At long last...a new Dates chapter! I am so sorry for the long wait but now that I'm officially done with college I should be able to focus on writing more. Hope you enjoy!

May 28th, 2022

"Are you sure you don't mind watching her?"

"Rachel, when have we ever minded watching our granddaughter?" Carole replied, taking the ten month old from Rachel's arms.

"I just didn't want to interrupt any plans you and Burt may have had. It is a Saturday after all and my dads were supposed to have her."

Carole brushed her worries off. "It's fine, really. With your dad sick, it isn't a good idea for Roxy to be over there. Besides, with how little we get to see her, it's nice to get an extra day. Isn't that right, precious?" She bounced the baby in her arms and Roxy giggled happily.

That night was Finn and Rachel's ten year Class of 2012 reunion at the Marriot and both were back in town for the event. It had been ages since they had seen many of their friends and they were looking forward to hearing what everyone was up to and how adult they had all become. And Rachel was most looking forward to telling everyone about her Broadway success and showing off pictures of her baby girl. But first she had to leave her baby with proper care.

Her fathers had been looking forward to taking Roxy for the night while they had a fun evening with old friends, but her Dad had come down with an allergy induced cold. She had been wary about leaving Roxy, who herself had just recently gotten over a cold, with them and risk her getting sick again. It was last minute but she appreciated it when Carole insisted they could drop Roxy off at their house and still go out and enjoy their night.

"Rachel, stop worrying so much. Go out and have a good time. I promise Roxy will be fine with us."

"Oh, I'm not worried about that. I know she loves her Grammy and Papa. Speaking of, where is Burt?"

"He's in the bathroom. We had chili for dinner. I told him only one bowl, but of course he didn't listen and snuck a second."

"If you tell Kurt I'm sure he'll chew him out for you." Rachel chuckled and balked at the time. "Wow, it's almost seven. We really need to get going. Thanks again for taking Roxy. We really appreciate it."

"Of course. Tell Finn I say hello and to have fun."

"I will." Rachel looked at her daughter and took her little hand. "You be a good girl for Grammy and Papa, okay? I love you, sweetie. We'll see you in the morning." She pressed a kiss to Roxy's head and sensing she was leaving, the baby began to fuss and whine. Roxy reached out for Rachel, wanting her to hold her and it broke Rachel's heart. "Okay, one more hug." She hugged her and kissed her cheek before giving her back to Carole. "Bye bye, Roxy. Have fun with Grammy and Papa." She waved goodbye and tried not to let Roxy's cries keep her.

In the past few weeks, Roxy had grown very clingy whenever she or Finn left and her little pout always made it hard for Rachel to say goodbye. She read it was normal for babies Roxy's age to start experiencing separation anxiety, but that didn't mean she had to like it. Rachel sighed and exited the house to get back to the car. Finn was drumming along to Jukebox Hero on the steering wheel when she got settled in her seat.

"Everything okay?" he asked, noticing Rachel was rather quiet. He backed out of the driveway and they sped along to their reunion.

Rachel took a deep breath and held her husband's hand in hers. "Everything's fine. I just hate leaving Roxy. She gets so upset and it breaks my heart."

"She gets over it pretty fast. I'm sure Burt is already entertaining her with tickles." He lifted her hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to the back of it. "You're not going to worry about the baby all night, are you? We came back here to see our old friends and have fun."

"I know. I'll be okay once we get to the hotel."

"Speaking of the hotel…did you wear that new underwear I saw you stuffing in your luggage?"

"Finn! How dare you peek at my undergarments?! Those were supposed to be a surprise."

"So you are wearing it," he asserted, smiling devilishly.

Rachel rolled her eyes and stared forward. "Pay attention to the road, lover boy."

A few minutes later they were parking the car and checking their appearances before making their way into the building. Upon reaching the front door they saw many fellow members of the class of 2012 but none of them were exactly friends. There were some former Cheerios, still looking like the epitome of stereotypical beauty queens – even if some were very round with pregnancy, former football players – some aged to perfection like fine wine, such as Finn – and others aged more like moldy old cheese from drinking far too much beer. "Oh God, there's Jacob Ben Israel," Rachel whispered to Finn, ducking behind him to avoid being seen. Unfortunately, she was too late.

"Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry…or should I say Rachel Hudson. I heard you two got hitched," his nasally voice wafted, followed by the intense smell of Abercrombie & Fitch cologne. If only his physique matched.

Rachel put on a brave face. "Hello, Jacob. Yes, we did get married, about two and a half years ago now."

"You two really weren't much for browsing, huh?"

"You don't need to browse once you've found your soulmate. I'm sure that's something you wouldn't understand."

"Actually, I have found mine. And here she comes now." Jacob pointed to a tall thin blonde that looked exactly like the up-and-coming French supermodel Dominique Lyon that Kurt had worked with during New York Fashion Week. "Dominique! Over here, my sweet!" He waved obnoxiously at the woman and she grinned brightly when she saw him, rushing over and lifting the tiny man off his feet in a hug.

"Dominique?" Rachel asked in disgusted amazement. She looked from Jacob to the statuesque blonde then up to Finn for confirmation that she wasn't stroking off and was actually witnessing a gorgeous supermodel Eskimo kissing the vilest creature to ever walk the halls of McKinley High School.

"Rachel? Oh my goodness! It is so good to see you!" she squealed, her soft accent poking through. Dominique pulled Rachel into a hug and kissed each cheek before stepping back into Jacob's arms. "Jacob said you would be here and I was hoping to talk to you. I see you're wearing one of Kurt's." She appraised her hot pink sequined mini-dress that ended just beneath her butt and strappy pink heels which made her legs go on for miles.

