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Laurie placed his hands forcefully around Jo's waist, pulling her hard against him so that she was pressed tightly between him and the wall. Leaning in close, his heavy breath danced across Jo's cheek.

"Jo, oh Jo. There is so, so much, that you don't understand."

Jo took a deep intake of breath.

"Teddy. What exactly is pressed against my dress?"

Laurie Laurence had always been a bit brash. Yet he had always been a gentleman, and was embarrassed enough that he took a step back and slapped his reddening cheeks. Jo attempted to hold back a stifled laugh. Laurie turned to her with his boyish glare.

"Josephine March. If you had any idea how many young women have begged to have me be with them, your nutshell of a brain might well explode."

A loud crack sounded through the closet as Jo's hand connected with Laurie's face. A petite handprint began to form on Laurie's face, and that combined with his previous embarrassment became too much for Jo to bear. Chuckles rolled out of her, from a place deep within. She never had been that lady-like with her laughing.

Laurie's eyes narrowed briefly, and for the first time that night Jo was truly afraid. This was a side of Laurie she hadn't seen in ages. But it soon faded, and left behind was her old Teddy with whom she had laughed alongside long ago in a closet just like this one.