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The Good Stuff

The club was dark. Not in a hip, atmospheric way like most successful Toronto nightclubs, but in a dirty, three out of four bulbs have burnt out but no one cares enough to change them way that made Andy very glad she was just passing through. The place was nearly empty. Two men sat at the bar, clutching almost clean glasses half full of Canadian and talking in the too-loud tones of one drink too many about the Blue Jays. In the back corner a couple of college kids were taking advantage of the near-blackness. Andy averted her eyes. She really wasn't in the mood tonight to watch a couple freshmen have sex on a table.

Lou, the aging, mostly bald, bartender nodded in greeting as she stepped past him and pushed open a worn wooden door marked Employees Only and stepped into the wood paneled hallway. She could hear voices at the far end of the hall and she picked up her pace. She was running late.

"Where have you been?" Vince barely looked up as she entered the room.

She shrugged off her coat, tossing it on the back of a chair, "What's it to you?"

He glared at her, but didn't respond.

Andy scanned the small back room slowly, taking in the familiar details. There were no windows and the wood paneled walls were bare except for a dark board at the far end. She'd never seen anyone use it, in fact she wasn't sure they even had darts, but it was there all the same. Chuck sat in the back corner as always. His large frame obscured by the cloud of smoke that seemed to follow him when he moved. He was packaging the heroine they'd received that morning from Buffalo into sellable blocks with practiced hands.

In the three months Andy had been working for Anton Hill she'd never once seen Chuck and Vince separated. They worked seamlessly together, Vince handling the money and when necessary, the violence, while Chuck dealt with the drugs. And most importantly, Chuck dealt with Anton Hill. Andy, along with three others, earned their keep by moving the product from Chuck to the dealers, and the money back to Chuck. She'd been on the job three months, and though she had more than enough evidence to put Chuck, Vince and a dozen dealers in prison for the next ten years, she hadn't managed to get anywhere near the primary target. As always, Anton Hill managed to keep his hands clean and the circle with access to him very tight knit.

"You got my product?" She asked, leaning back against the wall, casually crossing her arms over her chest.

"That depends," Chuck took a long drag of his cigarette, his next words coming in a cloud of acrid smoke. "You have my money?"

She straightened, pulling a wad of twenties from the back pocket of her jeans. "Fifteen grand, right here."

Vince looked up at that. "It was supposed to be five grand."

She shrugged, "What can I say? I'm an excellent saleswoman."

Vince looked like he would dearly love to hit her, but Chuck laughed. "I told you, Vince. This one's a keeper."

Andy smiled. "So, do you have my product, or not?"

"I've got it," Chuck's gravelly voice sounded harassed. "Right there, green bag."

"Good." Andy closed the distance between them and picked up the green backpack near his desk. She rested it on the end of the table and quickly counted the packets inside before slapping the thick wad of bills on the table.

She turned to leave but found her way blocked by Vince's boney frame.

"Come to the Dragon tomorrow," Chuck said, "Anton wants to meet you."

Andy raised both eyebrows, careful to keep the sudden jolt of adrenalin rushing through her veins off her face. "What time?"

"Six. And dress up a little. Anton likes his women to look a little sexy."

Vince leered at her, "I can help if you like."

Andy grimaced. Vince was in his mid thirties, scrawny and not much taller than she was with a hooked nose and close set watery grey eyes. His black hair curled in one direction which always gave him the appearance of being out in a strong wind. Most of the time Andy ignored him, he was the middle man. A cruel man who she would happily put in jail at the end of all of this, but not one she was too concerned about. His breed of violence ran towards cutting the fingers off snitches more than to molesting women. Also, she as pretty sure if it came down to it, she could take him.

She slung the backpack of heroin over one shoulder, sidestepped Vince and grabbed her jacket. "See you tomorrow," she called over her shoulder as she stepped back out into the hall.

The two men at the bar were still talking baseball when she exited, but she noticed with amusement that the college couple had already disappeared. She wondered idly if they'd actually managed to have sex on the table before Lou threw them out or not.