"What is going on? How do you and Jacob know each other? And why are you here with him?"

Dominique looked down at the man like she had never seen a more precious thing in her life. "Jacob is my boyfriend."

"What?" Rachel shouted louder than necessary, earning glances from people around. "I am so confused."

Dominique laughed and brushed some hair behind her shoulder, making a few men around stop and stare, and making their girlfriends and wives very angry. "Jacob did a story about me for W magazine and he was such a gentleman. He asked me on a date and at first I was skeptical because he isn't my usual type, but he put in so much effort to impress me, I couldn't say no. He's really the biggest sweetheart and so romantic. We've been together ever since. He's my little Jewish Frizzball." She patted his trademark Jewfro – which he was still rocking ten years later – and puckered for a kiss. Rachel and Finn shared a look of distaste as their lips touched. "Jacob tells me you two dated in high school but you broke up with him for a gorilla. You really missed out, Rachel."

"Hey, I am not a gorilla," Finn added to the conversation.

"And we never dated…ever. The little cretin stalked me and blackmailed me on multiple occasions. He made me give him a pair of my underwear once in exchange for keeping quiet about a story that would hurt my friends. Which he didn't even follow through on since it got out."

"That was Sue Sylvester's doing. And besides, you didn't follow through either. You gave me an unworn pair you had just bought. I never did get my genuine Rachel Berry panties."

"And you never will," Finn growled. "The only guy seeing Rachel Berry panties these days is me."

Jacob narrowed his eyes as he stared up at Finn. "You can keep your Rachel Berry panties. I get Dominique Lyon panties now. And she doesn't even hit me when I ask to see them. If you'll excuse us, we're going to join the party now." Jacob turned his nose up at the couple and began walking away.

Turning around to look back at them as he pulled her along, Dominique waved goodbye. "Good seeing you, Rachel! We'll talk later!" The odd couple entered the ballroom where the party was being held and Rachel turned her attention back to her husband.

"There is no way that pairing is legit. He has to be paying her…or blackmailing her. I should ask Kurt. He would know."

"Rachel, can we just forget about Jewfro and enjoy the night with our friends?"

"We haven't even seen any of our friends yet. Not even Kurt, Noah or Santana."

Finn's attention was pulled beyond Rachel and he pointed toward the door. "Speak of the Devil and he shall appear…" Walking toward the couple was a stag Kurt and the Puckermans.

"I cannot wait to see which jocks finally came out of their closet and want me. I will turn them down so hard," Kurt exclaimed, rubbing his hands together and cackling a little villainously.

"If you're gonna turn them down, why are you here stag?" Puck asked, coming up behind him when they stopped in front of Finn and Rachel.

"I said the jocks. There are sure to be a few people from other cliques I could get to know better."

"Feisty, Kurt. I like it," Rachel said, giggling and snaking her arm through his. "Let's go see all the people who used to make fun of us and laugh at how they aren't as successful as us."

"I love how you think."

Kurt and Rachel walked away from the group and entered the ballroom. "I guess I'm chopped liver now," Finn muttered, following behind Puck and Anjali.

The ballroom was set up with white and red decorations, a large Class of 2012 banner stretched across the stage where a DJ was playing. Couples danced in the center of the room while tables were set up along the edges. It reminded Finn of all the weddings he had gone to over the years but minus the bride and groom.

Almost as soon as he made it to the first table, a familiar face rolled up in the form of Artie Abrams, ten years older, but still nerdy chic.

"Finn! Dude, I'm so glad to see you. I have a question."

"Hello to you too," Finn chuckled. "What's up?"

"You need to clear your schedule for June 3rd next year."

"Uh, okay…"

"I need you to be a groomsman. I'm getting married!"

"No way! Congrats, dude!" They high fived and Finn inquired more. "Alicia? I didn't know you proposed."

"I just did it like two days ago. The only reason we have the date set already is because she's a sneak and knew I was going to ask. But I don't mind. Makes it a little easier."

"Very true. Seriously, congratulations. Of course I'll be your groomsman."

Alicia, a medium height brunette with curves in all the right places, walked up to the men and ran her fingers through Artie's hair, saying hello to Finn before wheeling Artie to the dance floor. He had done well for himself, earning his doctorate and working in R&D for Pfizer in Cambridge, Massachusetts, snagging a great girl who worked in the same field.

Finn continued into the ballroom and found Mercedes and Sam talking, looking rather cozy at the bar, laughing and touching suggestively. Last he heard neither had been involved with anyone in a while as Sam was constantly touring with his obscure indie band and Mercedes was based in L.A. writing and producing albums for top artists in addition to recording her own soul and R&B albums. She had most recently won a Grammy for Song of the Year.

When he found his wife and brother, they were engaged in conversation with Mike and Tina who were holding hands and looking like the happy married and expecting couple. Tina was pregnant with their second child and from the looks of it, exchanging baby pictures with Rachel. Much like him and Rachel, Mike and Tina had wed after establishing themselves in their careers post-college – choreographer and musical supervisor for theatre and film respectively – before starting a family. They were another high school to real world relationship success story.

"Hey Mike, Tina, long time no see."

"Hey Finn," Tina greeted, running her hand over her swollen belly. "Rachel was just showing us pictures of Roxanne. She's beautiful."

"Thanks. Rachel and I make pretty cute kids if I do say so myself. I see you and Mike have been pretty busy too."

"Second and final. Tim is two now and Lily will be here in about three months. Not soon enough if you ask me. What about you? Plan on having anymore Hudsons?"

