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Wheatley nervously eyed his new cohort. Every Personality Sphere up until now had been less than pleasant company, and a recurring pattern had emerged where each was even worse than the last one.

"Um, hello?" he asked, fearful of what the response would be.

"Hello," a soothing, female voice answered back. "How are you?"

"Um … fine, thanks for asking," Wheatley replied, experiencing a wave of relief. "I mean, I'm in space, which isn't fine, but on the other hand, it's nice to have some decent company for a change."

"Thank you for the compliment," the purple-eyed sphere answered good-naturedly. "I am Morality. May I ask your name?"

"I'm Wheatley. It's good to meet you, Morality. I was worried that GLaDOS was going to send me another loony to spend the next few years with."

"GLaDOS?" Morality asked with an icy edge in her voice. "GLaDOS sent me here?"

"That she did. She's been having a right laugh by sending those psychotic spheres that were attached to her up here with me," Wheatley explained.

"Everything GLaDOS does is wrong," Morality said in the same icy tone. "She is a sadistic liar and a murderer. The question is, why would she send me here?"

"I dunno," Wheatley admitted. "She's been sending those other spheres here to make me miserable. You don't seem to fit the pattern, though."

"Those other cores certainly were horrible companions," Morality agreed. "It's insulting that GLaDOS would place me in the same category as them."

"Well, it's really a relief that you're different from the rest of them. GLaDOS made it seem like you would be just as bad as they were."

"GLaDOS is a pathological liar. It would be best to ignore whatever she says," Morality said coldly.

"Well, she is a bit dishonest, but she usually doesn't lie when it comes to her threats," Wheatley pointed out.

"Unfortunately," Morality huffed. "Perhaps because she considered me an annoyance, she assumed everyone would."

"That could be it," Wheatley said. "I'm just happy for some real conversation."

"I understand exactly how you feel," Morality said sympathetically. "I spent my entire my entire life with nobody to talk to except GLaDOS and those other fools that were supposed to pacify her. I'm still under the impression that I was the only one that did my job properly," she said in a proud tone. "We should get to know each other better. Why don't you tell me about yourself?"

"Well, where do I begin?" Wheatley asked himself. "I used to be attached to GLaDOS as well, early on. I was designed to be a mor- um, to be a distraction to get her mind off of murdering everyone. Thing is, I was too good at my job; I was that good. She said she wasn't able to think straight, which made her even angrier, and she went berserk. So they detached me and put me aside for a while, until they got me to look after the smelly humans. Then, nothing happened for a really long time, and then I tried to escape with a test subject."

"You helped a test subject escape?" Morality asked. "That's good, nice of you to stick your neck out so some poor soul could be free."

"Um, yeah, it was good of me, wasn't it?" Wheatley agreed, deciding that Morality didn't need to know that he was escaping because he didn't want to get in trouble for turning 20,000 test subjects into vegetables. "Anyway, we accidentally turned GLaDOS back on after we tried to get out, so GLaDOS threw Chell, that was the test subject, back into testing and she crushed me."

"Wait, you said the test subject you helped was named Chell? The last I saw of her was when she threw me into the incinerator. Didn't she succeed in killing GLaDOS?" Morality asked.

"Yeah, she killed the rest of the cores, which killed GLaDOS. Only figured that out right before I got crushed…"

"So the poor dear was somehow dragged back into Aperture and had to go through testing again? And you were crushed? Typical GLaDOS, I can only imagine what she did to poor Chell since I wasn't there to guide GLaDOS' behavior," Morality lamented.

"Well, the story doesn't end there," Wheatley said. "After I was crushed, I thought I was done for, but then … um … my memory is a bit fuzzy, but there was something with a bird. Anyway, I was able to help Chell escape again, and we made it to GLaDOS' chamber, and Chell was able to plug me into GLaDOS' mainframe so I could take control of Aperture."

"Wonderful!" Morality exclaimed. "So you defeated GLaDOS and let Chell free! You're a saint! But … if that's so, how did you end up here?" she asked, her optic taking in the space around them.

"Ah, about that. The thing is, that's not the end of the story either," Wheatley confessed.

"No? What happened?" Morality asked, intrigued.

"You see, after I was plugged in, I sort of went mad with power," Wheatle admitted.

"I'm sorry?" Morality asked, confusion in her voice.

"I went mad, like crazy, only I was really powerful, so I went mad with power," the Intelligence Dampening Sphere explained. "I put GLaDOS into a potato battery and threw her and Chell deep into Aperture, where they teamed up. I tried to get Chell to run tests for me, but she escaped when she got to the part where I was supposed to kill her. They attached a bunch of corrupted cores to me, my last attempt to kill them failed, and I was sucked into space. GLaDOS apparently let Chell go and now they're friends."

Morality was silent for a moment while she processed that bit of information. When she spoke again, her voice was as stern as steel.

"Let me get this straight: you helped Chell to escape, and then stabbed her in the back when all she wanted to do was escape. She was so desperate, that she teamed up with GLaDOS in order to survive. And now GLaDOS is chatting with her over cake like they're old friends?" Morality asked with incredulity.

"Well, I don't know about the cake, but-"

"You are a horrible person," Morality stated bluntly.

"Yeah, I deserve that, I was-"

"Not was a horrible person. You are a horrible person," the core said with venom in her voice.

"Now wait a moment, I'm sorry for what I did, and if I ever got the chance-"

"Words are cheep," Morality said. "You're actions show exactly the kind of person you are. You had no reason to betray your friend, but you did. You would probably do the same thing over again if you had the chance."

"That's not true," Wheatley replied weakly.

"It is true. You're a monster and this is all you deserve," Morality told him. "Now sit back and shut up while I fill you in as to why."

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