A/N- This is going to be a Bella and Edward story. But other characters can join in if you want too. it doesnt have to be all about Bella and Edward but they are the MAIN charaters.

Ok the idea of this is that we get loads of good writers together to write ONE chapter each to make 1 big story. i have seen this done before and it went really well so i wanna try and do it.

i will write the first chapter then if someone wants to write the next chapter then just PM me and i will PM them and tell them that they get to do chapter 2! . after they have done it then someone else get to do chapter 3 and so on...

ofcorse you will have to wait for the person to finish the chapter before you, so you know where to take off from. DONT already write your chapter if you havent seen the one before it. otherwise the two chapters put together will not make sense.

your chapter cant be too long or too short. 1000-2000 words plz.

when you have read the chapter before yours and you have written your chapter , you need to send it to me via private message. i will add it to the story and i will also put your name at the top of the chapter so people know who has written what chapter.


please try and keep to the story lines and not go to far off e.g chapt 1. bella and edward go to italy..chapt 2. sam and emily have a wedding?

so please try and keep to the story line as best as you can. there isnt much of a plot so you have free range to do whatever really but it has to run off of the last chapter. you ARE allowed to do chiffhangers if you want to.

NO LEMONS AT ALL! and if there is violance please dont make it too detailed, you have to describe what it happening yes but please dont go overboard.

when and only WHEN i have told you that a chapter is complete is when you should start writing yours.

If someone has written something and i think its too much then i will ask you to re-write it or ill ask someone else to write that chapter but i shouldnt have to if you have read this, you understand what you can and cant write.

Any questions then feel free to ask me and if you are interested in writing a chapter then just PM me and ill tell you when a chapter is avaible to be written.

most of all have fun! :)