss, Harry raised his head and then his upper body, both palms pressed flat against that broad chest as he looked down at Severus. He was the one now cradled between two hard thighs, pressing on an arousal that hadn't been satisfied.

"Well, Harry?" Severus asked softly, his eyes serious despite the lightness of his tone and the small smile on his lips.

Harry stared at him, his breath quickening again, as if he were already following Severus' suggestion. A tiny, almost imperceptible part of him, the part that was bashful and shy, thought of reasons to refuse this. The bigger part however, the one that felt the body beneath his with an almost electrifying acuteness, made him shiver in excitement, not trepidation.

"Just move a little," Severus coaxed him.

With their bodies already in the perfect position, Harry nodded. He took a deep breath and rocked forward, the slide of his sated flesh, slippery with his emission, making him gasp.

"Yes... just like that..."

Harry did it again, his face growing hot when his length started to pulse, his body taking an interest once more. Pressed so close to Severus, he knew the man couldn't have missed his reaction.

"Harry. Yes."

Severus' appreciative response, eyes half lidded in pleasure and dark head tipping back, was quick to chase away Harry's embarrassment and replace it with wonder. Harry kept his eyes open, not wanting to miss a single sign as he moved again, feeling both their magic moving with him, almost in tandem.

"I... can feel your magic," he blurted out, his voice a bit breathless.

Severus' eyes opened fully to look up at him. The dark orbs were somewhat glazed, a sight Harry found very gratifying.

"I can feel yours too," Severus said after a moment, as if he were having a bit of difficulty focusing his thoughts.

"I - it feels like... it wants to merge with yours."

"It won't," Severus assured him, a tiny break in his voice as Harry rocked against him once more. "Not until we consummate our marriage."

Harry's hips stilled. He had shied away from that particular word earlier when Severus misunderstood what he was trying to tell him, but right this minute, it was almost too easy to imagine... everything.

Mouths fused together, bare skin against bare skin, fingers learning contours and planes and no clothing to stop anything from happening...

Lips parted and cheeks red, Harry stared at the top button on Severus' waistcoat, picturing the strong, muscled chest beneath. His fingers were itching to move and flick those buttons open, to go a little wild and just undress and rip and press. It wasn't -

"Harry? Are you thinking about what I said?"

Yanked from his thoughts, Harry found himself being regarded by amused dark eyes, that low voice sounding just a bit pained.

"No!" he denied at once, vexed at how easily Severus could read him.


"Yes." Harry was stubborn if nothing else, tipping his chin up and ignoring the sudden gleam in Severus' eyes. His heart skipped a beat when two warm hands slid over his buttocks again, fingertips tracing little circles over his flesh.

"Oh," he said, green eyes widening.

Severus smirked at him and Harry blushed deeper, an exhaled "ngh" leaving his lips when those fingers squeezed and tugged, dragging him firmly over a very hard length that throbbed in response.

"You weren't thinking about this?" Severus asked, his voice very low.

"N-no," Harry said. He groaned when Severus pushed him back and then tugged him forward again, acquainting his groin with every inch of that solid and substantial erection.


"Not... not exactly," Harry panted, exhaling sharply when Severus moved him again.

"What then?" Severus asked, the lightness in his voice at odds with his roughened breathing.

"Ngh. S-shirts... removing our shirts."

"Ahh." Severus' smile was pleased and downright wicked, making Harry's stomach flip flop in nervous anticipation. "We can do that later if you like, but for now..."

Severus tugged him forward again and Harry shivered.

"For now, just move like that, Harry. Yes, like that..."

Harry complied, unable to do anything else, lost in the allure of glittering eyes, of soft black hair splayed on the rug beneath them, a single, inky strand lying across a pale and damp forehead. He was filled with the need to touch Severus, to do things to him. He dug his fingers into those muscled shoulders, white shirt soft against his palms and little buttons calling to him, glittering in his mind's eyes as he imagined flipping them open. He moved his hands, clumsy fingers brushing against them only to give up, mouth opening in a silent moan and mind blanking out, his knees grinding into the rug on either side of Severus as he rocked back and forth.

Pressure was building in his groin again, more tendrils of his magic emanating from his core to seek Severus out. Harry squeezed his eyes shut, body split between the keen pleasure of his rutting against Severus and the feeling of his own magic, enhancing the experience, golden threads of energy taking shape in his mind, sparkling and shimmering with life. The feeling was warm, heavy, tickling in all the right places.


Eyes blinking open, Harry saw Severus looking up at him, want and confusion painted on his face. He realised he had stopped moving and started again.

"I – I want to..." Trailing off, Harry shook his head. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth to the motion of his thrusting hips, the chest he was touching and the amazing sensation of his magic, moving there like a soft breeze, except much heavier. There were lines of silver rather than gold then, rising from a magical core almost bright enough to burn. His eyes snapped open again, gazing into Severus'.