Rachel and Finn shared a look and she wrapped her arm around his waist. "Someday. But we're enjoying having one right now. Roxy can be a handful sometimes. She's just reached the separation anxiety stage."

"Rachel reached that point a while ago. She was a wreck the first time we had a night out."

"I was not a wreck; merely concerned as Roxy hadn't been without me before."

"What up, bitches?! Lopez is here which means we can start the party!" Santana hollered from the doorway, holding up a bottle of beer in one hand and one of her heels which appeared to be missing the spike in the other.

"Oh, dear lord," Rachel mumbled, face palming in second hand embarrassment.

Santana stumbled into the room on her one heel, furiously kicking it off and hitting a former hockey goon in the back of the head. When she spotted Finn towering over the rest of the crowd, she rushed over to them, dancing as she went.

"My people! What is going on? Wow, McChangChang is preggo. Why is everyone preggo but me?"

"I'm not pregnant," Rachel added.

Santana put her hand over Rachel's face and Rachel smacked it away. "Quiet, Gnome! No one was talking to you."

"Santana, you just got here. How are you already drunk?" Kurt asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

She sucked on the bottle some, lazily wiping her mouth. "I may have pre-gamed. Wha's it to you? I'm an adult."

When a rotund Brittany walked in seconds later, a man none of them had seen before escorting her, the light bulb went on.

"I thought you were over Brittany?"

"Mi mought mou mere mover, Mrittany?" Santana mocked Rachel who rolled her eyes in response. "Did you get over Tubbs? Did Lady Hummel ever get over Frodo?" She turned and looked at Brittany who seemed very happy with the man she was with.

"Santana, you and Brittany haven't been together in years and you're with Ana. Why is this bothering you now?"

"Because she's married to someone else! She's having his dumb baby! You know she didn't even tell me she was getting married? That she was pregnant? Some best friend."

"To be fair, none of us knew Brittany was married or pregnant," Mike added.

Santana turned her wrath on him. "Oh what d'you know, Other Asian? You're just a seat filler!"

"Santana!" Tina said, aghast.

Kurt put his hands on Santana's shoulders and started leading the woman to the nearest table. "Okay, drunkie. Let's get you sobered up. And find some shoes for you."

Rachel glanced over to Brittany and her husband. No one had really heard anything from Brittany since her and Finn's wedding two and a half years ago but apparently she had found happiness and a family. Her eyes flickered back over to Kurt and Santana and she could see that Santana was crying into his shoulder, making him very uncomfortable at getting tears, snot, and spit on his designer jacket. Feeling a sense of obligation to help her friends out, Rachel excused herself to save Kurt and take over Santana care.

"Come on, let's get you to the bathroom and clean you up." Rachel helped her up and Santana held her as they walked to the bathroom. Being a mother now, Rachel was used to dealing with crying on a daily basis and adopting a soothing demeanor.

They reached the bathroom and Rachel sat Santana on the couch in the lounge and went to get some paper towels to clean up her make-up. She took the spot next to her and started wiping down her face. "I'm so lonely," Santana admitted, staring ahead of her blankly.

"How can you be lonely? You have Ana."

"Ana left me."

"What?" It was quite a shock as the couple had seemed so solid only days prior. "What happened?"

"I don't know. I just came home and all her stuff was gone. I called her and texted and nothing. She's just…gone."

"Santana, why didn't you say anything?" Rachel stroked her hair and wiped more tears from her eyes. She shrugged in response and rested her head on Rachel's shoulder. "I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation."

"Like what? Obviously there's something wrong with me if she left with no warning. Everyone always fucking leaves me." Rachel hugged her and gently rocked her out of habit. "I tried calling Brittany after it happened but she was too busy for me."

"Is that why you're so mad at her?"

"Partly. She was my first love and now it's like she doesn't care at all. She chose Stubby McCripplepants over me, she picked whoever that guy is over me; she doesn't have room in her life for me anymore. But I had Ana. I thought life was good for once, that I had found my soulmate, but now she's gone. And I come here and have to see you and Finn and Puckerman and Anjali and the Asians and Brittany and Anon Guy all happy and with families and it makes it hurt even more. I'm going to die alone."

"Santana, that is not true. You have people that love you, and if Ana is your soulmate, you'll work things out. When you find her, talk to her. She can't have left for no reason at all."

"I don't believe you. But thanks." Santana looked up at Rachel and her eyes widened as her tears began to cease. "You're a good friend, Rachel." She leaned closer and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman for a hug.

"You must be drunk." When she felt Santana's body get heavier atop her and her breathing begin to deepen, she shook her slightly. "Santana?" She jostled her again. "Santana?"

"I love you," Santana mumbled, gripping her tighter.


"Ana…" She nuzzled her face against Rachel's chest, pressing her lips to her skin. Rachel stilled, shock coursing through her, before gently attempting to pry her off.

"Santana, wake up." The next thing she knew, Santana was kissing her and not letting go. "Santana," she murmured against her lips, pushing at her shoulders. "Wake up."

"Ana…" She gripped her head harder, trying to keep Rachel's body against hers.

"Santana, I'm not Ana. I'm Rachel."

"Rachel?" That snapped her wide awake again and she pushed her away. "What the…? Where am I?"

"You're in the bathroom at the Marriot in Lima. You got drunk and showed up to our reunion smashed and I brought you in here to clean up. You passed out then started kissing me."

"I don't remember that."

"You thought I was Ana. To be fair, you were half asleep." She brushed her hair behind her ear. "Perhaps we should get you home and into bed."

