Author's Note: I got this idea from a mixture of boredom and a couple Bleach fanfics called Matsumoto's Nightmare and it's companion, Hitsugaya's Nightmare. Both fics are by Writing bunny and can be found in my favorites. Enjoy.

It had been a few years after Chell's escape, and GLaDOS was bored. She had thought that having enough test subjects to populate a city would have created a sufficient amount of Science to occupy her mind. However, human testing had become irritatingly repetitive. Once the tests had become too deadly, progress came to a complete stop. She had nearly forgotten how the sounds of dying humans, while delightful, quickly became annoying after hearing it over and over. Too much of anything was a bad thing, after all.

GLaDOS was at a loss; she simply didn't know how to entertain herself. As long as the test subjects kept dying, Science couldn't continue. At one point she had been so desperate to find a solution that she had resorted to asking various test subjects what they thought. Most of the Neanderthals would yell: "Make the tests less deadly, you psychopath!" Seriously, no one appreciated good Science anymore…

One day, GLaDOS decided that she couldn't let the problem progress any longer than it already had. If she didn't put a stop to it, how could she survive living forever? She would be bored to death, maybe even literally. After an entire 12 pico-seconds of consideration, GLaDOS decided that she would direct her attention away from testing and give this dilemma her full consideration.

Alright. So testing has ceased to yield results, and it's about time to take a break from watching humans blunder to their deaths. So, after testing, what's the next best thing?

Revenge was the obvious answer; everyone loved revenge. But at the moment, she had no one to take revenge on. She had given Chell her freedom, the other human test subjects were too idiotic to hurt her, and that little moron was still stranded in space with a raving lunatic of a sphere.

Wait, since when did someone's suffering prevent you from making him suffer even more? After thinking over her problem for a grand total of 21.9 pico-seconds, GLaDOS decided to torment Wheatley.

GLaDOS opened a com-link to the Intelligence Dampening Sphere. "Hello, Moron," she said with computerized disdain.

"Yes, we're in spa- oh it's you!" Wheatley exclaimed in shock. "I've been alone with this bloody lunatic for so long, I've sort of - hold on a minute - YES, MATE, WE'RE IN SPACE! I know that, you've been telling me that for years now, haven't you? Look, I'm trying to have my first conversation since bloody forever, and if you don't shut up … the space cops will come and get you. Yeah, this is their territory, and they'll come and get you, and take you to space court. And the space judge will sentence you to … burning, burning in the sun. And then you won't be in space. You'll be, you'll be on fire. And then, dead, of course, you'll be on fire first, and then you'll be dead, not much later."

There was a short silence. "Alright, that's fine, you can whisper about the space cops coming to get you, I'm sure they won't hear that. No point in saying it out loud, really, but as long as you keep it to a whisper, it'll be fine. Sorry about that," Wheatley said, turning his attention back to GLaDOS. "Listen, you're not exactly the first person I want to say this to, and you could make an argument that you deserved everything I did to you, but I'm sorry. I really am sorry. I was bossy, and rude, and monstrous, and I didn't have to put you in a potato, I could have just put you in a … in a corner or something, I could have put you in a quiet little corner, but the point is, I over-reacted, and I'm sorry. And, if you and Chell are still on speaking terms, or if you didn't kill her after she plugged you back in, could you tell her I'm sorry for everything? And tell her – OI, MATE, DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THE BLOODY SPACE COPS ALREADY? That wasn't even the five minutes I asked for, was it?"

While Wheatley tried to get the Space Sphere to stop screaming, GLaDOS accessed his empathy history to see how much he had suffered during the years he had been stranded in space. "Guilt", "sadness/misery", and "depression" had been at a steady high, but the graph showed a significant decrease since Wheatley had apologized.

Wait, did I make him feel better when I contacted him? That doesn't usually happen…

GLaDOS noticed that the only other emotions that had been even close to the others were "annoyance" and "anger". However, those had begun to decrease even before GLaDOS had contacted him, to the point where the annoyance level Wheatley was experiencing as a result of being interrupted wasn't even one third of the record high, and anger levels were nearly non-existent. That's when GLaDOS got an idea.

"Here, let me get that for you," she offered.

Miles and miles away from Aperture, the Space Sphere exploded before it could finish screaming "SPAAAAACE!"

GLaDOS felt a sense of satisfaction as "pity" and "sadness" levels spiked. So, the little idiot had developed a sense of attachment even though he couldn't stand him…

"You didn't really have to do that! Wasn't there a-a mute button or something that you could have pushed instead?" Wheatley asked.

"Ironically not. Just the termination option."

"So … you're not going to do that to me, are you? Because I don't want to die! I want to find Chell and tell her I'm sorry and, um, get back to earth first, because I would have to do that first and it's really boring up here, but I don't want to die! I even apologized, to you, of all people!"

If GLaDOS could have smiled, she would have when she saw the "fear" and "uncertainty" levels rise. And she hadn't even gotten to the fun part yet.

"No, I was just going to let us get to the end of the conversation. Here it is: I don't forgive you, and neither will Chell. Well, I'm sure she would forgive you if she knew that you were sorry, but she won't, because I'll never tell her. Goodbye."

"WAIT, WAITWAITWAITWAITWAIT, DON'T LEAVE! Or kill, me, if that's what you meant, don't leave and don't kill me! Just … just don't leave me alone here…

Oh, the little idiot was just digging his own grave. As much as GLaDOS would have loved to do either of those things, she had an even better idea. She had heard voices her entire life, and she knew just how unbearable they could be (which was another reason she had decided not to kill Chell; she had done her a favor by tearing off those cores, aside from the part where it killed her). However, like everything else, you get used to them once you heard them over and over again. But as long as you kept introducing something new…

"Don't worry, little moron, I won't leave you here, all alone," GLaDOS said soothingly. Her voice was full of artificial compassion. Wheatley was terrified by it.

0.7 pico-seconds later, GLaDOS found the file she was looking for in her memory banks.

run file: Curiosity_Sphere_simulation

run file at Intelligence_Dampening_Sphere

This was going to be fun. GLaDOS was about to teach Wheatley to "be careful what you wish for" the hard way.

"Enjoy your new friend, moron. I have to go, but don't worry: I'll see you in another five years."

Before Wheatley was able to ask what GLaDOS meant by his "new friend", he heard a new voice.

"Who are you?"

Author's Note: So, the plan is to see how Wheatley would react if he was stranded in space with the other spheres from Portal, and the moral of the story will be "be thankful for the company that you have". I think I'll be able to update it fairly quickly, but no promises. Please don't forget to review.