"I can see your magic," he said breathlessly.

Severus' eyebrows drew together.

"You can?"

"Yes. Inside my head..."

Severus' eyebrows rose in surprise just when Harry was about to close his eyes once more. His confused expression, coupled with flushed cheeks and glittering eyes, succeeded in changing Harry's mind. Deprived of that mental picture of their magic, Harry started rocking harder against Severus, a vague idea that if he moved hard enough he might still be able to keep that image in his mind. He stared down into intense black, panting with his exertion, hips moving erratically.

"Harry?" Severus asked, breathing just as hard.

"I'm just trying... something..."

Harry felt his magic close around them like a snug cocoon, his heart thrilling when Severus' head tipped back, lips parting in soundless pleasure. God, he looked so good like that. So good. It made him want to go further, to make Severus go wild so he could catalogue every single expression -

Something sparkled at the periphery of Harry's vision, halting his thoughts and prompting him to turn his head. His eyes went wide. He could SEE his magic right now, literally see the sparkling gold threads in his mind, dotted with shining particles, dancing and swirling around them. There were threads of silver amongst the gold and with a jolt, he realised he was seeing Severus' magic as well. It was beautiful, those undulating threads of gold and silver, weaving and twining around each other, yearning to merge, but not able to.

Harry's wondering gaze followed the trail of those bright silver threads back to the source and saw Severus' core within his chest, bright and pulsing with life. He saw more silver threads escaping into the air, saw those thin lips moving soundlessly as if invoking them.

It wasn't until Severus bucked against him that Harry realised he had stopped moving again. He shivered and complied, the insistent caress of Severus' magic against his flushed skin making it tingle, lighting nerve ends that sparked and sizzled. Severus' head was thrashing from side to side, his hands now gripping Harry's buttocks tight enough to bruise as he dragged him faster and faster over his erection.

Shuddering, Harry picked up the pace, rocking back and forth under those skilled hands, his magic imitating the motions of his body, dancing with Severus' as if separate from them. He gripped handfuls of that white shirt, heart pounding and muscles constricting, racing towards a finish that loomed before him and swallowed him whole. This orgasm was more stunning than the one before, a powerful rush of bliss plowing through Harry's body and leaving him helpless in its wake. He cried out and heard Severus' harsh growl, letting him know he hadn't come alone this time.

Collapsing on top of Severus, Harry panted loudly, limbs trembling so much he couldn't move them if he tried. His magic was even more reluctant to return to his core this time and he was conscious Severus' was the same, each lingering brush of that addicting signature causing a small ripple of leftover pleasure to travel through his limp body. He kept his eyes closed and let his breathing slow down, lazily focusing on the slowing puffs of warm breath against the side of his neck and the hands now resting loosely on his buttocks, the sensations warring with the incessant play of gold and silver inside his mind.


Hearing the word pronounced in that deep voice roused Harry from his near stupor, pulling a chuckle from him that was almost a giggle. He reined in his smile with difficulty and raised his head, trying to look down his nose at Severus.

"Such eloquence," he said, turning Severus' words back on him. Sated dark eyes gleamed in amusement while a hand slid up his back and curled around the nape of his neck, bringing him forward a little and then down to a waiting mouth.

"What did you want me to say?" Severus asked against his lips. Again, he didn't wait for an answer before kissing Harry, lips touching and pulling apart with soft smacking sounds, the tips of their tongues meeting again and again.

When the kisses finally ended, Harry was a puddle of melted bliss and starting to doze off, no longer caring about rumpled clothing or sticky skin or the fact that Severus was bearing his weight.


A light shake of his shoulders roused Harry just enough to mumble an acknowledgement.


"Earlier, you said that you could feel and see our magic?"

Sleepy green eyes blinked open at that, a sluggish mind recalling the sight of gold and silver tendrils.

"Yeah, I could," Harry replied slowly. He was about to mention something else, but Severus was talking again.

"Did you try to control your magic then? While you were riding me?"

Harry was instantly wide awake, head snapping up and cheeks flushing red.

"I was not riding you!" he hissed in mortification, all sorts of suggestive images crowding his brain at Severus' words, each one threatening to make his head explode. "I was just - just doing what you said!"

Severus raised an eyebrow, managing to look all superior with his head still resting on the rug. "I recall telling you to move just a little."

Glaring down at him, cheeks hotter than before, Harry made to scramble up. The arms around his waist trapped him in place and he ended up writhing against Severus instead.

"Harry..." Severus' voice was a groan. "Wait - did you try controlling your magic?"

Harry froze, eyes widening and lips forming an 'o' of chagrin that stretched into a sheepish smile, body relaxing onto Severus again.