It was a nice night. May had brought with it clear skies and daytime highs in the low twenties. Even at ten, the air was still warm enough that she didn't really need a coat as she walked the eight blocks to her temporary apartment, and by the time she reached the fourth floor she was wishing she'd left it behind. she unlocked her door and stepped inside without bothering to turn on the light.

"I like what you've done with the place."

The familiar voice from the darkness made Andy jump. "You shouldn't be here," She said tossing her coat and the backpack of drugs into the corner and switching on a lamp.

Sam leaned against the far wall of her room, dressed in jeans and a simple black t-shirt. He looked please with himself for scaring her and she tried, unsuccessfully to glare at him.

"Everyone around here knows you're a cop." She said, closing the distance between them, "What if someone saw us together?"

He reached for her, sliding both hands into the back pockets of her jeans, pulling her flush against him. "No one saw me." He lowered his head, capturing her lips in a kiss.

All thoughts of how stupid this was, or how he was compromising the operation melted away as Andy leaned into the kiss. Her arms twined around his neck, one hand running through his hair. She couldn't believe she'd gone without this for nearly two months.

When she'd agreed to go undercover for the drug squad, Sam was supposed to be her contact. But someone up the ladder had decided shortly after that it was too risky. Sam had tried to bust Anton once, and his cover had been blown. The service was not willing to take a chance again. And so the next time Andy checked in with her handler, it was Boyd not Sam who took her call. She'd been furious, but they were three weeks in and it was too late to back out.

She pulled her lips from his, trailing a line of kisses along his jaw and down his throat. She drew the sensitive skin of his throat, just below his Adam's apple, into her mouth and bit down gently. She was going to leave a mark, but she didn't care. The familiar taste off his skin, the low moan in his throat and his hands sliding up the back of her shirt drove her on.

Sam's t-shirt was un-tucked and with very little effort she pushed it up over his head. He had a good chest, she'd always thought so. Just the right amount of chest hair and not too much muscle. She placed open mouthed kisses along his collar bone before reclaiming his lips. She cupped his face with both hands, angling herself just right so he could thoroughly explore the inside of her mouth with his tongue.

His fingers found the clasp of her bra and soon she felt it give way and raised her arms so he could slide shirt and bra off in a single motion. Her bare breasts brushed his chest, nipples hardening instantly. This time it was Sam who broke the kiss, dropping his mouth to tease her breasts.

Andy's hands dropped to undo his belt and fly. When they fell to the floor she pulled Sam into a kiss before sliding down to kneel before him, trailing open mouthed kisses down his stomach. She heard his head hit the wall with a muted thud and was happy he neighbours were raging partiers and wouldn't be home for hours.

She hooked two fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down as well. He was already hard and she ran a finger over his length before leaning forward and taking him into her mouth. She ran both hands over his ass before settling them at the small of his back. She enveloped him slowly, forcing the muscles of her throat to relax. He tangled his fingers in her hair, not forcing her closer, but encouraging her onwards with gentle pressure.

His eyes, when she looked up at him, were almost black in the dimly lit room. She locked her gaze with his and slowly pulled back, almost but not quite releasing him from her mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue over his tip. His breath caught and she repeated the motion. She kept up the slow pace. Taking all of him into her mouth slowly, letting her tongue caress the underside of his cock, and then pulling back almost to the tip and teasing the sensitive tip with her lips and the very tip of her tongue. Her eyes never left his.

"Andy..." He ground out her name, his voice rough. "Oh fuck, don't stop."

Still bracing herself with one hand on his back, Andy brought the other around to cup his scrotum, rolling the sensitive flesh slowly between her finger.

"Fuck... Andy...Jesus..." His head dropped back against the wall, his eyes falling shut. His hips thrust towards her and she matched his tempo, sucking harder with each stroke until he came, spilling into her mouth, calling her name.

She released him slowly and then, catching his eye, swallowed.

Seconds later he had pulled her to her feet and was propelling her backwards to the rickety bed. He kissed her deeply, tasting himself on her lips. He pushed her down roughly on the bed, her calves and feet dangling off the side and pulled off her jeans and panties in a single motion. The air was cool against her naked skin and goose bumps arose along her stomach and down her thighs.