"Hell no. I didn't leave my fabulous apartment in Manhattan where hot lesbians are in abundance to come back to Lima shithole just to sleep. I'm here to shove my success in everyone's face." She started to tear up again. "And Ana was supposed to be here with me to show everyone how happy we were."

Rachel stood up and put her hand out for Santana to take. "Come with me."


She just grabbed her hand and pulled her up, leading her back to the ballroom. Rachel jumped a few times to see over people's heads until she found the person she was looking for. Pulling Santana along, Rachel approached the table Brittany was sitting at.

"Hello, Brittany."

"Rachel!" She pushed herself up and pulled her in for a hug. When she saw Santana standing behind her, the smile fell off her face.

"How have you been? We haven't heard from you since our wedding."

"Of course you haven't because I wasn't me."

Rachel tilted her head in question. "What?"

"I got magnesia after I got kicked in the head during my time as a Vegas showgirl and forgot who I was for over a year. I didn't remember anything, not even Lord Tubbington Jr."

"Or your best friend," Santana added snidely, nearly falling over as she tried to stand still.

"It was a rough time. But I met Spencer and he helped me get home when I got lost in Circus Circus. He really took care of me and Lord Tubbington Jr. He taught me how to do laundry. I didn't even know how to do that before I got magnesia."

"Well, that's good, I guess." Apparently getting amnesia didn't make Brittany any brighter. "So, Spencer. Does he have a last name?"

"Oh yes. He has three names." She pulled the man sitting next to her up to his feet and moved him in front of her. "This is my hubby, Spencer Robert Allen. He's my baby daddy too."

He half-smiled at her and stuck his hand out. "Nice to meet you. Brittany told me a lot about you."

"Really?" Rachel was rather surprised.

"She told me about everyone in your glee club. Once she remembered who she was she wouldn't stop talking about you all."

"I thought we could all get back on stage and sing him a song. He didn't believe me that we caused a Britney Spears sex riot sophomore year."

"That's a great idea! If we can get the stage, I'm sure we could get the old group back together. I'm pretty sure everyone is here."

"Quinn and Zizes aren't," Santana groaned, holding her head. It seemed her pre-gaming was catching up with her.

"How do you know that?"

"Their nametags were still sitting on the table when I showed up."

"Well, most of us are here. I'm sure we could put something together. Until then, you and Santana should catch up. It's been a while since you two have talked and she could really use her best friend right now."

Brittany looked over at Santana who was a wreck at the moment. She nodded and waddled over to sit beside her.

Rachel smiled as she watched her old friends reconnect. She never realized just how much Santana missed Brittany. Back in New York she seemed so happy and satisfied with her life Rachel never even considered that she missed aspects of her old life in Lima, even Brittany.

She turned to find her husband and other former glee club members to see about getting a number together. When she found Finn he was in conversation with Sam and Puck, laughing riotously about something.

"Hey boys! Sam, it is so good to see you again!" Rachel pulled him in for a hug and kissed his cheek. "I heard about your band's latest single debuting strong on the charts. I'm sorry I didn't get to see your show in New York when you were there last. My schedule has been so insanely busy."

"It's no problem. We'll be there again."

"I'm so glad you're all here. Santana and I were talking to Brittany and she mentioned that we should get the New Directions back together to perform a song. I've taken it upon myself to locate everyone that's here and get us the stage."

"I don't know, Rach. It's been a while since I've performed on a stage."

"Finn, you're a music teacher. Music is your profession. You live with me. You can handle an impromptu performance." She was putting her foot down on the issue. "I thought we could perform our signature song!"

"Everyone would know it," Puck agreed.

"Then it's settled. We'll find all the members from our class that are here and take the stage together. Let's meet up at the stage stairs."

Rachel rushed off in pursuit of her old high school buddies and everyone she found agreed that it would be fun. Most of their old classmates had gone into professions dealing with the performing arts so none were that averse to the short notice.

Once locating everyone, Rachel approached the DJ and begged a moment to speak with him. He gave her the mic when she explained what was going on and called attention to the crowd of former McKinley students.

"Hello fellow alumni of William McKinley High School, Class of 2012!" she called out, earning a rousing round of cheering. "Some of you may remember me and for those of you that don't, I am Rachel Hudson, formerly Rachel Berry. It's been ten years since we were all last together walking the halls of our high school, and so much has changed in that time. Many of us are college graduates, some of us are married and mothers and fathers, we grew up. But one thing that hasn't changed, I'm sure, is a love of music. So, love us or hate us, here for your entertainment, is the 2012 New Directions seniors!"

She pointed at the DJ who hit the music and the familiar beat of Don't Stop Believin' blasted from the speakers. The group fell into old patterns easily as they began all their 'das' and 'dadums'. Then Finn kicked off the verse, looking at Rachel like that same teenage boy discovering a passion he didn't know he had all those years ago. It was incredible how even when it seemed everything changed, just how much it actually stayed the same.

Rachel smiled brilliantly, joining in, belting out her lines of the verse. The one time hostile crowd was eating it up and wowed at her talent. While she had been amazing in high school, her training in college and years on Broadway had made her even better.

As the song progressed, the crowd danced and sang along while the New Directions alumni worked through the choreography and cues. There were a few mistakes here and there and giggles as they got back on track, but despite the time gap, everyone still seemed to remember.

"...Don't stop!"

The song ended, their hands in the air just like old times, and the crowd went wild, much like they had after Push It. The group bowed and curtsied, Rachel waving and blowing kisses as she had grown accustomed to doing at the end of performances. They moved off stage and all hugged each other, feeling the camaraderie from years past.