"I completely forgot about that."

A sardonic eyebrow rose, but Severus didn't seem at all disappointed, the reason for it becoming clear when he spoke.

"I believe one of the requirements is practice," he replied, his voice as light and nonchalant as before.

Harry smiled at him, his earlier embarrassment over Severus' teasing already forgotten.

"It is," he agreed. "Practising with someone."

Severus' chuckle was deep and rich. He kissed Harry again before pushing him off of him and sitting up with a groan, one hand pressed to his lower back.

"I think we will confine all future practice to our bed from now on," he decided. Standing up, he pulled Harry to his feet.

"I agree," Harry said, wincing at a similar ache at the base of his spine.

Severus smiled and cast a healing spell and then a cleaning one on both of them. Raising Harry's chin, he pressed yet another kiss to those red lips.

"Go take a shower before we go in to dinner," he said, turning Harry in the direction of their bedroom and giving a gentle push. "After that, we need to update Albus on what Salazar said."

The reminder of his earlier conversation with the portrait slowed Harry's steps down, his euphoric giddiness fading a little. Pausing at the bedroom door, he looked over his shoulder, shy green eyes taking in the disheveled look of his bond mate, long hair mussed and clothing rumpled.

"And after that?" he prompted with a straight face.

"More practice, of course," Severus replied, his face just as straight, but for the gleam in his eyes.

- o -

Harry, Ron and Hermione walked at a brisk pace. They still had plenty of time, but the simmering excitement inside them had them passing the innocuous blank wall three times as if they were very late.

A big oak door with a coat of arms depicting Sirius and Remus' Animagus forms appeared. It was so grand and intentionally exaggerated the three of them knew this had all been Sirius' idea. Harry pulled the heavy door open and they went inside, looking around at the decorations. The Room of Requirement now resembled a larger version of the Gryffindor Common Room; all deep red and gold furnishings, tapestries, rugs and cushions.

"Why doesn't this surprise me?" Hermione asked, smiling as she turned around in a slow circle to take in her surroundings.

"Harry! Hermione! Ron!"

Sirius and Remus were walking towards them, looking dashing and tall in smart, brand new dress robes. Despite the still visible ravages of Azkaban and lycanthropy, their faces were radiant, eyes glowing with happiness.

Harry threw his arms around the two of them and hugged them, feeling their arms surround him and their lips on his hair.

"Thanks for coming, kiddo," Sirius said.

"Yes, thanks, Harry," Remus added.

Harry could feel and hear their smiles in their words. He pulled back and grinned at both of them.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," he assured them.

He looked around while Sirius and Remus greeted Ron and Hermione next. There were several tables set with red velvet tablecloths, crystal goblets and gold plates on one side of the room, most likely for the tea later on. On the other side was a huge lit fireplace set in the wall with comfortable couches and armchairs facing it. Harry chuckled when he spied a painting similar to the one Sirius had transfigured in Slytherin's chamber when Remus was lying there. This one depicted only two canines playing poker - a Grim and a Hell Hound.

The sound of the door opening made him turn around to see Arthur and Molly walking in followed by the rest of their brood. Amidst all the redheads, Harry could make out the platinum blond head of Draco, his fingers linked with Charlie's.

The Marauders went over to welcome their latest guests, and Harry, Ron and Hermione followed suit. As Ron greeted his parents, Hermione nudged Harry's shoulder, directing his attention to Draco who was taking in the décor with a badly disguised blank expression. Harry smirked and Hermione snickered.

When a beaming Molly approached him with outstretched arms, Harry's smirk vanished. Much to his embarrassment and discomfort, she squashed him against a rather sizeable pregnant belly and planted fat kisses on both his cheeks. She also thanked him for saving them all and assured him that she and the baby were doing well.

Flustered, Harry just nodded along until Molly winced, a puffy hand pressed to the lower part of her stomach. Arthur appeared next to her, probably alerted by Harry's wide eyes and skeptical expression. He calmly told Harry the baby was just kicking up a storm before leading Molly to a comfortable armchair by the fire and magicking up a pillow for her back.

The door opened again and Albus appeared, resplendent in rich purple robes, blue eyes twinkling as he stood aside to let a few more people in - Kingsley, Mad Eye, Merik Volpine, Aventine, Minerva and Severus bringing up the rear.

Sirius and Remus walked up, all flaring robes and bright grins, greeting them and thanking them for coming. When Merik explained Aventine's presence by saying that he had personally invited his good friend, the two Marauders were quick to assure the vampire lord that he was just as welcome with ready smiles and hearty handshakes.

Kingsley and Mad Eye separated from the group, the former's booming voice breaking the otherwise quiet chatter of the other guests.

