This story takes place during and after Book: 15.

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It was another Harvest Festival at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. Every owl was watching Soren's daughter, Blythe singing for the festival. But, there was a lone Barn Owl who was standing at at top most balcony of the Great Hollow. It was the king of the Great Tree, Coryn. He looks at his young cousin and listens to her lovely voice. Coryn felt that he wants a little fresh air from outside. He flew out from the Great Hollow but not that far so he can still hear her cousin Blythe sing. Coryn closed his eyes and thinks of her brutal mother, Nyra. Coryn somehow felt lonely and promised himself that he would not have a mate. Coryn felt a vibration from where he was perched. It was local Barn Owl at the Ga'Hoole Tree, her name was: Ilyanna. As Coryn looks at the Barn Owl and under the bright moonlight, Coryn felt something in his gizzard that he haven't felt before. His heart was beating fast from exitement. What's this feeling? Coryn thought . Coryn blinked his eyes and looks at Ilyanna one more time. And the feeling won't go away.

"Are you alright, king Coryn?" Ilyanna asked

"Uhm, o-of co-course I am." Coryn said nervously

"Would you like some milkberry tea, your majesty?" Ilyanna looks at Coryn's black eyes

"Uhm, no thanks. A-and y-you can c-call me: Coryn." Coryn still didn't know why his feeling this way

"Are you sure, your majesty?" Ilyanna asked

"Y-yes. Your Ilyanna right?" Coryn asked, Ilyanna nodded

"Your cousin have a very wonderful voice, Coryn." Ilyanna said "The truth is, Coryn, I think you have a kind heart." Ilyanna smiled

Wow, she looks beautiful under the moonlight. Coryn thought "Well, the truth is, Ilyanna, You look wonderful under the moonlight." Coryn nervously smiled I've never felt this way before. Coryn thought

After a while of talking at that same branch, Coryn felt love from another owl for the first time. Coryn felt his heart pounding rapidly from love and joy. Every minute Ilyanna and Coryn talked to each other non-stop. Later, Blythe was now singing an old Gadfeather love song and Coryn's heart was now pounding much faster.

When an owl loves an owl

And your gizzard's about to break,

Let me tell you, you can't do nothin'

'Cept to follow in the wake

Don't turn tail, just go on

"Would you like to dance, Ilyanna?" Coryn was now more nervous

"But the others are still inside. Should we really go on without them?" Ilyanna asked

"I'm not a good dancer to be honest." Coryn churred a bit

"Well, maybe I can help you, Coryn, and we do have this lovely music to dance with." Ilyanna smiled

"And I think I can't handle the pressure that everyone would give me." Coryn said with a nervous tone

"Are you saying that you want to have a private dance with me?" Ilyanna asked, Coryn nodded "Okay then."

The two of them danced outside the Great Hollow privately. Coryn's nervousness was a bit gone as he dance with Ilyanna. After a couple of minutes, all the owls were now coming outside to dance. Coryn told Ilyanna that this is the night that he won't ever forget. Ilyanna flew back to her hollow and Coryn stayed outside to watch the other owls dance. Ilyanna took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"Why am I feeling like this?" Ilyanna asked herself "I can't be inlove, right?"

After talking with Gylfie, Coryn thought about the good things that are happening now and not like last year's Harvest Festival. I still can't describe that feeling that I had earlier. Coryn thought Is this what it feels like to love another owl? Coryn shook his head in dismay that his indeed inlove No! No! No! I promised myself that wouldn't have a mate! But she is beautiful under the moonlight. Coryn closed his eyes and smiled trying to remember Ilyanna's beautiful face I can still remember her lovely voice as she talks. Coryn looks at the dancing owls above him and smiles. But, should I really have a mate? Should I pass on my haggish blood to my hatchlings? Will they have the ability to see through the flames? Will they see the Ember of Hoole? And, am I really ready to be a mate, and a father? A lot of questions flowed inside Coryn's mind. He already told the band that he doesn't want to have a mate, but that owl has stolen his heart with her talons. Coryn once more thinks all of the risk that might happen if he have a family. I should remember that I still have the blood of my haggish mother flowing into my veins. What will she think if I were to tell her about my past? I can't think straight! Why do I feel that I should love her first?

"Should I really love the king of the Great Tree?" Ilyanna asked herself "But what if I embarrass my self infront of him? How should I approach this? And more importantly, will he love me?" a lot of questions also haunted Ilyanna

But there's only one important question that both of them kept asking themselves:

Can we really be together?

To Be Continued...

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