Jo took a deep intake of breath.

"Teddy. What exactly is pressed against my leg?"

Laurie Laurence had always been a bit of a flirt, but he was shamed enough to take a step back and awkwardly ruffle his hair. Jo attempted to hold back a stifled laugh. Laurie turned back to her with a glare.

"Josephine March. If you had any idea how many young women have begged to have me to have their way with them, your smidge of a brain might well explode."

Jo's brain was her strength, her certainty, her toolbox. And he knew that.

A loud crack sounded through the closet as Jo's hand connected with Laurie's face. A petite handprint began to form on Laurie's face, and that combined with his look of shock became too much for Jo to bear. Chuckles rolled out of her uncontrollably. She never had been lady-like when it came to her laughing.

Laurie's eyes narrowed briefly, and for the first time that night Jo flinched. There was a violent side of Laurie, one she hadn't forgotten. The handprint faded, and with it came a laugh from him as well. The sound was golden, a reminder her old Teddy with whom she had laughed alongside long ago in a closet just like this one.

"God Laurie, when did you start judging companions on the size of their chests?"

"Around the same time a certain March girl left me in the dust" Laurie bit back. "It's truly amazing what money can do for one's social life."

Jo frowned.

"You know, Laurie, the boy I remember would have spent the money on cool gadgets instead of cheap sex."

"Who need to pay when they come to me."

"I'm sure your grandfather would've adored that" Jo snorted, before slapping her hand over her face, mortified.

"I'm so sorry Teddy, you know I was only teasing. Never listen to anything that comes out of this fat mouth."

Jo took Laurie's head between her hands and placed a quick kiss on his forehead, before peering deep into his eyes.

"I miss your grandfather. And I have missed you. Every day, for years."

She smiled, and pushed him to the floor. The spontaneity of it all managed to keep him there.

"As expected, I can still beat you up."

"You had shock on your side, Jo. Better keep your wits about you, or you may be caught by me when you least expect it."

Hey all. So it's been...two years. I'm taking a different turn with this story, due to growing up and realizing that... I don't actually like Rachel Dawes. And that Laurie and Jo deserve there own story. Expect smut, intrigue, and some good old fashioned fist fights. As always reviews are appreciated, and I expect to update soon.