"You guys, that was so much fun!" Rachel crowed, bouncing up and down happily.

"I forgot how much I loved performing for a crowd. Jas and Isaac aren't nearly as impressed with my singing. It's such an adrenaline rush."

"You don't get enough of those being a firefighter?" Anjali asked, having rejoined the group.

"That's a totally different kind of rush."

Rachel received such a rush and insisted on more. "We should do another one! When is the next time we'll all be in the same place again? Some of us haven't seen each other since we graduated."

"Do we even remember any other songs?" Sam asked.

"We could do Hell to the No," Mercedes piped up, earning a grin from Sam and a round of no from everyone.

"I still kick ass on Valerie." Santana hiccupped. "But I should probably sit for a minute." She clutched at her stomach and plopped into the nearest seat. It seemed dancing around on stage hadn't been the best decision.

"Maybe we should just ask the DJ if we can get karaoke going. That way we can sing what we want and still enjoy the party," Tina suggested.

"That is a fabulous idea, Tina!" Rachel turned to Kurt. "You're totally dueting with me. We haven't sung together in forever."

"I'm up for it. I'll see what the DJ has." He hopped back on stage and started speaking with the man.

Rachel turned to Finn and held onto his lapels. "And you and I are most definitely doing a duet," she said in a sultry voice. Often singing with Finn was their version of foreplay. "I have so many song ideas."

Finn grinned and wrapped his arms around his wife's waist, hands slipping low to cup her behind. "You pick 'em out and I'll follow your lead," he mumbled against her lips before lightly kissing them. She patted his chest and kissed him again before running to join Kurt on stage for 'I Got You Babe'.

The party continued on with all the friends reconnecting, singing together, dancing together, and drinking together into the wee hours of the night. Near the end, Rachel was three sheets to the wind and she was ready to take Finn to their room and have a good time in private.

"Finny, I wanna show you my surprise," she giggled into his chest, nuzzling her nose along his neck. They were sitting at a table with Puck and Anjali as well as a few other former New Directions members, Rachel in his lap running her hands over his body, up to fist them in his hair. She kissed his neck and ground herself into his hips suggestively.

"You're really frisky tonight."

"I love you and miss you." She sucked on his neck and he shifted uncomfortably as people stared at his wife and her wanton behavior.

"Miss me? I haven't gone anywhere."

She pressed her lips to his ear and nibbled on his earlobe, "I mean in bed."

"Not following…" He hadn't been gone lately and they'd just had sex the night before leaving for Ohio two days before.

She dropped her voice lower and cupped him through his slacks. "I want you to fuck me. Like when we were in high school."

"Oh, you mean when I could only hold it together for 30 seconds and was scared of boobs?" he chuckled.

"No. Like before we had a baby and bills and responsibilities. I want to reminisce." She nipped at his ear and rubbed his hardening length. "Now."

Finn sucked down the remainder of his beer and slammed it on the table. "Guys, it's been a pleasure, but I think we're gonna call it a night. Rachel's about to pass out."

Puck and Anjali shared a skeptical look. "Uh huh, sure. We'll let you…rest," Puck said, waving him away.

He placed Rachel on her feet and stood up, lifting her into his arms bridal style to carry her up to their room. She was thoroughly enjoying touching him on the way up and as they entered their room, she immediately went to work on his belt, tugging his shirt from his pants before ripping the buttons from the material as she tore his shirt open.

"Damn it, Rach. How many shirts are you going to destroy?"

"About as many as it takes to match all my shredded lingerie…" She pushed at the material then wrapped her hands around his neck to pull him down for a kiss.

"Touché," he mumbled against her lips. With a squeal he lifted Rachel up and carried her to the bed, tossing her on the mattress with a bounce. He quickly shed the remainder of his clothing while Rachel got on her knees and turned away from him to expose her back. Finn tugged her flush against him and began placing hot kisses over her exposed neck and shoulders then down the expanse of skin he exposed as he unzipped the tiny pink dress.

Throwing it to the floor, Rachel was left in only her strapless pink lace bra. She ground herself against his growing hardness as his hands roamed over her body, his lips continuing to suckle every bit of skin they landed on. "Do you like my surprise?" she asked, wrapping her fingers around his length, tugging him gently.

"God, yes." His deft fingers unhooked her bra on the first try, something that high school Finn had taken a while to get the hang of. "But I think you'd have been fine even without the lingerie. Take it off."

He spun Rachel around and laid her out on the bed, climbing atop her to kiss her with abandon. As he yanked her bra off and began palming her breasts, pinching her nipples and earning delicious moans, Rachel's hand continued to pump his shaft until he couldn't take it anymore.

"I want you," he growled, sitting up and staring down at his flush wife. Her breasts heaved and she nibbled her lip, waiting for his next move. As retribution for his shirt, Finn easily tore the flimsy straps of Rachel's barely-there matching lace g-string, exposing one of her favorite parts of his anatomy.

Giving himself a few tugs, he teased her opening, feeling her growing wetter with anticipation. She rolled her hips, trying to force him inside her, but he drew back waiting until he was ready.

"Stop being a tease, Finny."

"I thought you love foreplay."

"Not right now. Now, fuck me, Finn!" she nearly shouted at him.

Chuckling, he lined himself up and thrust deeply. Using Rachel's legs to steady himself, he began a smooth rhythm, pushing in deep then holding before slowly pulling out. Wanting her closer, Finn wrapped his arms around her lithe body and lifted her up, pushing her hips further onto his shaft as he kissed her.