"And here we have Harry Potter," said Kingsley with a good natured smile, pumping Harry's hand in a firm handshake that had him almost stumbling. Moody did the same, slapping Harry on the back for good measure before limping to the nearest chair. Harry managed a distracted nod at them, the rest of his attention claimed by Severus who looked tall, dark and very distinguished in a set of formal robes Harry hadn't seen before.

Severus looked his way at that moment as if he could feel the admiring scrutiny on his person. Harry smiled, his heart doing a little bit of tripping when his smile was returned and Severus came closer.

A discreet throat clearing made them both blink and turn their heads.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Potter," Lord Aventine greeted in his deep voice, sharp white teeth flashing in a quick smile. He fitted into the surroundings quite well, black robes and hair a direct contrast to red eyes and white skin.

"It's good to see you again, Mr. Potter," Merik added with a wide smile.

"Just Harry, please. I am glad to see you two as well," Harry replied. He smiled and shook their outstretched hands without hesitation.

Remus appeared then and drew Volpine and Aventine away to introduce them to the Weasleys. A warm hand clasping his made Harry turn, cheeks warming at the sight of approving eyes travelling over his basilisk scales coat.

"Did you have a good lunch?"

Harry nodded, reaching out his other hand to touch dark blue silk robes.

"I did. I didn't see you this morning."

By the time he had woken up, Severus was gone from their bed. Harry had waited for him for a while before giving up and getting dressed. He had made his way to the Great Hall where he joined Ron and Hermione for a late breakfast.

"I was with Albus the whole morning," Severus answered. If he were any other person, Harry might have said his tone was a little sulky, but he didn't dare say that, his pout melting under Severus' expression. "He wanted to find out if there are any other portraits of Salazar Slytherin in the castle."

"Are there?" Harry asked, a questing fingertip slipping into one of the small openings between two silver buttons, fascinated by the slight rise and fall of that blue silk. A familiar hand covered his, squeezing lightly before pulling it away.

"I will tell you later."

Albus clapped his hands then and the buzz of conversation halted.

"Good afternoon to all," he said, looking around and beaming. "Now that everyone has arrived, it is time for the bonding ceremony. Sirius and Remus, if you please..."

Looking very pleased, the two Marauders went to stand before Albus who motioned for them to face each other and clasp right hands together. Their fingers already brushing each other's, they just needed to lift their hands and adjust their positions. The other guests came forward and stood around the couple in a loose circle, smiles of anticipation on their faces.

"Repeat after me. I, Sirius Orion Black, take you, Remus John Lupin, as my bond mate, joining body, name, house and power to thine."

Sirius repeated the words, blue eyes bright, voice strong and sure as he gazed into Remus' eyes.

"I, Remus John Lupin, take you, Sirius Orion Black, as my bond mate, joining body, name, house and power to thine," Albus then prompted.

Remus repeated the words. His voice was a bit softer, but no less sure.

Harry stared at them. He had no doubt Sirius and Remus were feeling their vows with a very different emotion to how he had felt his own vows to Severus back in September. The two Marauders were gazing into each other's eyes as if no one else existed for them, as if this one moment was the culmination of all the dreams and hopes they had kept alive for so many years.

"With this ring, I thee wed at last."

Sirius' voice was rich with pride as he slid a gold ring onto Remus' third finger, placing it next to the Black Engagement Ring. Remus then did the same for him with a similar gold band, echoing the words with a smile and quiet joy in his voice.

"Excellent!" Albus beamed at them. "I now pronounce you bonded. You may..."

Before he could complete his sentence, Remus leaned forward, left hand going up and around Sirius' neck in a swift motion to pull him into a fierce kiss. Sirius' eyebrows went up, but he complied quite happily. The passionate kiss raised loud applause, a smattering of chuckles and after a few heated moments, some catcalling from the Weasley males and an exasperated "Gentlemen!" from Molly.

Harry felt a little bit embarrassed watching that. He didn't think he would ever be that public about his affections. He looked down to hide his blush and the slight redness to his eyes.

Merlin, could he be any sappier?

A warm hand cupped his chin and lifted it. Severus then bent his head, the touch of warm, familiar lips on Harry's sending a tingle all the way down his toes.

"Severus!" Harry hissed in an agonised whisper. And right after what he had thought about public displays of affection too!

"I was making up for the one we didn't have before," Severus informed him, giving him yet another peck and then one more before straightening up, looking rather smug.

Despite himself, Harry felt a sheepish grin tug at his lips, green eyes glowing with warmth. His heart was beating faster and not from the kisses alone. He had known for some time that Severus cared for him and was very fond of him – the man had admitted as much - but those dark eyes told him it was much, much more than that.

"In that case, I don't mind too much then," he replied.

- Chapter End -

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