Gylfie turned her head and noticed that one owl was missing "Where's Ilyanna?" she shouted.

The owls quickly returned to the Great Ga'Hoole Tree and as soon as the storm stopped they dispatched the Search-and-Rescue Chaw and the Tracking Chaw with Twilight and Digger as the chaw leaders. The chaws did everything they can to find her until Digger found some tracks that from a Barn Owl. Digger followed the tracks until he saw Ilyanna unconscious on the ground. He quickly called in Twilight and the huge Great Gray carried the unconscious owl in his talons. Ilyanna kept saying: 'They're coming back! They're coming back!" some of the owls were already thinking that she has gone yoicks but Soren knew that Ilyanna might have saw something at the Spirit Woods. One night he thought that he pay her a visit.

Soren stepped inside the hollow "Hello, Ilyanna."

Ilyanna suddenly stood up from her nest and bowed "Greetings, king Soren."

Soren looked at Ilyanna as she was standing and churred softly "No need to call me 'king' or need to bow. Just call me, Soren."

Ilyanna stood back "Are you sure, my king?"

"Tell me, Ilyanna, what is disturbing you?"

Ilyanna sighed a little "I saw her, my ki- I mean Soren. That face of evil."

Soren wonders "Who did you saw, Ilyanna?"


Soren widened his eyes in shock "What?"

"I-I saw her scroom at the Spirit Woods."

Soren narrowed his eyes "What did Nyra say?"

Ilyanna closed her eyes and told Soren the words that Nyra spoke "She said:'The Pure Ones shall rise once more.' I can still remember her voice."

Soren cleared his throat "Are you sure of this information, Ilyanna?"

Ilyanna nodded "I feel a bit scared, my king."

Soren held a secret meeting at the parliament about this unsure matter. Ilyanna looked at her eggs and shed a small tear from her black eyes. She wonders if that scroom was saying is true, but she was frightened to think about that now. Soren dispatched a small group of Guardians at two locations, St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls and the Castle where first base of the Pure Ones are. Soren looked at his mate and his three daughters and wonders what will happen if he lose his loved ones more. He still remembered everything from him being kidnapped, meeting his new friends and reuniting with Mrs. P., their journey to the Great Ga'Hoole Tree and becoming Guardians, and finding the love of his life, Pellimore. He could not bare losing his mate and owlets! He believes in Ilyanna about this matter. Meanwhile at the Northern Kingdoms, a female Barn Owl with her mate and son are living at the Bitter Sea.

The female Barn Owl plucks her downs and puts it at her nest where an egg lies "Honey," she looks at her mate "where's our son?"

The male Barn Owl turned his head "I don't know. Maybe his reading those nonsense about 'Tyto purity'."

Suddenly an owlet flew inside their hollow "It's not NONSENSE, da!" he shouted.

"Don't you dare raise your voice at me, Astran!" his father shouted

The female Barn Owl stepped between the father and son "ENOUGH, you two! The two of you are fighting like little owlets!"

Astran remained silent until his father spoke "I am sorry, dear."

The female Barn Owl wrapped a wing at her mate "It is alright, dear." she turned to Astran "I'm just worried about our son."

"Me too." the male Barn Owl said.

"Oh give me a break!" Astran whispered. "By tomorrow night I need to visit a blacksmith and I will begin step one of reviving the Pure Ones."

As the sun rose from the distance, Astran flew from the Northern Kingdoms to the Beyond the Beyond. He avoided the crows during his journey to the Beyond the Beyond. But Astran wasn't that quick. He was mobbed and his body and wings got blood everywhere. Soon the crows were being killed as Astran fell to the ground and a Masked Owl lighten down beside him. The Masked Owl carried the unconscious young owl to her forge and made him a milkberry tea as he rest.

Astran woke up and looked around the cave and saw the milkberry tea beside him and took a sip at the cup until he heard the impact of hammer at the anvil "W-where am I?"

The Masked Owl gently placed her hammer and tongs at ground "You are at my forge, young'un."

Astran looked at the owl and quickly realized that she was a rogue smith "Your a blacksmith?"

The Masked Owl churred softly "Where you hit at the head, young'un? Of course I'm a blacksmith!"

"Can you make me a pair of battle claws?" Astran excitedly asked.

"Of course. But," she paused "why do you need battle claws?"

Astran thought of a way to fool the smith "I going to give the battle claws to my da as a gift."

"Well, flying all the way to the Beyond is one thing. And well, sure I would make a set. I can't let you leave this place without a gift for your da." she smiled and grabbed her hammer and tongs "Wait for me there and let me finish these claws alone. Okay?" Astran nodded.

Hours had past and the battle claws were finished. Astran thanked the blacksmith and flew back to the Northern Kingdoms. He lighten down at a branch near his hollow and hid the battle claws there until the time is right he will leave and restart the Pure Ones. Back at the Great Tree, weeks has past and Ilyanna's first egg was already hatching. It was a girl. And Ilyanna was proud to see her hatchling come out of the shell. She named her hatchling, Anataleya. And Anataleya just got her First Insect Ceremony by eating a centipede that Eglantine brought back.

"If only your da was here to see this." Ilyanna whispered so the hatchling won't erupt many questions in the future.

Anataleya snuggled under Ilyanna's belly feathers "I love you, mum."

Ilyanna smiled "You will grow up to be a beautiful owl, Anataleya." Ilyanna wrapped her wings around her newly hatched owlet

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