Rachel wiggled her hips, clenching tightly around him, rocking back and forth while she molded her body to his. Their lips fused and she dug her fingers into his hair, gripping and tugging tightly in time with their thrusts. Finn's hands drifted down her back to cup her ass, squeezing and helping her move against him.

"Don't stop…don't," Rachel tried to protest as Finn laid her back on the bed, slowing down until he got comfortable between her knees again. He lifted her legs and draped them over his shoulders, moaning as the new position made her tighten around his girth.

He started to thrust harder, holding her legs against him. Their eyes locked and he licked his lips, a devilish smirk forming on the edges. Before he knew what was happening, he was losing control of himself. Swelling hot and hard inside her, Finn came, slowing pumping back and forth. Rachel squeezed impossibly tighter around him, milking him for everything he had.

Finn threw her legs down, spreading her wide, and continued moving inside her. His thumb found her swollen pink bud and he circled it tantalizingly slow, building her up higher. He watched his wife throw her head back and tug on her nipples as her body restlessly moved beneath him.

"I'm gonna…I'm gonna…" Before she could finish her thought, Finn could feel her letting go, her entire body pulsing as she had a powerful orgasm. She made the sexiest little squeaking noises as she bowed off the bed before rolling her face into the pillow and letting out a moan loud enough to wake the dead. "Don't stop!" she screamed into the fabric, and Finn had no intention to.

Watching her come apart only made him want to do it again and again until she passed out from the sheer pleasure. He slipped from her silky folds and replaced his cock with his fingers, brushing her spot and working her clit at the same time. She was still so keyed up that it took less than 30 seconds to get her to come again. Rachel's entire body shook with the force and she physically had to pry his hand from her folds when she couldn't take it anymore.

Completely spent, Rachel turned to jelly. "I love you," she breathed as Finn joined her in exhaustion.

"I love you too."

"I'm so sleepy. You always tucker me out."

"Yeah, but you never seem to mind."

"I don't. Because then we get to cuddle afterwards." She sidled up to him and buried her face in his chest. "Let's sleep."

"Good idea." Finn chuckled and tugged the blankets from under them as best as he could with Rachel on top of him and before either realized it, they were passed out.

May 29th, 2022

The next morning Rachel woke feeling tender in all the right places. It had been ages since she and Finn had a night entirely to themselves and it had been wonderful. While Rachel adored being a mother and loved her baby girl more than life itself, she was also a woman with womanly needs and sometimes her baby girl liked to interrupt when she was fulfilling those needs. But not last night. Last night had been pure unadulterated man and wife fucking. She had really been able to let loose without fear of waking the baby or worry that she would wake on her own.

And until about ten minutes before check out time she was going to enjoy more complete alone time with her husband.

Unfortunately, when she turned to wake her husband with hot kisses in hot places, she was greeted with an empty space. "Finn?" she called out quietly. Then she heard a moan from her other side. She turned her head and saw a lump under the covers. "I could have sworn you were on my other side."

Ready to start her day off right, Rachel moved in closer to her husband and snaked a hand around to his front only to find that something didn't feel right. The body next to hers was far too small to be her husband's and severely lacking the proper equipment.

As long dark hair came into view when the large comforter shifted down, Rachel screamed and shot out of bed, landing on her ass on the floor in her haste to get away. The screaming continued until Finn rushed out of the bathroom, still buck naked, and picked her up off the floor. "What? What's wrong?"

Rachel pointed to the lump that was stirring in the bed and Finn pushed Rachel behind him. The blanket flew forward to reveal a worse for wear Santana, her hair a tangled mess, make-up smudged, and nothing on but her underwear.

"Jesus Christ… What the hell was that?" she moaned, gripping her head.


"No. It's Santa Claus," she replied dryly.

Rachel peeked around Finn and took in their old friend getting comfortable under the covers again. "Santana, what are you doing in our bed?"

"Well, I was sleeping until Big Bird's mating call woke me up."

"Why are you in our room?!" Rachel insisted.

Santana rubbed her eyes and massaged her forehead. "Could you maybe lower it a few decibels? My head hurts."

"Santana, what are you doing in here? How did you even get in? The door is locked."

"Kurt brought me last night. Turns out he was expecting company and he didn't want me in his room so he brought me to yours. I felt disgustingly ill, especially after witnessing Jewfro dry humping that French stick figure. Then I threw up when they actually started making out." Santana physically shuddered. "Now I've heard you two fucking three times and seen it twice. Please don't add to that total. And put some damn pants on. If I wanted to look at penis, I'd have stayed in Kurt's room." Santana threw the blankets up over her head and turned away, but her comfort did not last.

Finn ripped the covers off her and she shivered as the cold hit her. "Get your clothes on and get the hell out of our room!"

"Where do you want me to go?"

"I don't care! Just get out."

Santana rolled her eyes and got up, wandering over to the chair where she had laid out her dress. "You should feel lucky that I'm here because this is the closest you will ever get to a three way."

"Don't flatter yourself, Santana. Now get out."

"Alright, alright. I'm going. Just kick me out onto the street…" Just then Santana's phone rang. Rather than answering it out in the hallway, she sat in the nearest chair. "Hello?"

"Santana…" Finn growled. She ignored him as she continued to have a conversation.

Behind him, Rachel was fidgeting as she attempted to reach the sheets. Getting the hint, Finn grabbed it and wrapped his wife before following her into the bathroom.

"I am going to kill, Kurt!" Rachel raged. "He had no right to leave Santana in our room. And where the hell was she last night? She wasn't in the bed when we were. And why would she crawl into bed with us when we were done knowing what we had just done and that we were naked."

