~Zachary Goode~

I was one of the lucky few that got to meet their soul mate at the age of seven. As cheesy as that sounds, it's undeniable. I don't know if I ever believed in fate or destiny, but I know that my wife was meant to be mine.

I've learned to deal with the fact that it could've been fate or destiny that took her away from me for seven years. Whether it was any of those reasons or just the fact that her crazy stalker from high school was psychotic didn't matter. Yes, we lost so much time and so many potential memories, especially with our daughter, but we moved on as best we could.

It wasn't easy. It took months to get healthy, physically and mentally, for the three of us. There were meltdowns and emotional reunions and large medical bills to pay but it was so worth it. She was so worth it.

And she was so beautiful. My angel. My Cookie. There was a lot of that too, cookies.

When she found out I quit my job at the firm, she was pissed. She cried and punched my chest with her fists she was so mad. She would say that even if she never came back, she wanted me to keep living since she knew it was my dream to be the best District Attorney I could be.

So I started my own practice.

There was a lot of lovin' to make up for too. It was in the chaste and not so chaste kisses as we passed each other in the hallway from my study or the kitchen. It was in the way I had to embrace her whenever I got the chance and just hold her for hours.

But the best moments were when I saw my Munchkin and my Cookie having their mother/daughter moments. It made tears well up in my eyes when I saw them connecting.

MC loved her mom the moment they saw each other since the last time: when MC was a week old.

They did so much together. Coloring, watching movies, cooking, playing in the lake, and that's when I felt the most content. Both of my beautiful girls were safe, and in my arms.

But now there was another addition.

"Hey Daddy," Elliot said running up to in nothing but his tighty whities. He is so my son.

He jerked his body away when I try to reach for him and giggles, running behind me to make a break for it.

"Whoa, Buddy, watcha doing?" I laugh and grab his little arms to lift him off the ground. His squeals of laughter fill the room and he wriggles around.

"Dah'y I'm nakey!" he squeals and laughs.

MC comes storming into the room with her hair disheveled and a pair of shorts and a Spiderman T-Shirt in her hands.

"Elliot! I told you not to run away! I'm trying to dress you!"

"Here, let me," I grin and take the clothes from her.

Elliot wiggles and squirms but I eventually get his clothes on and look up at my daughter, "Thanks for the help, Mace," I ruffle her hair up even more.

"I'm only twelve! I don't like kids!" she throws her hands up and huffs.

"So then there's no reason to date boys or ever get married," I grin brightly at this revelation and kiss her on the cheek.

"Daddy," she rolls her eyes and grabs the sunblock from the kitchen table, "Speaking of boys, I'm gonna go meet Jason at the lake. See ya!"

I scowl because I'm suspicious of that boy. Very suspicious.

Once my four-year-old son is knocked out on the coach taking a nap, Cammie walks in, glowing and carrying shopping bags no less.

"Had a good girl's day?" I ask and wrap my arms around her. It's been five years since I found her again. I wasn't ever letting her go.

"I did…but I missed you," she says and kisses my lips.

And that's when I know that we won't be separated. Ever again.

The End

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