Sam stared at her for several silent seconds before kneeling at the end of the bed, hooking her legs over his shoulders and pulling her towards him.

He used his fingers first. Teasing, light strokes along her inner thigh and up over her belly. He ran his fingers through the patch of curls between her legs, his touch so gentle she almost couldn't feel it.

Already Andy was wet and ready. She shifted restlessly, spreading her legs, trying to encourage him to touch her when she needed it most.

He increased the pressure of his fingers along her thigh, tracing achingly slow circles upwards until at last he ran a finger down her wet center, flicking over the sensitive nub of her clitoris. He pulled away, too quickly, and returned both hands to her thighs.

Andy whimpered. White hot need pooled between her legs and she twisted her hands in the bedding to keep from reaching down and satisfying it herself.

Sam lowered his head and gently nipped the skin of her inner thigh before soothing it with his tongue. He slipped two fingers inside, continuing to nip and soothe with his mouth until she thrashed under him, moaning his name.

He used two fingers to spread her open and ran his tongue over her. The rough, wetness of his tongue on her clit was enough to make Andy see stars. She didn't think she'd ever been this aroused, not even the first time they'd had sex, nearly a year earlier. He circled her clit with his tongue, slowly at first and then gradually faster.

"Harder." She groaned, hands reaching for his head, "Right there. Oh God, Sam." She dug her fingers into his scalp, urging him on. "Don't stop." She could feel her muscles tightening and she let her eyes close as a wave of pure, toe curling, pleasure washed over her.

Sam continued to tease her clit, drawing out the orgasm.

When she was finished he joined her on the bed, pulling a blanket over their naked bodies to trap out the rapidly cooling spring evening. Andy turned on her side, pillowing her head on his chest. She knew he couldn't stay the night. It was too risky. But in that moment she was happy to soak up as much of him as she could.

He brushed her hair back from her face with one hand. "How are you?"

"I'm fine."

He took one of her hands in his, threading their fingers together. "Andy," His voice was slightly stern, "it's me. How are you, really?"

She sighed. A year ago she would have been able to brush the question off. Even if she didn't really fool him he would have changed the subject. But since they had started.. whatever this was, he didn't let her. "It's harder than I thought it would be." She admitted. "They're not all bad people."

He squeezed her hand. "No, they're not. Did you think they would be?"

"I don't know..." she thought for a second, "I guess so."

Sam kissed her gently on the forehead but wisely said nothing.

"I'm supposed to meet Anton tomorrow night."

"Have you told Boyd yet?" She could hear the tension in his voice and wondered if she maybe should have kept that bit of information to herself.

"No, I was going to send him a message when I got in but..." she let the sentence dangle.

"Right," Sam had the grace to sound embarrassed. "I should probably go." He started to sit up.

"No." Andy wrapped both arms and one leg around him for good measure. "We still have two hours before my neighbours stagger home. Stay."

She could feel his laughter vibrating through his chest. "Alright, I'll stay on one condition."

She waited for him to name it, already knowing that she would say yes to just about anything. When she'd accepted the undercover job she had never imagined how lonely it would be. Even in those first few weeks, when Sam was her handler and she at least got to see him every few days, she had been lonelier than ever before in her life. When she lost contact with Sam, missing him had been a physical ache.

"Get a message to Boyd about tomorrow. He's going to want to get a team together."

Andy agreed, reluctantly, rising to her feet. She felt around on the floor for a shirt. Sam's was the first he fingers came across, and she slipped it on.

"I'm going to need that back," Sam said, watching her with a smile.

"I don't know. It's a very nice shirt." She raised her eyebrows suggestively. "You may have to fight me for it."

She knelt on the floor and pulled a cell phone out of the mattress. It took only a moment to send off a message to Boyd with the details for the next day, and then she slid the phone back into its hiding place. "Done." She said, crawling back onto the bed.

Sam cupped her face between his hands and kissed her gently on the lips. "Be careful tomorrow. Anton Hill is not someone you want to get on the wrong side of."

"No heroics," She promised, moving so she straddled him and leaning in for another kiss.

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