"Does it really matter? She was still in our room." Finn rubbed his temples and leaned against the counter to think. "Okay, I'm going to go talk to Kurt and you try to get rid of Santana. When they're both taken care of, we'll get back to the morning we were supposed to have."

Rachel grinned. "Speaking of, why weren't you in bed?"

"I needed to use the bathroom." He opened the door and found Santana still on the phone looking surprisingly ashen and uncharacteristically silent. Quickly, he threw on some clothes and brought some into the bathroom for Rachel to put on. "I'll be back soon. My conversation with Kurt shouldn't take too long." He kissed Rachel quickly before ducking out of the room and heading to the floor above to find Kurt.

Highly agitated, Finn banged on the door. "Open up, you son of a bitch!" He could hear movement behind the door and hushed whispers that were not as hushed as he was sure Kurt meant them to be. "I know you're in there. I can hear you moving."

The lock clicked open and the door moved only enough to reveal Kurt's blue eye. "What?" he barked.

Without greeting, Finn shoved the door open and entered, severely regretting doing so when he found the scene in front of him. Clothing was strewn everywhere and Kurt had the sheet wrapped around himself like a flowing gown while a man he recognized as the party's bartender hurried to cover himself on the bed.

"Just what do you think you're doing barging into my room?!"

"Just what do you think you're doing leaving Santana in mine and Rachel's room?!"

Kurt paled and swallowed thickly. "I was going to leave her here, I swear. But then I went back down to the party while she slept off the alcohol, but one thing led to another with…" He turned back to the man, "What was your name again?"


"With Devon, and he hasn't come out to his roommates yet, so we couldn't very well go to his place. I couldn't just kick Santana out with nowhere to go either. So, I swiped Rachel's keycard before heading upstairs and brought Santana to your room. I figured you'd find her on the bed and take care of her when you came up."

"Oh, we found her on the bed…this morning! She crawled into bed with us sometime during the night after we had sex, while we were naked. Rachel started groping her because she thought Santana was me!"

"You had sex with her in the room?!" Kurt was eating this information up. "Jeez, I never realized how much of exhibitionists you and Rachel are. How many times has she watched you guys have sex now?"

"We didn't know she was in the room because she wasn't in the room. She must have been in the bathroom or something. We were a little busy when we got to the room."

Kurt popped a perfectly manicured brow. "I'll bet." But then he waved his brother off. "What are you getting mad at me for? It sounds like you and Rachel had a good night even with Santana in the room. So you woke up in bed with her. Can't be as bad as that time you, Rachel, Anjali and Puckerman all stood around staring at each other's goods in college."

Finn had to concede. "That is true. And Santana's already seen us both naked anyway."

"Good. So now you can stop being pissed at me and get the hell out of my room which you so rudely entered without permission." He pointed angrily to the door and lost the grip on his sheet, the material falling to the floor.

Seeing more of Kurt than he ever wanted to, Finn rushed back to the door facing it, but before he left, he spoke to Kurt. "You could at least apologize to Rachel. You still shouldn't have put Santana in our room without asking or even telling us. We had special plans just as much as you did."

Kurt rolled his eyes and sat back on the bed watching his brother leave. Once out of the room, he moved back to the bed, staring down at Devon. "Now, where were we?"

Back in Finn and Rachel's room, Rachel was having a much easier time getting Santana to leave than she had expected.

"So Ana only left you to protect you?" Rachel asked skeptically, trying to understand Santana through the mumbled Spanish.

"Yes. I have to go."

"Wait, wait. Slow down, I'm confused. How was turning you into a giant mess protecting you?"

Santana sighed, exasperated with the conversation and ready to bolt. "Ana's douchebag ex-boyfriend found out she moved to New York and where she was working so she had go into hiding until she could get him behind bars. She didn't tell me anything because she didn't want him to come after me nor did she want me to go all Lima Heights on his ass. She knew I would try to deal with him myself and she didn't want me to get hurt because he's got roid rage or something and thought he'd do something to me. So she went to the cops and told them what was going on and he's wanted in multiple states for various crimes, the biggest of which are coke dealing, car theft, and assault."

"Sounds like a real winner," Rachel mumbled.

"But now he's behind bars and going to be for a very long time so Ana is coming home and has big plans for apologizing to me."

Rachel seemed wary. "Are you sure you can trust this story? It sounds a little crazy."

"I trust Ana. Before she left, I had no reason to doubt her. She even told me about her asshole ex, so it's not that crazy."

"If you're sure." Rachel moved in front of Santana. "If you're positive that Ana is telling the truth and that she's the one, I am more than happy to support you. You're my friend and I want you to be happy. I know we haven't always gotten along but I mean it. Everyone deserves to find true love."

Santana wrapped her arms around Rachel and pulled her in for a hug. "I appreciate that. But now I need to go get my future fiancée." She pulled away and slipped her heels on.

"Wait…fiancée? You're proposing?!"

"Bye, Rachel. It's been real." She tossed her a curt wave, a mischievous smirk on her face, before rushing out the door.

Rachel plopped down on the bed in astonishment. "Well, this has been an interesting reunion."

Seconds later, a knock caught her attention. The moment she opened the door, a large blur lifted her off her feet and didn't stop until they reached the bed. "Kurt's busy getting laid, Santana is off to get her girlfriend back, and now, you and me are picking up where we left off last night." Neither spent anymore time thinking of anything but each other.

