Another ridiculous one-shot for you. Enjoy!

Summary: Someone left the TV on in the playroom.

Setting: Celia's house, 1986 or so.

Characters: Buffy and Celia.

Disclaimer: They're still not mine.

"Buffy!" cried Celia in delight.

"Hi, Celia!" said Buffy. The cousins ran to each other and hugged, then scampered off hand in hand to go play while their mothers did boring grown-up stuff in the living room.

The television was on in the playroom, and at first Buffy ignored it while she helped Celia fortify her Little Tykes playhouse so that it would better withstand attack. But just when she'd finished arranging the stack of decorative pillows she had stolen from the couch for optimum accessibility as ammunition to be pelted at would-be invaders, she was distracted by the sound of sinister music suddenly coming from the TV. She stiffened and turned to look at the screen, her brow furrowed.

"Ah! Greetings! I am the Count! Do you know wha—oh! Look! Flowers! I will count them! One! One flower. Two! Two flowers. Three! Three flowers. Four! Four flowers. Five! Five flowers. Six! Six flowers. Seven! Seven flowers. Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!"

"Celia," she said, her eyes fixed on the cackling creature's thick, jagged eyebrows and his very sharp teeth. "Who's that?"

Celia looked around at the screen too and a huge smile spread across her face. "That's the Count! He always counts things, and he's funny. I like him."

Buffy continued to watch, a pronounced frown on her face. Normally she liked whatever Celia liked, and vice versa, but this time…there was just something about that purple puppet that made her angry. Sure, he seemed goofy and harmless and only interested in counting things, but there was also that laugh and the way spooky music and thunder and lightning seemed to follow him around. He was obviously a bad guy, and she didn't like him at all. But she wasn't sure how to explain any of this to Celia, so instead she sneakily shifted her stack of pillow projectiles to where she'd easily be able to target the screen if the Count tried anything. Luckily, before he could, he was replaced by a fuzzy blue monster that was crazy about cookies. The threat now gone, Buffy relaxed and moved ahead with her siege preparations as originally planned.