Around one, after being caught in bed by the maid coming to clean the room, the couple realized they were well past their check-out time and should have been back to pick up their daughter hours before. When they arrived back at the Hummel home however, they realized they hadn't needed to worry.

"Oh, she's been an absolute doll. I think Burt's managed to fall even more in love with her if that's possible. I've barely been able to hold her because he's been handling her."

"Where are they?" Rachel asked when she neither saw nor heard them on the first floor.

"The tub. Lunch time got a little messy for Roxy and Papa. She threw her sweet potatoes right in his face and he gave it right back to her."

Finn chuckled. "You tried the sweet potatoes? She hates those. Rachel, I told you not to pack them."

"They were the closest vegetable to the top and we needed to use them up."

"Anyway, they should be finishing up soon."

They all moved upstairs and could hear the happy squealing coming from the bathroom and Burt's voice as he played with his granddaughter.

"Ducky gets a three-pointer and the crowd goes wild!" Burt cheered, mimicking the sound of a roaring crowd. Carole pushed the door open and revealed her husband and Roxy sitting together in the tub, playing bathtub basketball with her tub toys. Roxy beat her hands against the water happily, screaming in excitement. Then she picked up a squishy fish toy and tried to imitate Burt to get a basket but instead nailed him right in the face. "We need to work on your form, kid." Then he finally noticed their audience. "Oh, hi guys. We'll be done soon. She's actually clean already but wanted to play with her toys."

When Roxy noticed her parents standing in the doorway she bounced and shook erratically. "Bababababababa!" she cried out, reaching out for them. Apparently bath time was over.

"Hi, baby girl!" Rachel crowed, stepping closer to the tub and trying not to look at her naked father-in-law.

Noticing her embarrassment, Burt assured her, "Oh, I'm wearing my trunks. I learned from experience not to bathe nude with babies. I should have known even before he asked for those heels when he was three that Kurt is gay."

Feeling more at ease, Rachel knelt in front of the tub, grabbing the towel off the counter. In her haste to reach her mother, Roxy scooted on her butt to the edge of the tub and tried to pull herself into a standing position. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she began to grow restless and little whines escaped her mouth as her face began to contort. Rachel quickly scooped her up and the whining ceased as soon as it started.

"Did you have a fun bath with Papa?" Roxy giggled as Rachel started drying her off. "Let's go get you dressed so Papa can get clean too." She handed Roxy over to Finn and got up and as they walked to Finn's old room, Roxy babbled and Finn responded as if she were telling him about her day.

"So then you went racecar driving? No way! That's awesome!"

"Badaba," she mumbled, chewing on her towel.

"Wow, then you rode a dinosaur in outer space. Sounds like you and Grammy and Papa had a great night."

Rachel chuckled and followed behind him, pulling out an outfit for Roxy to wear while Finn put her diaper on. She continued talking to herself and when Finn finished, she rolled onto her stomach and started crawling up the bed. Finn followed her and laid out beside her, watching to make sure she wouldn't fall off the bed. She found the picture frame with a picture of him and Rachel at prom senior year on his bedside table and like she loved to do lately, grabbed it and held it close. Finn tried to pull it away to replace it but Roxy put up a fight.

"Sweetie, you gotta put it down. It's not a toy."

She shook her head and started to whine then the next sound of her mouth made him pause.

"Dada? Did you just say Dada?" he asked, amazed.

"Dada!" she screamed again.

Pride swelling in his chest, Finn called Rachel from the diaper bag. "Rach, c'mere."

"What? I'm looking for Roxy's socks."

"Forget the socks, come here."

Rachel joined him on the bed. "Finn, she can't play with that. It has sharp edges."

"I know, but watch." He tried to take the frame from her again.

"Dada!" She shook her head no and gripped it tighter.

Rachel's eyes filled with tears. "She said her first word. I think she thinks it's synonymous with no, but she still said her first word that wasn't just babble!" Picking her up, Rachel stood Roxy on her lap and kissed her little cheek. "I love you so much, Roxy."


Finn laughed and sat up, taking Roxy's hand. "Close, but not quite. We'll work on that." He kissed her cheek.

Roxy tilted her head back and forth, shaking the frame up and down, repeating 'Dada' over and over. Rachel moved to lie next to Finn and they turned to face each other, Roxy nestled between them.

"She's growing up so fast. First eating solid foods, then crawling, now her first word… Soon we'll be sending her off to school, then prom, then college, walking her down the aisle, holding her children…" She was getting choked up.

"You're getting a little ahead of yourself, babe. We still have plenty of time to enjoy our baby. And we're still planning on two more."

Rachel sighed, glancing down at her baby who was still playing with the frame, looking at the picture. "I know. But we only get our first baby for so long."

Finn ran his hand along her arm. "She'll always be our baby…but if you wanted to start working on another one…" He winked suggestively to which Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Let's just enjoy the one we have for now. We won't get many more quiet moments like this one once we have more Hudsons running around." When she looked down again she realized why it was so quiet. "She passed out. I guess it's nap time."

"Nap time sounds good. Let's put her in her playpen and get one ourselves."

Rachel gently clothed Roxy in her new outfit before letting her sleep in her playpen next to their bed. She and Finn cuddled and watched their baby girl nap peacefully.

"Can you believe how much has happened in ten years? It doesn't seem like that much time has passed since we were kids ourselves, but it has."

"I know. But I wouldn't change anything. I love my life and I love Roxy, and I love you." Finn pressed a kiss to Rachel's temple and she snuggled further into her husband.

"I love you too. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and the past ten years have been the best of my life."

And she couldn't wait for their 20 year reunion to repeat the sentiment, certain that the next ten would be even better.